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Encor Solar

We are Encor Solar. We do things differently. Our company is a true Full Service Solar provider, making the experience easier for you. We do everything from start to finish. We can generate a proposal for you in less than 5 mins.
Our Panels are American-made and come with a 25 year warranty that guarantees the Panel's performance and productivity.
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Our Company motto is Expanding Life.
We have a strong belief in making a difference and offering others to do the same if given the opportunity. We have been in business for over 2 years, which in the Solar Industry is a lifetime.
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Architecture
  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

Workmanship Warranty

25 years.

Industry Certifications

  • Better Business Bureau

Manufacturer Certifications

  • SolarEdge Preferred

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Class Actu

The Encor solar aystem was installed November 2022. Six months later it still isn’t operational because of failure to inspect. This company is charging me monthly payments for absolutely nothing but constant text messages with false promises. I wonder if there are enough people in the same situation that will want to join in filing a class action? I missed 3 days of work waiting around for their inspector to be a no call, no show all 3 times. This has been a headache and a financial burden. Cara Johnson in NC. My rating is NO starts. I think this is a scam.

Posted by carapaulson1 on May 05, 2023
Please . . .

Solar panels installed September 16, 2022, 12KW $80K system we paid for on our High Springs home has never been turned on or working because this company failed to schedule an inspection with Alachua County. Dozens of calls and texts to no avail to Encor. We are now paying both electric bill and non-functional solar panels.Doubled our mo they costs. We trusted this company and they have failed us for 7 months. We are beyond frustrated. An inspection and connection of installed solar panels should be the easiest and final step and nobody will help us. Please be careful. We are filing a lawsuit as soon as possible hoping to get some remedy. Taren Delisle (407)280-8753 and Justo Rodriguez (509)808-3303

Posted by tarenlane on Apr 16, 2023
Quality work, very professional

Less than a month after signing with Encor, my panels were installed and connected to my box. That was 6 weeks ago. Since then my power company has signed off on the connection, so now I am just waiting on the county to sign off. I do not have to make a payment until my panels are approved by everyone and opetational. They took care of all permits and fees as well. I also financed through Encor with a fixed 1.95% interest rate, by far the best I found. The presentation walked us through what to expect (and not to expect) from solar. Overall I am very pleased with Encor and would recommend.

Posted by joshbphoto on Apr 14, 2023
Buyer Beware!!

I purchased a system in September 22 from Encore Solar. February 27th, 2023 and it is still not hooked up. I was told by the sales person the system would be hooked up last year and I would get the tax credits from the feds and the state as well as Johnathan from Encore told me in November I had all the tax documents. This was not the case and now I have a tax liability with the state because they did not do what they said they were going to do. Additionally, now I have a electric payment as well as a solar panel payment. Encore says they will reimburse the solar panel payment but it seems it takes them a month to do so which is money out of my pocket. Additionally, this company doesn’t seem to have employees in the field but they don’t tell you that before they sell you the system. It seems they are trying to complete the work with contractors. This company shouldn’t be allowed to run a lemonade stand much less a real business. They have done nothing but lie since they sold me the system and they have a excuse for everything except their own incompetence. Avoid this company at all costs.

Posted by jerrylwheat on Feb 27, 2023
Perspective from an Ex-Employee & Customer

The Columbia SC office SPECIFICALLY has a lot of kinks to work out. Whoever is smart enough to read the reviews before applying or excepting this job, I hope this helps out a lot. Your boss/manager/trainer/recruiter is overloaded & has 5 different positions. Which means sometimes things run over schedule. Poor time management is afoot, but she’s one the best people you’ll ever meet very professional. And the indeed post is very misleading. It shows 30 an hour + commission but you don’t get both its either or (whichever u make the most of) during the four week ramp up. 4 week ramp up is your 30$ an hour field training save this money up. After that it’s straight commission. You're told pros get thousands of dollars weekly & are in the six-figure range & living well + lavish but most people there don’t make anything past 900. You will also notice most people around you are all new or training…no employee in the Columbia area last past four weeks. From my time there (2 weeks) about 15 people have quit or said this jobs doesn’t sustain them financially. You use this app called TIME to clock in your hours but mind you….your going to get seriously docked. That includes lunch breaks and driving time. You only get paid for pitches (the tech meets with homeowner) if they close or sell 9 times out of 10 the tech will F up your appointment. No certified office as of yet they travel from the library to a rental space in sandhills. Meetings can waste your time & be quite useless, plus you will get on the doors late. Cheap incentives, keep track of your own numbers, and remember this is not reliable full-time job. This is part time, especially if you have a really good job on the side. you’ll notice people there have two or three other jobs as well. Also, miss information is quite common because certain things aren’t explained until later on. You don’t get compensated for gas or mileage so just carpool until your check hits!! we aren’t provided official badges either. Sincerely suggest you hire more Managers+Techs. This company is known for TERRIBLE customer service & dysfunctional panels that won’t turn on, installation but no follow up & lying because you do have an electric bill & panel loan, backed up on repair parts, scammers I mean gosh

Posted by proudboysuniting on Feb 24, 2023
Liars, Cheaters, Thieves

This company has the worst customer service ever! Told me in their sales pitch that I would receive a sizable tax rebate to apply to my loan on the panels to keep my monthly payment from increasing after sixteen months. NO such thing! Told me they would send someone out to walk me through how to regularly check my system. NEVER happened! Said they would send someone out to help me install the thermostat they sent me. NEVER happened! Said they would have a manager call me to address my grievances. NEVER happened. I do not even know if the panels are operational since being installed two months ago. I am still paying a monthly electric bill! BUYERS BEWARE! Purchase your solar panels from another company!!!

Posted by katherinekappelm on Feb 19, 2023



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