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LightHouse Solar, LLC

We are the whole company from sales, engineering, install and warranty. We don't subcontract the install to others. We specialize in custom systems, Off Grid, hybrid, etc.
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About LightHouse Solar, LLC

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: 148718-5502

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  • Certified Installer

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Electricians needed.. fast talking salesman can do it all.

I wasn’t surprised to see no reviews. It seems like a lot of talk and no action. Paid for engineering and didn’t hear from them for almost a year. No contract just an invoice or bill that was incomplete. I was doing the underground myself so I understood 5ere were several things I needed to purchase. My meter base was old and needed to be replaced and he promised to get one but it didn’t make it to the contract. We then paid a thousand down and then without my knowledge he bought the system on his high interest credit card. And he kept badgering me for more money (hadn’t told me he made the purchase. The first thousand btw was written to him not a company. He didn’t deposit it but cashed it at my bank. After the deposit I began prepping my building permit paying fees getting conduit and clearing area for for ditches. I was working on getting the rest of the money and was close to having it. Cashing some of my retirement which required 2 signatures. Or several other ways I was considering. I then freed up money on a credit card and offered to make the purchase with my card (he said nothing about already making the purchase. One day I thought we should have a written agreement for all of the non documented things between us like boarding horses, exotic chickens (40$ each), storing an old truck and 5 trailers for an undetermined length of time.. , emediatly after suggesting we have a discussion the free chickens he gave me were now worth 40each. The solar price went up 2450$. He had left town with 3 small bales of hay for his animals and said he would return when I had the rest of the money. Quarter/draft horse and a quarter horse eat a lot. The first time he left for a week he left 1 grass bale (60#) in the manger. I’ve been feeding them for a month now and he thinks we should get out ecclesiastical leaders to help resolve our dispute. Truly the price was amazing or in other words too good to be true. I’m sure you won’t have the same experience as me since my place now has no trespassing signs until he decides what a fair price for me to take care of his horses and junk. And returns my deposit.

Posted by hreidsmith on Oct 02, 2018



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