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Brio Energy

Brio Energy is the largest Residential Solar Company in Utah. We are dedicated to providing clean and cost-efficient energy to families around the nation.
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Do not work with BRIO

Worst company I have ever worked with. They are very responsive until your system is installed and paid for. Now I am having some issues and cannot get anyone to return my calls,texts or emails. I have worked w Karley K who was always prompt to to my messages and now will not respond or return call. Same w Grant H. I have been lied to multiple times and am very Fred up w this company. I have also asked for a manager or supervisors name multiple times but no answers

Posted by kristinegerdes on Jan 09, 2021
Couldn’t have asked for a better experience

Had a great experience with brio. Our rep was great, and our project manager was very helpful. They communicated every step of the way. It took a while for the utility to turn it on but it’s been 5 months now and we’re saving tons of money from what we were paying for our utilities

Posted by 4nickyliston on Jan 03, 2021
Stuck with 20yr loan that costs double the price of utility power

We had a good start with Brio. Their friendly sales rep showed us how we would save because Brio's solar panels will cost the same as our current energy usage, loan terms were low, they'll do all our permit requests, even for our HOA, and help with securing tax rebates to offset some of the expense. After about 6 months of waiting for the various permit processing our solar panels finally arrived and were installed, and we were all happy. Or so we thought. Once Brio got our money and the loans started, things went pear-shaped. The panel array on our roof--supposed to cover our power needs--didn't even cover 30% of our needs. That power the panels generated also cost 2x the price than what we would've paid through our power utility. It took over a year of us repeatedly contacting Brio (most responses involved us needing to call a third party that was great in ignoring our pleas for help) before we got a defunct panel fixed. There is no contract where Brio lays out what our panels will produce--only a contract with a credit agency--so we're stuck with paying double the price of energy (once for the solar panel loan and again for the energy we have to purchase because the panels are insufficient despite claims they would meet our needs) for the next two decades!

Posted by johnnybirder on Nov 30, 2020
Great company to go solar with!

They were so quick and efficient in helping answer my questions and resolve my concerns. I have saved so much money with this solar company. They got my solar system up and running very quickly and I really didn't have to do much to make it happen. This is a great company and I'm glad I went with them.

Posted by abe.coomer6 on Nov 09, 2020
Great service. Loved working with Brio!

We loved working with Brio. Their rep was amazing at explaining how the process works & made us feel super comfortable. We are very happy with the work they’ve done and will be recommending Brio to all of our friends!

Posted by maddienorton35 on Nov 05, 2020
Great service! Happy with our system!

I had Marc come by my house and talk with me about my proposal for going solar, and he did such a great job! He explained everything clearly for me and even helped get a better rate. We are currently getting installed for solar and I am so excited! Super happy with brio so far and definitely would recommend!!

Posted by tmurphey09 on Oct 29, 2020



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