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About UsBlue Raven Solar

We are a full-service, well-reviewed residential solar installation company that offers BluePower™ and BluePowerPlus+™ as the most innovative solar financing products.
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Phone Number
(800) 377-4480

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Electrical Contracting

Workmanship Warranty

Installer, for a period of ten (10) years, warrant that Customer’s PV System will be designed, engineered and constructed to meet the requirements of the Installation Agreement and is capable of operating free of major defects and in accordance with all PV System manufacturer specifications. Installer further warrants that the Work, and each item of the PV System incorporated therein, will be new, will be of suitable grade of their respective kinds for their intended use as specified herein, will be performed according to all manufacturer specifications, will be free from defects in design, engineering, materials, construction, and workmanship, and shall conform in all respects to all applicable requirements of applicable laws, all governmental approvals, the plans and specifications prepared in accordance with this Agreement, and all descriptions set forth herein, applicable engineering and construction codes and standards, and all other requirements of the Installation Agreement.


Colorado: BRS Field Ops, LLC
Electrical Contractor: EC.0101302

Idaho: Blue Raven Solar, LLC
Electrical Contractor: 029472
General Contractor: RCE-46825

Illinois: Blue Raven Solar, LLC
DG Certification: 17-0190

Nevada: BRS Field Ops Nevada, LLC
Electrical Contractor: C-2: 0093304
General Contractor: B-20083535

North Carolina: Blue Raven Solar, LLC
Electrical Contractor: U.14977

Oregon: Blue Raven Solar, LLC
Electrical Contractor: BCD C1214
General Contractor: CCB 210112

South Carolina: Blue Raven Solar, LLC
Electrical Contractor: RBC.393
Electrical: 2704

Utah: BRS Field Ops, LLC
General Contractor: 9723612-5501
Electrical Contractor: 6364926-5501

Florida: BRS Field Ops, LLC
General Contractor: CGC1522748
Electrical Contractor: EC0001771

Washington: BRS Field Ops, LLC
Contractor: BRSFIFO828M4
Electrical: BRSFIFO820N3


Blue Raven Solar maintains all statutory workers comp and liability insurance.


Scott Gurney
NABCEP PV Installation Professional

Industry Certifications

  • Better Business Bureau

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Platinum Installer

What Customers Are Saying

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Misleading Proposal and terrible communication

I made a huge mistake going with this company, They installed the wrong system, failed to follow up with me, and blamed me for their mistake. Avoid at all cost. After a couple months of research, I solicited quotes from 5 different companies, including Blue Raven, for an approximately 7KWh system with a battery backup. Initially, Blue Raven wasn’t even in the running, because they sent me a proposal for a system without a battery backup, and I had decided to go with a different company based on the total system cost and time to install, but I wasn’t very happy with the financing company they used. The Blue Raven sales rep followed up with me, and got me a revised quote that included a battery backup, the total system cost was comparable to the other company, but the loan terms were better with good leap, the solar loan provider, so I changed my mind and went with Blue Raven. Prior to signing the installation agreement and loan documents, I noticed that the cost of the proposal and the financing terms didn’t match, and I went back and forth with my sales rep for a week to make sure that I was getting what I wanted. He assured me that I was getting a system with a battery backup, and the installation agreement that I signed included a description of the battery system, but it did not include an itemized inventory. They installed the wrong system. They installed the equipment from the original quote, not the revised proposal with the battery included. The company apologized and offered to sell me the battery separately (additional $10k) but alternately blamed the sales rep, blamed me for signing the wrong papers - any excuse they could find, but they took no responsibility. The sales rep was impossible to get ahold of, always had an excuse for not following up, and was always “trying to find out” what was going on, but never came back with a solution. Totally unprofessional absolute garbage company.

Posted by MPDobbins on Sep 14, 2022
Blue Raven Solar Lies

I whole-heartedly regret working with this company. They lied to me about the way they calculate system size, showed up on the day of install, without prior notice, with lower quality panels. Told me I was stuck with them, threatened legal action when I pushed back and are now claiming that I am defaming them with false allegations. They are not the "good guys" in solar, they are a bad joke. Save your money, time and aggravation. Look for a solar installer with integrity.

Posted by loganconnolly on Sep 01, 2022
Save your money, go with someone else.

