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Bright Planet Solar - Profile & Reviews

Between all of us here at Bright Planet, we’ve got decades of experience with solar installation, sales & marketing, many years in the customer service field. We felt it was high time start a new kind of solar company. So in late 2014 Bright Planet Solar was created! From working out of one of our sales rep’s basement to operating in over 7 states our growth has been nothing short of impressive. Mikey Heinz, our CEO, has spent the last past four years revolutionizing the solar industry. Paired with Mikhail (Misha) Glazomitsky, our COO, who has spent over six years within the field of solar design, installation, and account management, its safe to say we have some pretty strong leaders!

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  • "Solar System Not Operational"

    Reviewed Jul 09, 2021

    I had Bright Planet Solar do the installation on my roof on January (2021). The sale and paper process was quick and easy (too quick and too easy? red flag), next comes the inspection and this was also quick and easy (another red flag), and then the installation with incompetent staff (another red flag) and approval was just a nightmare, but trying to get anyone to answer questions after the sale lead to more dead ends with a bunch of "uhhh..." and "ummm...". I wanted to tell everyone about these guys because of the good vibe I had during the sales, but after that, it was just one disappointment after another.

    If you aren't savvy, they try to rush you thru the sales and paper process so they can get your business, but they do not care about the outcome of your system. I did not realize this at first, but after reading other people's complaints, I understand why now. The person who went to do a inspection did not realize that they are actually unable to tap into our current service panel because there was no room! They would need to add a sub panel to even have enough breakers to do it, which means that what we were quoted is not even correct. Not only that, we wouldn't be able to use the system because our panel is only 60A, which couldn't even support the system we wanted to use. Comes the day of the installation, they install and realize that they are not able to connect to the main service panel and all work comes to a halt and things have wait with the city and electric for even a longer period of time. Great, additional +$3000 in hidden cost! Who would have thought it that they didn't think it thru and plan it thru. Next came the inspection and PTO... Oh boy, let's not get started with this! With so many failure on their part, the system has been on my roof and not operational. Inspection has failed multiple times, work is not complete, and I have these hideous solar panels on my roof that do not bring any value to me or my home. If you're thinking that is the end of it, it isn't! I am forced to do monthly payment on a system that is not operational, so now my electric bill is essentially twice as big. Thanks Bright Planet Solar, you've successfully ruined my life.

  • "Terrible dishonest company and sales rep"

    Reviewed Jul 08, 2021

    Avoid at all cost! I thought they were a better company based on what the sales person said, but in the end, they did not fulfill their end of the bargain. This company is the worst company I have had to deal with regarding any home renovation project. Just the absolute worst with no resolution in sight. Their sales rep lied straight to our faces about so many things, which made it even worst. I never felt so insulted in my life. If I could, I would never go with this company ever and I will make sure to tell anyone to avoid this company.

  • "Awesome Experience!"

    Reviewed Mar 26, 2021

    This is the second home I had Bright Planet install for me. Great customer service and easy to work with. Both of my projects went as promised and I couldn't be happier with my decision to have them install my solar. Thanks Bright Planet!!!

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Bright Planet Solar is a solar installation contractor that specializes in operations. We can offer speed and efficiency of operations where other, sales-focused companies fall flat.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Bright Planet Solar Headquarters

5 A St
Auburn, MA
01501 United States


Business Incorporation: 47-2514878
Electrical Contractor: ELC.0200123-E1
HIC: HIC.0644803

States served by Bright Planet Solar

  • California CA ,
  • Connecticut CT ,
  • Massachusetts MA ,
  • New Hampshire NH ,
  • New Jersey NJ ,
  • New York NY ,
  • Rhode Island RI ,
  • Utah UT