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Encor Solar

We are Encor Solar. We do things differently. Our company is a true Full Service Solar provider, making the experience easier for you. We do everything from start to finish. We can generate a proposal for you in less than 5 mins.
Our Panels are American-made and come with a 25 year warranty that guarantees the Panel's performance and productivity.
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Our Company motto is Expanding Life.
We have a strong belief in making a difference and offering others to do the same if given the opportunity. We have been in business for over 2 years, which in the Solar Industry is a lifetime.
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Architecture
  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

Workmanship Warranty

25 years.

Industry Certifications

  • Better Business Bureau

Manufacturer Certifications

  • SolarEdge Preferred

What Customers Are Saying

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Breach of contract.

This company is out of business according to the BBB. After many calls to Encor and no communication from them about when they could install the battery and meter, we filed a complaint with the BBB and our financing company. Encor Solar is out of business. They breached their contract and we're not paying for services not received. If we could choose zero stars we would.

Posted by nawtydogswife on Feb 02, 2024
Horrible Experience DO NOT LET THEM TAKE YOUR $$

Its been over a year since we signed the contract they quickly installed the panels on the roof about 3-4 weeks after signing. Once they installed the panels they completely ghosted us. We kept reaching out to them about finishing the install and they refused to respond. I put in a BBB compliant and they finally called to setup up the rest. Which was 5 or 6 ugly boxes on the side of your house just which we were told was supposed to be 1-2 extra boxes. Its been 6 months since then and we still have not used the solar panels. They claimed they were waiting on the city to inspect, which when i called the city they were not aware they needed to. the city came out that week and inspected and sent them an email stating it was good. Encor still has not turn the system on and trying to contact them is nearly impossible. they have a text bot that will just ask you name and say we are busy we will contact you, which they don't. DO NOT LET THEM TAKE YOUR MONEY!! Its a scam it will only cost you money it will not save you anything. Now we are stuck with useless panels on our roof a bunch of ugly boxes on the side of our house a huge loan to repay for nothing.I'd like to have them just take their junk of my house and not deal with them but they sure not going to do that and repair the damages on my home. I'm posting this compliant to everywhere I can.

Posted by cpatterson1447 on Jan 26, 2024

Stay away from this company at all costS!!! The reviews are real!!! I purchased a solar system over a year ago on Dec. 6, 2022, from Encor. The sales rep was great, and the explanation during the sale process about the product was thorough. It all went downhill from there. The paperwork with the local utility company took over MONTHS TO COMPLETE. Encor’s local manager, Andrew Ross, did not understand the process, and it continued to get rejected. The delays continued as Encor gave continued excuses to deliver the product. My initial install window was 6 to 8 weeks. The panels were FINALLY installed in April 2023, close to 16 weeks later. The panels were installed by a subcontractor, though I was told at the point of sale they would be installed by an Encor-certified team. The headache only grew from here. The inverter was installed improperly, the roof run was done externally, a critter guard was not added, and the contractors left a hole in my drywall with live electrical lines exposed. Not to mention the massive mess inside my house. I was also promised the removal of our old passive solar system on my house as part of my contract. At this point in the process, most of the local Encor team had been fired, left town, or was simply unresponsive. The only person who would respond was a PM, Chelsea. I had to pester Chelsea, who continued to say, “We are looking into it,” and “I’m so sorry, I will get back to you.” (I have pages of texts to both Chelsea and the Encor text line that can be provided for further proof of neglect). She finally followed through, and a contract was emailed to Encor. I had to do all the work for Encor to find a local contractor who would remove the existing solar panel. Now the contractor who removed the old solar system, to fulfill my original contract, is threatening a lien on my house because Encor has not paid them for their services. Since then, Encor has continued to neglect me leaving me with a $20,000 system that has not been inspected, turned on, or completed per the contract. I have had to take all initiative to contact and work with Keith Owens, their local license holder, for the last few months in attempts to get the final issues completed. During his inspection, he found that the roof run (mention earlier) that was supposedly fixed and ran internally, was done incorrectly and needed be redone! He informed me Encor management is not following up with him or allowing him to follow through. Encor has no licensed professionals in the area able to attend to the issues with my system. The only license holder they have, Corey, is not even in the state!!! On top of all of that and per my contract, Encor owes me over $1300 in refunds for my system and referral bonuses. I have documentation of months of texts to their customer service line with several ignored responses and no actual action. Additionally, I have emailed their support line, Vice president, and local project managers, and have received ZERO responses. I am now stuck with a $20,000 solar system – incomplete or turned on - and a company with empty promises and an inability to respond to any communication. Several other people I know who signed up for solar with Encor were also lied to about their product by Andrew Ross. They were told the system could produce “100% offset” and are now stuck with systems that do not effectively produce. Additionally, customers who canceled their contracts during the utility approval period are now (over a year later) being sent 2-4K cancellation payments, even though those customers signed proper paperwork to cancel. Encor is reckless, does not care about its customers, and is a complete scam! How they have an A+ rating on BBB blows my mind…

Posted by jordantbecker on Jan 17, 2024
Awful service

It takes complaining to the Better Business Bureau for someone from Encor to communicate with a somewhat reasonable response. My solar panels were down from Sept 10, 2023 until finally fixed it Dec 8th, 2023. Now I have to fight for reimbursement of money. Horrible. Do not walk, RUN away from an Encore salesperson.

Posted by jreince on Dec 14, 2023
No follow through

Initially, they were great to work with, but once it came time to install all of the hardware and get everything inspected and finally generating power, the process dragged out for months. Once everything was finally up and running I discovered that the placement of the panels on my roof that had been "carefully planned out" to provide power all year long actually provided very little power from September until March because the angle of the sun is too low. When I brought this to Encor's attention, they "promptly" (a year later once I had another fall, winter, and spring with little to no generation) came up with a plan to install more panels further up the roof. We went through the entire process of planning and getting HOA approval for the new panels just for Encor to disappear again. Another fall has come, and production has fallen, and, despite requests for updates, Encor has been silent and absent. Do not work with them.

Posted by elbigelli on Nov 12, 2023
Removal for a new roof

Something to consider is that they charge $500 per panel to remove/reinstall in the event you need a new roof. This is about 2x what other competing solar companies charge.

Posted by megert.en on Oct 26, 2023



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