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Bright Planet Solar

Bright Planet Solar is a solar installation contractor that specializes in operations. We can offer speed and efficiency of operations where other, sales-focused companies fall flat.
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About Bright Planet Solar

Between all of us here at Bright Planet, we’ve got decades of experience with solar installation, sales & marketing, many years in the customer service field. We felt it was high time start a new kind of solar company. So in late 2014 Bright Planet Solar was created! From working out of one of our sales rep’s basement to operating in over 7 states our growth has been nothing short of impressive. Mikey Heinz, our CEO, has spent the last past four years revolutionizing the solar industry. Paired with Mikhail (Misha) Glazomitsky, our COO, who has spent over six years within the field of solar design, installation, and account management, its safe to say we have some pretty strong leaders!
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance


Business Incorporation: 47-2514878
Electrical Contractor: ELC.0200123-E1
HIC: HIC.0644803

Industry Certifications

  • Better Business Bureau
  • SunPower Authorized Dealer

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Installer
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner
  • Sunpower Authorized Dealer

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This is the worse solar company ever to handle your project, they have no idea what’s going on. They rescheduled my job multiple times on the days they were suppose to come out and install. If you’re enrolled with them cancel your project with them.

Posted by ricemitchell33 on Jul 14, 2023
Run away - go with literally ANY other company than BPS

BPS has yanked us around, promised us things that they then reneged on, and it's now been over 9 months since the panels were installed that they still haven't been turned on. Their customer service is rude and terrible, their CEO Mikey Heinz is condescending and not truthful, and they make no attempt to make anything right. We contracted in October 2022, they installed the panels in November 2022, and then it just got forgotten. No matter how much we bugged them, we were told "next week, next week," and then they just started making up dates. We were given dates it would be turned on, those passed with not a word, and when we followed up asking why we had no solar after the date we were told we would, we were at first ignored and then given non-answers. They claim it takes more than 9 months from start to finish, and that's just a plain old lie. It's an excuse they make up to cover the fact that they drop the ball. Take it from me and all the other negative reviews - this is a terrible company and you should get as far away from them as possible.

Posted by bradparr on Jul 07, 2023
Horrendous Company

They recently installed the panels, and from day 1 they were not working correctly. I notified them of the issue and they gave me a token reply and then did not get back to me until 6 days later when I email them for a follow up. They reply with: "All 35 panels are producing and communicating properly. Each panel has a different azimuth and different sun exposure. They will not all produce the same. There are no errors with the system nor underproducing aspects of this system due to product failure. If more production is needed there will either need to be more panels or some shade management." I am stunned to hear that a system designed to offset 103% of the electricity is actually working fine at 50%. They wanted me to believe that i needed a larger system. Looking at the app I notice a number of glaring things. These things include no use of power between 9 PM and 5 AM. That is just beyond unrealistic. We also saw that every day, the power and consumption charts mirrored each other perfectly. This phenomenon occurred regardless of weather, my activities, etc. Again absolutely impossible. Additionally we saw that the bar chart was the same every day. Again that would be impossible. yet their team was unable to notice these errors and instead claimed there were no issues. So one of three things happened: 1. They did not make a good faith effort and immediately went into defense mode. 2. They did look at the charts and did not recognize the issue, despite the fact that it was reporting that I was using no energy between 9 PM and 5 AM, or around those times every night. Also despite the fact that it was showing a consistent 50% every day. Despite the fact that the consumption and production charts matched exactly. It is unfathomable to think that anyone who is knowledgeable in the field would not immediately recognize an issue. I am not a solar power expert, but even I could see that nothing made sense. If and when they get this up and running, I have to imagine the charts will look entirely different. The fact that they did not see the issue is inexcusable. 3. They knew they had messed up the install, but instead of being honest, they attempted to get me to buy more panels so that they could make more money. I have since had to get the Better Business Bureau Involved to escalate the issue. Bottom line, do not use this company.

Posted by amoskos on Jun 27, 2023

The solar panels were installed 10 months ago but are not yet operational. I have been following up monthly by email. Last month, they responded that inspections had been passed and they were just waiting for permission from the power company to turn on the system. When I followed up this month I was told that was incorrect. Now i am being told an inspection done sometime in the past (they won't give me the date but I think it was last fall) resulted in a long list problems that had to be corrected. Until this week they made no attempt to correct those problems. It appears the installation of the control box (10 months ago) was totally bungled. They now want to move the box to somewhere else on my house as they cannot get permission to operate at its current location. I do not trust that they will ever be able to get the technical requirements correct and will cause damage to my home. Dealing with this company is an unending nightmare.

Posted by cehendrix on Apr 29, 2023
Stay away from Bright Planet Solar

Stay away from this company Worse solar company ever

Posted by josecvp0 on Apr 28, 2023
Operational Disaster

I would give BPS 0 stars if I could. My entire process of going solar has been a disaster from the start. They came to my house twice with incorrect system size information, tried to leave with work half completed, and most importantly, when work was completed my system failed inspection by the city due to the most basic things not being completed. On top of all of this, the process from the first installation to failing the inspection was nearly 5 months. That's 5 months of panels being on my roof but not operational. After the failed inspection BPS told me i would need to wait 3-5 WEEKS for them to correct the issues and get another inspection. That brings the total timeline for installing solar on my residential property to nearly 6 MONTHS! The worst part of all of this is dealing with BPS. They are useless and in my opinion could care less to do what they can to complete the job. They are a volume at all costs operation at the cost of quality and customer experience. Every single BPS contractor and employee who I spoke to either at my property or on the phone commented on how backed up they are. They are an operational disaster. I know many many people who went solar and no one has ever had this type of experience and that's because the difference is I used BPS. This is a warning to anyone reading this review, use ANY OTHER company but BPS and I'm sure you will be satisfied. Use BPS and good luck. You could probably get a business license, learn the installation process and do everything yourself faster than BPS will install your panels and get them operational. This has been hands down the worst company and process I have ever had to deal with. I am leaving this review on any site i possibly can to warn others just how bad BPS is.

Posted by briangarry1216 on Mar 24, 2023
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