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Apollo Solar LLC

Apollo solar provides the most excellent and industry best quality products, coupled with unmatched customer service, at the most competitive pricing in the solar market.

Our professionals are highly certified and well trained solar panel and smart home installers. Apollosolar make your solar panel installation and design simple by working with only the best suppliers, manufacturers, and financing partners in the industry. This allows us to get all our clients across the state the best product and service they dream of.

Apollo solar simplifies solar power design and installation with numerous products and financing options to choose from. We boast of industry best and certified team that is large enough to handle both complex and small installation projects.

Attentive to Your Solar Needs

A lot of self acclaimed solar companies make use of only one or two types of panels and solar components. While on the hand, Apollo solar offers varieties of equipment to customize each project and tailor each installation to your unique needs.

In order to design the best system possible, our professional installers consider the following variables:

✓ Project goals

✓ Your projected energy use

✓ House architecture

✓ Budget

Efficient Solar Installation

Know that you are completely safe when you choose Apollo solar for your solar power installation and design. Our solar technicians are highly competent to handle your solar installation from start to finish. Unlike other companies, we don’t use subcontractors, and to make the installation process faster, we would obtain required permission and necessary permits to install your solar energy system. To ensure all components of your system are in good condition and properly working, our team will also coordinate with your energy company.

Apollo solar keeps solar installation and design so simple, so you can enjoy the benefits of renewable energy at all time.

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Our pre-vetted network of installers compete for your business, which allows us to give you more options and the best deals.

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At Apollo solar, we try our possible best to maximize your solar investment and even exceed your expectations. We begin that with your custom proposal, after which we deploy our professionals to your site for complete in-person site survey. At this level, we provide a comprehensive analysis of your system layout, performance estimate, preferred solar panel, cost and savings benefit, timeline to completion, energy offset, as well as other financing options.

For Apollo solar, we believe that project requirements vary. Each system is uniquely designed and customized to specifically meet your needs. Variables such as the limitations of your building’s structure and your financial capacity amongst others are considered. Also, our technicians will design each system in line with mounting and location limits including zoning restrictions and we will make the installation extremely aesthetically pleasing.

We are aware that you may have a lesser budget, and as such Apollo solar provides various options to work within your budget. The solar tax credit gives room for 30% of all your solar energy system installation costs to be deducted directly from your federal income tax payments!

The financing options include:
✓ operating lease

✓ cash purchase

✓ capital lease

✓ Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).


Apollo solar can efficiently handle all the paperwork for you. For your new solar installation, Apollo solar will professionally handle all permitting associated with your installation, including the following:

✓ Net-metering applications,

✓ All utility interconnection agreements,

✓ All rebate incentive documents.

✓ Local building and electrical permits,

You deserve only the best for your commercial and home solar installation. Our technicians are highly certified team of professionals; they are more than ready to build systems focused on craftsmanship with negligible disruption to your schedule.

Please note that unlike other solar companies, we do not subcontract any portion of the solar installation process and we deploy only the best full time and fully trained employee of Apollo solar to attend your job. We would love to handle every detail of your solar panel installation, so let us do it.

Apollo solar takes great pleasure in customer service. That means we are fully invested for the life of your system. In order to ensure your panels achieve optimal output every day, Apollo solar helps to monitors performances. Monitoring means, if issues are detected, we will address it accordingly. Most importantly, we would integrate your new system with web-based application which will enable you to monitor your savings in real time and anytime
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