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Sopris Solar

At Sopris Solar, we pride ourselves on our culture and dedication to provide the most cost effective solar installations to Colorado homeowners and businesses. With the explosive growth of the solar industry, homeowners and businesses are inundated with offers from solar companies. Colorado’s 300+ sunny days and increasing utility rates have brought an influx of solar companies from California and Utah to the area. But do these companies know the state like a local installer? More importantly, how long will they be in the area before they move on to greener pastures?

Sopris Solar provides full-service affordable energy solutions for homeowners, businesses, and non-profits throughout the Colorado area. We specialize in roof mounted solar installations, ground mounts, solar farms, energy storage, geothermal heating/cooling systems, as well as removal and reinstallation insurance claims. Sopris Solar is the only local solar company that has offices in and throughout Colorado. From Denver to Aspen, Fort Collins to Colorado Springs; our team has extensive knowledge of your community’s net-metering laws and current rebate programs. Our staff operates under the belief that the true value of solar isn’t necessarily dependent on the equipment that is installed on your home, but based on the expertise and integrity of the installers.

Sopris Solar is committed to corporate social responsibility and helping to improve the quality of life for everyone as we sustain our environment for future generations. We are constantly striving to inspire these values in our employees, partners, and customers because this responsibility is integral to the success of our business and future of our environment.

Whatever your reason for going solar, let Sopris Solar help you get there.
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Sopris Solar is a Colorado based residential and commercial solar installer. We offer a variety of financing options for customers and offer a 20-year workmanship warranty on all installations.
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ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR LICENSE #101164, Licensed in every county in Colorado.


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  • The American Solar Energy Society
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  • Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association
  • Solar Energy Industries Association
  • Tesla Powerwall Certified

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One year later, and still no solar

They had no problem, taking my money, upfront and making promises. Unfortunately, they cannot fulfill those promises. I’ve been waiting since December, when I finally got the solar panels installed, to have it wired into my home. They can’t get an electrician. Understaffed, over promised, and now ghosting me. I will be contacting the BBB.

Posted by mountainliving08 on Mar 07, 2023
Allen Rock

Allen took all the time to explain everything clearly

Posted by szzzy12 on Jan 14, 2023
Don't do it! I suggest looking elsewhere, read below.

Don't do it! They are incompetent!! Don't do it!!! I signed contract April 2022, still Sopris has not all the required permits in hand, and want to change, increase, the contract amount to charge more. They already have over $37,00.00 of my money since before May 2022 and no construction has begun by them. Many promises have been stated, yet most have not been fulfilled. They are really good at delaying and delaying and delaying with excuse after excuse. Despite setting up a weekly update meeting in July 2022, is has only been followed through maybe 4 of the 12 times. They even delivered the wrong material, the main wire to be used from the panels to the house (Sopris brought aluminum wire and not copper as it is suppose to be), which was not the wire THEY specified for my job! The management is incompetent in many ways. They simply do not know what they are doing, or so it is clearly evident in my case. If I could give them less than one star I would give them zero. Finally, I suggest you do a thorough background check on the owner, Nathan Billmaier before you sign anything, unless you don't mind doing business with a felon. Beware of managing partner Scot Birrell too! dean quint

