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Daybreak Solar

In-house installation team, highest quality equipment (SunPower excluded), and NABCEP certified installation crews. Anyone, including 'helpers', that have been with us for over 90 days on roofs have a NABCEP license.
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They are terrible the worst ever. DO NOT USE THEM. No return calls no refund no answer to your calls. I used them and they are a nightmare. I regret ever using them they do not communicate and will not live up to their promises. Bad service for some one in the service Industry.

Posted by zoeyqueen7 on May 03, 2023

3 years and my solar is not hooked up i have a roof with panel's so dont call then they lie cheat and steal

Posted by gregoryjvinci on Mar 14, 2023

Glad to see that I am not the only one that has been screwed over by this horrible company

Posted by rsanders070471 on Feb 15, 2023
Threatened with physical violence

I got a phone call from a guy named Randy Pratt Pruitt anyway he threatened me with physical violence because I called the finance company a and canceled yes why I wanted to cancel I told him because I haven't been able to get a hold of anyone no one's return to my calls I finally got a return phone call this oh yeah we're going to add two more solar panels it's like okay well where is the permit no response so I called the finance company cuz I'm done with it the lady who sold me the controller won't return my calls I have all of this on my texts and I've already left a message with the attorney general of Texas can Paxton and tomorrow morning I will be in St Augustine Florida where I live at the court house and filing a complaint dude literally threaten me with physical violence and then at the end of it all finally got him calmed down he's like who you going to get the sold or not I was like no why am I going to get solar from somebody's going to threaten me when you're a f****** b**** and hangs up this is actually what happened I have two other witnesses to prove it I heard the whole conversation unbelievable see you in court

Posted by kennethlengacher on Dec 21, 2022
Severely Dissatisfied?

Install date: 12/7/21 Net metering date: 4/1/22 Average TECO Bill: $160.00/mo. Perpetual GoodLeap Bill: $147.88 Monthly Electrical cost: $307.88 Customer Service sez: won't reimburse for Electric bill, but authorized 4 more panels to be installed: 8/17/22 12/6/22: Panels still NOT Installed & Bills continue @ same rate! Probably havta sue to get results, but that's throwing good money after bad! Absolutely PATHETIC Service from these Scammers!

Posted by gdavis89 on Dec 06, 2022
Beware and run from this company

They came and put panels on my roof that I just replaced for 12 thousand before they placed them. When they were done I had holes in my roof and tar pouring out and I am pissed. My roof looks horrible I got shingles bulking up around those spots. Been over a week and they called me Tuesday and said someone would be out to fix it and here I sit waiting on Thursday no call not anything. I have contacted the company but of course the guys in meeting. I so disappointed in this company and their lack of integrity and make their customers feel as if they aren't very good people. So take my advice save your self and your money and go with a company who stands by what they say and do good workmanship because this company ain't it. Anyone want pictures I sure got em. Run Run

Posted by beazleysherrie on Nov 03, 2022



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