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Creative Solar USA - Profile & Reviews

Creative Solar USA is a locally owned and operated solar power and energy storage installer located in Kennesaw, GA. We have serviced the residential and commercial sectors since 2008.

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  • "Pure Energy"

    Reviewed Feb 19, 2021

    February 2021
    Powering my home with solar has been a hope and dream I've had for over 30 years. I never thought it would be possible. Energy Sage has been a valuable resource for research and connecting me to the best rated solar installers in my area.
    Another has been my local power company Habersham EMC. I had expected they would be resistant to competition, instead they have been supportive, helpful and a fountain of information.
    After starting the process on Energy Sage, Creative Solar was one of two companies that posted bids for my solar project. I started asking questions to each company. The other company wanted to talk over the phone. I like emails for a reference. With Creative Solar, through emails I communicated with Seth Gunning for over a month before making my final decision. He took the time to comprehensively answer all of my questions. During that time I reached out to two other companies. One through Energy Sage and one local resource.
    I decided to have my solar panels on my roof. In my opinion, if you are going to have a roof mounted system you need equipment with a 25 year warranty.
    The local installer's bid was with 10 year warranty equipment and mounting it on the ground. Those two things were deal breakers for me.
    The other company that covers many surrounding states gave a quote that was appealing, but they do not have their own installers, they hire crews for the install.
    Creative Solar has proven to be a company that is approachable and values me as an individual customer. I've seen that in all the interactions I've had with the company.
    It was over 6 months ago When Seth first called me after I uploaded my information to get the process started on Energy Sage. Because of Covid-19 delays, my system was installed 2 weeks ago. Tesla Powerwalls are on back order. It may be 12 months or longer before they are installed.
    Getting a solar power generating system is a process and a journey. There are many resources out there, take advantage of them. I'm glad I gave Creative Solar the opportunity to earn my business.

  • "Lengthy installation"

    Reviewed Jan 21, 2021

    The team seemed to be knowledgable and we definitely liked our sales rep. The original design had to be revised after they started because they had missed a spot. It took close to 11 months from when we signed the contract until installation.

    Seth Gunning
    Response from Creative Solar USA
    Responded Jan 25, 2021
    Response from Creative Solar USA
    Responded Jan 25, 2021

    Thanks for your review Jee!

    We love working with you and your family and appreciate your continued support for our business and solar energy! It was great to help fix your old solar energy system and refresh it with the latest technology.

    In the year of your installation we installed over 150 projects for the first time in our companies history and were growing our qualified installation and electrical teams rapidly.

    Today we are installing close to 250 jobs a year - and growing - with much shorter installation times, and a more qualified staff than ever before.

    Look forward to speaking again soon!

  • "Solar panel installation"

    Reviewed Jul 19, 2020

    We had a roof solar panel system installed in 2019. The customer service representatives were knowledgeable and responsive and wanted to make sure that our needs were addressed. From the time of signing the contract to the actual installation, however, took 8 months and we were not regularly updated on the status of the project and the reasons for the delay. Once installed the system worked well. We did have a couple of roof leaks that the company had patched right away.

  • "Flexibility!"

    Reviewed Jul 15, 2020

    Creative Solar has been great! Before installation of my system, my circumstances changed. I asked to put it on hold while I find a new home and rework it for a ground installation. No problem!!! As soon as I move, we’ll be right back on track.

  • "Great system"

    Reviewed Jul 15, 2020

    The company has worked with me in a terrific way. I am very pleased with the performance of the system I have installed. I believe in solar energy and the value it has. Thank you for your work

  • "Love my solar panels!"

    Reviewed Mar 14, 2020

    Salesperson was helpful and educational. Work was done as promised. Some delay with installation due to potential issues with my roof and more orders than expected, but they still finished before the end of year so that I would be eligible for my tax credit. Overall, very satisfied.

  • "Educate Yourself About The Details"

    Reviewed Mar 12, 2020
    "Educate Yourself About The Details"

    Reviewed Mar 12, 2020

    After receiving three quotes on EnergySage, I decided not to go with Creative Solar, even though they had the least expensive deal. Although I was strongly considering them, I had a problem with the 5 year labor warranty. The company I did decide to go with had 25 years warranty for the panels, all the equipment including the mounting racks, and a guarantee on the yearly electric production to what the system was designed for, or if that production is not met, they will send me a check for the difference. After studying and reading about the different panels and the quoted cost per kilowatt, I think I made a wise choice. I rated the value as the lowest cost quote, the quality, while the equipment is very good for the most part, the panels were rated only as good. Responsiveness-I gave 3 stars because they were not in continuous contact with me trying to earn my business.

  • "Friendly, helpful, price competitive"

    Reviewed Oct 25, 2019
    "Friendly, helpful, price competitive"

    Reviewed Oct 25, 2019

    After considering three different serious solar quotes for my home, I decided to go with Creative Solar. First, they are one of the few larger installers local to the Atlanta area, with a strong reputation, including with a friend of a friend who used them. Second, I liked the salesperson (Chaia) because she was friendly and no-pressure, doing a site visit and answering all my questions so that I got the right size system for my individual situation (smaller than I had planned due to no true net metering from Ga Power). Finally, they were very price competitive. The experience has been great so far.

  • "Terrific follow up"

    Reviewed Mar 08, 2019

    This company representative, Brooke, has been super responsive and her follow up is even better. I just wish my wife was more on board so we could get the project started. I would recommend this company 10 times out of 10!!

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  • "Solved my very unique requirements (Freestanding Solar Arbor)"

    Reviewed Sep 11, 2018
    "Solved my very unique requirements (Freestanding Solar Arbor)"

    Reviewed Sep 11, 2018

    I built a solar arbor and storage building to better utilize the solar potential of my property. Creative Solar engineered and delivered the unique solution necessary to maximize my solar capacity and store energy for the times I am not generating power. The sales team and engineering staff did an excellent job and were able to deliver a superior system taking advantage of cost savings through the Solarize Decature/Dekalb group buying initiative.

    There were some delivery challenges due to availability of electrical inverter parts and pieces but those issues were solved. The system has been active for 4 months and so far I am generating 70% of my power needs daily.

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Creative Solar USA is a turn-key solar energy EPC (engineering, procurement & construction) firm specializing in residential, commercial and utility scale applications.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Creative Solar USA Headquarters

2931 Lewis Street Suite 300
Kennesaw, GA
30144 United States

Workmanship Warranty

25-Year Rooftop Workman warranty and 10-year Electrical Workmanship warranty


Georgia Solar Energy Association (GSEA) Member
Cobb County Chamber of Commerce Member
Better Business Bureau Member
Kennesaw Business Association Member


NABCEP Certified PV Installation and Technical Sales Professionals
Master Electricians
Member of SEIA
Member of GSEA
Member of Cobb Chamber of Commerce
Member of Kennesaw Business Association


Fully licensed in GA.


Fully Insured.

States served by Creative Solar USA

  • Florida FL ,
  • Georgia GA ,
  • Mississippi MS ,
  • North Carolina NC ,
  • South Carolina SC ,
  • Tennessee TN