Posted by dq4u on Nov 02, 2022

UPDATE (10/19/22): Last week they hired a third party solar electrical company to come out and redo the electrical that Sopris installed incorrectly TWICE. They even gave this company the wrongs plans forcing them to come out a second time to fix that mistake. We were told once again by Allen, that Sopris would be out last Friday 10/14/22 to finish the job and surprise they didn't finish the job. Two guys showed up for a few minutes and left. At this point I have reported them to the BBB because I believe we are being scammed. We've paid them around $32,000 for approximately a $40,000 job and they are absolutely terrible at their job, unprofessional and lie. Allen keeps tell me to post and update the review so here I am. Allen, if you read this know you cannot be trusted and your continuous lies have worn thin. I am utterly shocked you are still with Sopris and if you are on the leadership team, this ship is sinking. I should also mention that we have gotten our family attorney involved and a dear friend that is a Federal Prosecutor to look into Sopris and we've found they have a history of not paying third party vendors that can create mechanic liens on your home. I assure you this will not happen to us. GET OUR JOB DONE BEFORE WE GET IT FOR FREE! We finalized our agreement with Sopris on April 15th, 2022 and were told it was a two day install that would begin within a month of finalizing the plans. First delay and lack of communication began. They sent someone out to take photos of the site, inspect the home and roof to ensure they had a solid plan in place (no talks of a panel upgrade) when the job started. We started the install in mid-July and they used the wrong plans for the first installation of the system. To us this said they didn’t do proper due diligence upfront causing all of us to suffer from the get-go. We were told more than a handful of times they were coming on a specific day and needed access to our home. No one showed and no communication about what was going on. This is downright disrespectful when a company thinks their time is more valuable than ours, and then did it over and over again. When the team was at our home they would show up in the late morning or afternoon and work a couple hours and leave. Then come back a few days later and repeat. They also took it upon themselves to disconnect our AC to our bedrooms in the attic to cool themselves and never hook it back up (see photo below). They store stuff at our home without our approval which could easily be stolen and several panels damaged + one panel installed that was damaged and a fire hazard which is being replaced. They leave garbage/debris, solar materials, cigarette butts and other trash on our roof, in our gutters (plugged them during a rainstorm), flower beds, driveway and yard. We documented it and brought it up with them only to have them repeat it again and again. A month or so into the project they realized the wrong plans were being used and had to move everything from the back of our home to the side of it. Then they cut out a large square of drywall from our garage (didn’t clean anything up) and now they don’t plan to run a line to our basement sub-panel, so we are left to fix the 3x3 hole in our wall. Respect of the client’s property is not a top priority to Sopris. Thankfully, we were assigned a new project manager Pablo. He seems to know his stuff and provided a better level of communication. We are over 2 months into our install and NOW being told we need to upgrade our main panel. Ok, let’s get it done ASAP since this should’ve been determined back in April, right? Wrong, Sopris has informed us that Xcel can’t turn off the power for our panel upgrade until Thanksgiving week in November. This will put us around a 5+ month install when we were told it would take 2 days and be completed with a month of agreeing to the plans. Don’t get me wrong, the Crew is friendly but Allen lies continuously to us and no shows wasting our time. He doesn’t seem to get anything done while showing up during the hottest times of the day, working for a couple hours and taking off. They don’t come prepared with all the parts they need and tools to clean up after themselves. They do as they wish and have yet to apologize for disrespecting our home over and over again. We only have confidence in two people at this company, Scot and he should leave this dumpster fire of a company. The office does not answer questions directly, if at all so good luck with Peyton. When our neighbors walk by and ask if we are being scammed or what the problem is, it’s exhausting to explain. Sopris is doing themselves no favors in our neighborhood when we have tons of neighbors asking about our experience because they are planning to get panels. One neighbor just signed with a different company because he sees ZERO progress being made day after day, week after week and now month after month. We truly hope this review will spark them to do the right thing and prioritize our home and this project. Here’s to hoping, wish us luck and beware. I WILL EDIT THIS REVIEW IF THEY PROVE TO BE PROFESSIONAL, RELIABLE AND DO THE JOB THEY ARE CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED TO. HIGHLY UNLIKELY THOUGH.

Posted by OneWithEarth on Sep 13, 2022

Sopris solar gave us a great experience from start to finish. They communicated with us thoroughly, answering all our questions in a timely manner, explaining everything about the process in ways that we understood.

Posted by techunidosoftwaresolutions53 on Oct 14, 2021
Residential roofing service

Sopris Solar provides service in residential roofing service full-service provide for solar design and installation.

Posted by gwenshamblin94 on Oct 13, 2021
    • Single-Family Residence
    • Solar PV
    • 5.7 kW
    small home system to reduce carbon footprint



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