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Robco Electric - Profile & Reviews

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  • "Best solar in Las Vegas!"

    Reviewed Mar 02, 2021

    After two years of research, we chose Robco Electric for our residential solar. During those two years, I called back some of the "big names" in solar that had strong ratings and I can't tell you how many times they had either been acquired by another big name, the sales rep I was dealing with had moved on, or they didn't have offices in Las Vegas anymore and transferred me to someone in Chicago or LA. I knew then that I wanted a company who would answer the phone five years from now and be over to fix any problems within a day. That's the local company Robco guarantee that makes me comfortable with my investment. After working with them, I can't tell you how impressed I am with their service and professionalism. When the inspector came out to approve the system, they said, "Oh, Robco. Someone did their homework. Good choice." That pretty much summed it up.


    Reviewed Feb 06, 2021

    Reviewed Feb 06, 2021

    We initially recognized the need to take control of our electric costs. To do that we needed to consider solar electrical panel power generation. We researched several firms using the internet. We also talked with neighbors that currently use solar power systems.

    We than checked out several firms using the Nevada State Building Board to see if they were properly licensed and had no outstanding or prior litigation against them. We then checked with the Better Business Bureau to see what kind of rating they had. Once we narrowed our firms of interest, we checked on subsequent firms costs. We also used the internet solar calculation check to get a broad range estimate.

    Our selection of Robco was not based on only cost as they were not the cheapest. As a General Contractor, I know the lowest proposal is not always the best contractor. After interviewing Jorge Saal of Robco we were satisfied they would do an excellent job. We were very satisfied with their installation crews work, both courteous, professional and expeditious.

    Once the work was completed we were very happy that Robco educated us on the systems and coordination with the Building Inspectors work. We will readily provide Robco an excellent recommendation to any other potential customers.
    Doug Hays

  • "Very professional work"

    Reviewed Dec 01, 2020

    We had Robco install a solar system for us. We were very happy with both price and service. And the panels look great!

    The details: The system size they recommended was very much in-line with other bidders and with Google Project Sunroof and our actual power use (calculated by me). Their price was in-line with several other bidders and much lower than our highest priced bidder. Robco solely uses microverters. I felt this was the correct way to install solar. Robco doesn't use those wandering salesmen, so their overhead is lower. I like the fact that they are also electricians. That way I know all code is followed and they know what they are doing. I had them upgrade the main panel for my house at the same time. All the people I came in contact with, from the coordinator to the electricians, to the installers, all were very professional. I was treated with respect and was never talked down to. I appreciate the education that came with the install. One month later the system is working as well as promised. And I love the bird guards. Nice touch.
    (Disclosure: This is the same review I put on Yelp)

  • "Robco Rocks!"

    Reviewed Sep 04, 2020

    This is a long overdue review of Robco. We were in the market of having solar installed so we looked at three companies: Vivant, Sol-Up, and Robco. At the end of the vetting process, it was clear that Robco was the company to go with. Krystal Hosmer was our sales rep and she was nothing short of fantastic, She was nice, knowledgeable, responsive, honest, communicative, and patient. She answered all of our pesky questions with patience and competence. She never attempted hard sell us and always had our best interest in mind. Bottom line, we felt we could trust her and trust Robco. The install took I believe two days. The crew chief, Carlos was a professional. He was nice, thorough, and kept the project moving along efficiently. The rest of the crew were equally nice, skilled, and efficient. The job was done quickly, correctly, and painlessly. Before I knew it, I had 20 solar panels on my roof
    Fast forward 2.5 months and we are loving our solar. The panels are performing flawlessy and when we view the energy created and sent to NV Power, it makes us smile and kick ourselves for not doing this earlier. There are a lot of solar companies out there and a lot of bad ones. Robco is a soild, customer oriented company. They employ good people and they also take care of their workers (which translates into happy employees and as a result, quality work to the end customer). Their prices are very competitive and simply put, they do good work. Sooo- if you are even remotely interested in getting solar, give Krystal a call. You will not regret it. A heartfelt thank you to Krystal, Carlos, and Robco!

  • "Great company for Solar"

    Reviewed Jan 20, 2020

    After completing intensive research on solar companies, I started to change my mind about going solar. Fortunately, a friend of mine asked me to look into Robco before making a final decision. I reached out to Krystal and compared to the reps from other companies, she was the first one who actually knew what she was talking about. When dealing with me, Krystal was professional and far from pushy. On the day of installation, I felt even stronger about my decision to use Robco because of the professionalism of their technicians. The leader took the time to explain every single step and in the end, sent me pictures of their work on top of my roof. The final work on the wall was clean and painted.
    I have not seen a full-year production vs consumption of energy to attest to the accuracy of the company prediction and choice for system size. However, the friend who told me about Robco did not pay NV energy for extra power


    Reviewed Apr 26, 2019

    We've been partners with Robco Electric for 6-7 years now so you could say that we have had some experience with them. If you want to be just a customer of the lowest price bidder on your solar system with some cheap Chinese panels and questionable technology, go elsewhere. However, if you want a partner that is local, will stand by your side, back what they've sold, and provide you with advice that's in *your* best interest, DEFINITELY go with these guys.

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Robco Electric is a locally owned and operated electrical contractor who has been in the southern Nevada market since 1997. We offer high quality products from well know manufacturers to make sure the system will last for 25 years or more. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales team and solar installers have hundreds of completed installations under their belt.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Robco Electric Headquarters

5692 La Costa Canyon Court
Las Vegas, NV
89139 United States


Nevada OSHA PV Installer's License


Business Incorporation: NV19961225798
: C2 44324

States served by Robco Electric

  • Nevada NV