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I would give negative stars if I could, terrible mangers, customer service. This company doesn’t care about anything but taking your money, and if you have a problem forget trusting anything they say. I was suppose to receive a credit, it’s taken me calling multiple times calling asking for them to give me MY MONEY BACK and their poor excuse is “sorry, let me transfer you” and if you thinking speaking to any type of supervisor will make a difference think again STAY FAR FAR AWAY.

Posted by katieparsons on Sep 29, 2022
This Is A Sly Company

If you are looking to go solar, I wouldn’t recommend this company. I’ve only been with Goodleap for about 2 weeks and they’ve already made me pay for the previous owner’s last bill and sent my account to collections even though it wasn’t last. Good will repay evil. Here’s y letter to them. Hopefully someone will care and correct their mistake. I am writing to inform you that I’ve already paid the balance of my account so I should not be more than 30 days late. There is something wrong with your system. We’ve only been with your company for about 2 weeks and we’ve had nothing but problems with your billing. We were emailed and given our FIRST payment of 8/10/22 but on 7/10/22, only two days after assuming the loan, we had an email saying we were more than 10 days late. Something is wrong and no one seems to be able to help us. I’ve already paid a payment that belonged to the last owner due to your messed up system and I’ve already paid my supposed first payment for 8/10/22 and I’m still getting emails that I’m more than 30 days late. I’m not sure what’s going on with your company but I’d really like it to be corrected. And, no one ever responds to the emails. I’ve emailed Emily Priestly twice and have gotten no response. I would really like to get in contact with a higher department. It’s very sad that you treat new customers in this manner. January Rodgers Be Brave! God gives His hardest battles to His bravest soldiers. Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

Posted by januree on Aug 11, 2022
After your money only

Yep somebody opened up an investigative file for the crappy solar job done on my house and they act like they were going to do something but they didn't all they want is money do not pay for solar through this company you're better off installing yourself or going through another company there's plenty of other companies out there doing it be patient do not do what I have and get ripped off

Posted by diaz.shannon47 on Jul 25, 2022
Stay Away

I signed a laon agreement to have solar panels installed on my home. They funded the loan before verifying the work was complete. It is still not complete and I am getting no response from the solar company, Im sure because they have their money already, and all Goodleap could say was, well you signed the agreement. You still have to pay us. Who funds a $40k loan without confirming with the borrower that the job is complete? A comapny run by morons OR a company that is in cahoots with contractors to screw over homeonwers.

Posted by j.gravatt13 on Jun 13, 2022

If you are going with Solar….then I would not recommend this company. If your Solar company is not on top of things….GoodLeap is absolutely no help and you are just caught in the middle of the chaos. They will create a ticket for your complaints but do nothing about it. I have emails and text messages where my concerns were stated….I have called as well. They have stated in writing and over the phone that they were going to reach out to the solar company… yet nothing was resolved. The solar companies only have about a six month window to get the systems up and working or the loan is retracted …you would think GoodLeap would step in and do something…. After all that chaos…I will be looking to refinance my loan with another company.

Posted by teacher77075 on Jun 04, 2022
Unresponsive and Inept

I signed a contract with Good Leap through Source NRG in September 2021 for a basic residential solar project with Titan as the installer. After dozens of email/phone exchanges with Titan and Source NRG by May 2022 no work had been done (even though the initial installation date was in February). At this point, Source NRG was completely unresponsive to communications and I contacted the loan provider Goodleap. The GoodLeap representative worked to close the project and stated that there were no additional actions I needed to take. In late May, my checking account was charged for the original negotiated monthly amount and I am still attempting to connect with the Goodleap representative to address the issue. I would strongly discourage working with Source NRG, Titan Solar, or GoodLeap.

Posted by on Jun 01, 2022
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