I will provide details on my experience below, but here is a summary if you are not interested in that portion: I have been excited about solar on my home for years now, but I can absolutely tell you that you should take your money elsewhere. After years of settling for sub-par contractors in my home, I decided to go with the HIGHEST bidder for my solar, but have wasted all of that extra money. The salesperson informed me (as does their brochure) that they "provide the fastest and highest-quality installation in the industry"; total lies, in my experience. I paid nearly $10,000 more than the next-highest bidder, and I regret it. Go with SunPro or Barrett (or anyone cheaper), you will save more money and probably get a better result. I'm hopeful that my actual panels are quality, but who knows. First of all, they fell through my CEILING on two different occasions during the install. As I am writing this review, neither hole has been fixed, 13 days after the initial incident. It's the middle of summer, and the holes are in my 3-year-old's bedroom and the bathroom he and our daughter use; both are several feet across, and currently covered with a single sheet of plastic and some masking tape. You can imagine the heat coming off of those, and the blow-in insulation that is always slipping through creating dust. One of their own electricians stood under one and was amazed at how hot it was, but fixing their mess is clearly not a priority. On top of that, I was informed when my installation was finally scheduled that the entire process would be completed on that single day, and I have texts from their corporate line to back that up. Instead, the installers told me on arrival that they would not be actually installing any panels that day. When they came the next day, I was told the electricians to run the actual wires were not scheduled yet. When the electrician finally came out the following week, he was unable to complete his work, told me we would return to finish the next day, then was a no-show and did not return my texts UNTIL the following week. This is in addition to the babysitting I had to perform myself to get permits through with the electric company and my city; they were clearly not going to follow-up on anything outside of SLAs with either party, as I had waited nearly 3 months just to clear that process. It's been nearly two weeks since installation began, and I still have no idea when my system will be operational or who else will be in my house. Finally, it's also worth noting how terrible communication with this company has been in general. I have lost count of the number of times a rep has told me something like "I will check on that right away and call you later today", only to be ghosted and never receive any contact. The same has happened with the sales rep who I attempted to raise concerns with, and with actual installers. The answer is always an apology, but "sorry" is not fixing my house or making up for the time and money I have had to invest in getting this project completed.

Posted by robert.dale.jackson on Jul 12, 2022
Thoroughly happy customer.

It was a great experience from start through finish. Cameron McDaniel was my solar consultant from the beginning to the end. He was knowledgeable, responsive and very genuine. There are many facets to getting solar panels, from who to buy from, is it affordable, does it make sense to who is supposed to do what during financing, installation, dealing with the power company, inspection, and activation. It is not simple and it takes time. My experience with Cameron and the rest of the crew at Blue Raven was beyond fantastic. Everything promised was delivered. Top notch service and performance. Very happy now with my panels since being activated in June, my meter is still negative in aggerate and I am not paying for electricity. Finally, I feel great for doing my little part to help with climate change.

Posted by bijanrichard on Jun 13, 2022
Misleading and pushy--doing solar a disservice

I requested quotes from three companies, and it was very "wild west" with Blue Raven. The salesman wanted me to provide payment information during the first interaction, was very pushy, began pulling permits before I agreed to the contract, etc. They wanted $10k more than Southern Energy Management for the same system. Once I declined the contract, they pursued me for several weeks to pay a fee. Stay away!

Posted by chrisamclaughlin on Jun 01, 2022
Shady business

1 star is for the installation team that came out to install the panels; they were great. Other than that, I highly recommend staying away from this company. If you still want to go with them, do not trust what their sales reps tell you. Good luck getting any call back from them also when you call to follow up on these issues. Blue Raven refuses to honor promises offered by their salesperson. They repeatedly tell me that what he (the sales rep) told me was between me and him, and that his words do not represent Blue Raven. They recommend me to spend my money to take care of those items myself, then their sales rep may mail me a check from his own bank account. They also added that no promise he would mail me a check. Buyer beware. I don't know where they find these sales reps to send to your house and make the pitch, but if you do have a chat with these people, do know that Blue Raven may throw them under the bus after they've got you to sign a contract with them, and their sales reps also stop responding to your inquiries. Save yourself a headache and stay away from them. Believe the negative reviews you see on here. You'll be glad you do.

Posted by nnquyen on Mar 11, 2022



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