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Communication, key component of GoodLeap

Communication from GoodLeap has been amazing. Clear and concise follow ups and directions for all parts of the loan process. For this I am thankful.

Posted by jeff.blessum on May 28, 2023
Nervous Ted review ( far )

yes.we all watch tv and such and sometimes we get curious and especially in our current VERY EXPENSIVE society etc. So any decent way of the same keeping of expenses of income etc to try to augment ways to keep up or possibly increase is worth the time and effort to research. As we are both retired..this concept makes the research and thus how our retire available dollars becomes MORE important than ever. Hence solar seem liked something to research etc and like all..make a decision. What do I or did I know about it all was nothing and so I started with the idea that it was a waste of time etc..but check it out anyway. I live in the Chicago area and the prices are astronomical. etc Yes, the bottom is costly etc for the full term but the plan etc offered by the company we chose..Blue Raven Solar and the rep they assigned by them was/is Jack Castella. We talked with a number of companies and it has been about a year for us ( I am very careful and Any question..concern etc we had ( a HUGE ) number they met and thoroughly a nd most important honestly addressed We also stopped at homes we aw the panels and asked about how they made their decision and experience etc. The vast majority had the same concerns we had..some we unhappy too because of things like the contracts they signed versus what they were told..terrible and messy installation..roof issues as i you due diligence. My interest was to find that best around,,should all my MANY I had answers etc for. I truly beat te heck out of Ble Raven and Jack. Everytime I called him.he responded very quickly and very open and honestly. Let me be very CLEAR...I have NO interest in Blue Solar..NONE. I am writing this on my own. I could goon and on but I think you have the picture. Installation. IMPECAABLE !! The crew was super professional courteous helpful etc etc and clean..NO garbage etc or anything of the negative things that some other folks had, Do your research. Even my neighbor across the street who did his from another company a number of months before us said he wished he had found ours etc and how neat and clean etc it was and now looks. lol..and it does. Financially..the way the an for is great. If you do choose to do it..there are 2 very impactly credits..It all varies depending upon usuge et etc. The Com ED rates are higher than the sky around here and there is oxygen constantly the positives impact for us and in good way is great. And those rebates tremendously help with the reduction of costs. From Blue Raven they already have 1 of the 2, The other is a tax credit of about the same. that is valid for the next tax year..2024. It is all in writing and signed etc. It is all totally transferable should you sell your home or need to etc. LOL..I am an old man..etc so things like this need to be explored if anything happens to me or hassles fees etc etc. Summary. So far ALL has been positive and truly SUPER ! Please again KNOW that i have absolutely NO connection with with Blue Raven. This is my/our own write up. If there was something wrong..I would definitely say so as I have NO tolerance for any lies..double talk get the picture. If you want to live chat or me at 708-203-2277. my name is Ted and we live in Tinley Park IL Good luck Thank you

Posted by tedglaser on May 28, 2023
Great service and professional people.

They are a awesome company to work with. They helped finance a home repair that I could have never had done if not for them. Great service and professional people.

Posted by msonner on May 27, 2023

I needed a new roof on my home I went with Ecostar for my new roof the job was completed in one day and I Iove my new roof.

Posted by lindahollins4011 on May 20, 2023
Very Satisfied

So far, the process has been very satisfactory; still waiting for Pacific Power to come do their part. Soljen has been on time and very efficient in installing the panels on our roof and installing a new electrical panel. My only concern is getting the 30% rebate from the federal government and hoping Soljen will certify in Oregon so we can get the state rebate next year.

Posted by mynapoleon101 on May 26, 2023
Red Flags

After agreeing to install and terms, I got a 3rd party installer not sun run (Empower solar) 1st red flag, the forman was having personal conversation with his significant other the whole time ( very personal), 2nd red flag. I was also told by sales person that I was getting a bird guard as I requested prior to install, was then informed it would happen on inspection day. after setting up inspection day I explicitly pointed out the time and date. I requested half the day from l my employer so I could be present for inspection. 3 rd red flag they showed up in the morning while I was not present, and some one failed to communicate that I had broken tiles from install, and my bird guard was never installed, I guess it was just a lie from sales person to get install going, and due to that now more time has to pass and before I can get credit for my solar, and have to miss more time from work to hopefully get this right.

Posted by josevelazquez1787 on May 26, 2023
    • Single-Family Residence
    • Solar PV
    • 26 Solar Edge Panels kW
    Solar Roof Top Panels
    • Residential
    • Solar PV
    • 4.4 kW
    Cambria Solar PV
    • Residential
    • Solar PV
    • 9.28 kW
    Solar installation on residential property