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Great Basin Solar - Profile & Reviews

38 reviews

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  • "Wonderful Experience with Great Basin Solar NV"

    Reviewed Apr 08, 2021
    "Wonderful Experience with Great Basin Solar NV"

    Reviewed Apr 08, 2021

    Great Basin is flat down the way you should go. I worked in the PV industry for years and did tons of research for all the contractors, and I chose Great Basin for many reasons (no particular order):
    - Veteran crew (15 plus years installing solar together)
    - Owners are extremely knowledgeable (one is an electrician)
    - Know the industry, ups and downs, power companies, HOAs
    - Local, they are hear to stay
    - Very flexible
    - Extremely responsive and go the extra mile to make it happen

    Look, if you just want to go on price, such as with big investment companies (LA Solar, Tesla, etc.) that come in promising the lowest price, read another review. However, many times, they are not as low as you think...really!!!

    Plus, this is a major modification to your home. Do you really want an investment company, or a guy who repaired stereos a few years ago, that don't care about you or your home? The investment companies will subcontract a set of workers that might have little experience with the ins-outs of solar installs in your area. Not to mention they live in another state, don't know your HOAs, and who don't regularly work with your power company?

    Great Basin provides the full service package and is NOT over-priced. They will help you stay informed and comfortable about the process, and keep you up to date about the progress. You are buying local, keeping that money within the community, and making your family less reliant on fossil fuels.

  • "Great Basin Solar has my enthusiastic endorsement"

    Reviewed Mar 11, 2021
    "Great Basin Solar has my enthusiastic endorsement"

    Reviewed Mar 11, 2021

    Great Basin Solar has my enthusiastic endorsement and highest recommendation. We got quotes from three different companies and picked Great Basin Solar on the basis of their professionalism, the quality of the products they were offering, and the reviews they had received from prior customers. We were more than satisfied in every regard. Travis coordinated everything expeditiously and did all of the negotiating behind the scenes with the city, our HOA, and the power company. The workmen showed up promptly, completed the entire installation in less than 2 days, and cleaned up after themselves. If you plan to go solar, go with Great Basin Solar, and you will not be disappointed.

  • "Knowledgeable and responsive"

    Reviewed Mar 10, 2021

    Knowledgeable and responsive. The team knows the area very well, and worked hard to tie up all the loose ends so I didn't have to worry about anything getting missed.

  • "A very committed and capable team"

    Reviewed Dec 28, 2020
    "A very committed and capable team"

    Reviewed Dec 28, 2020

    We really liked working with a small, local company. Travis and the team are so committed to climate change and so experienced in doing their jobs. The panels were put in place in a day and inspections scheduled immediately afterwards. From the initial proposal to power on, everything went quickly and efficiently. Since we are older, we might not get much financial payback, but, regardless, we feel good about getting our power from the sun now as well as supporting the young people who are part of Great Basin Solar.

  • "Great process, and very happy with the product!"

    Reviewed Oct 04, 2020
    "Great process, and very happy with the product!"

    Reviewed Oct 04, 2020

    From the first phone call to today, our experience with Great Basin Solar has been pretty remarkable. The two people I dealt with were Joe and Travis, and both of them really exemplify excellent service and professionalism. We got through the entire process very quickly and painlessly, including the permitting process! We've had our panels for a couple months now with minimal issues (the one that we had involved an internet outage which was not Great Basin Solar's fault). And if there ever was an issue, Travis and/or Joe responded extremely quickly and resolved almost immediately. Thank you very much!

  • "They are amazing!"

    Reviewed Sep 02, 2020

    Travis and all the guys at Great Basin Solar have been great!! They were so thorough and fast, much faster than the original expected competed date. Also it's amazing that they handle everything for you, even down to dealing with your HOA, if you have one. I personally also really appreciate that they don't try to up sell you. They're very honest and up front about everything and that means more than anything! I would highly recommend that anyone use them for their solar needs!

  • "Exceptional Service and Staff"

    Reviewed Aug 20, 2020
    "Exceptional Service and Staff"

    Reviewed Aug 20, 2020

    Travis and his team were amazing to work with. The details were explained in a manner in which I could understand them which was helpful in making an informed decision. They provided exceptional service and was on top of the process throughout the installation, building permit and ensured my meter was set correctly! I would highly recommend them!

  • "Great firm for your solar energy needs!"

    Reviewed Jul 26, 2020
    "Great firm for your solar energy needs!"

    Reviewed Jul 26, 2020

    worked directly with Joe Stephenson at Great Basin Solar while getting competitive bids for our solar power system. While the bid was VERY competitive, what impressed me the most was how honest and forthright he was during the discussions about properly sizing the system and options to go with it. Unlike other firms I spoke with, he told me the truth, not what he thought would close the deal. I respect that tremendously. We moved forward with Great Basin Solar and upon approval of the permits, they started the next day and were finished one day later. Not only would I recommend them to a friend, I already have!

  • "Great experience with Great Basin"

    Reviewed May 28, 2020
    "Great experience with Great Basin"

    Reviewed May 28, 2020

    Our solar system was just completed and I’m really happy with it all the way around. Travis was helpful and informative at the design phase, and really flexible when we asked to delay our install date from early March until now. His construction team, led by Will and Matthew, were really conscientious and kept everything super clean. Definitely consider Great Basin if you are at all curious about solar.

  • "Good price, very quick, great service"

    Reviewed May 19, 2020
    "Good price, very quick, great service"

    Reviewed May 19, 2020

    All the guys were great in helping me get the complete system installed. Lance, Joe, Matt, Tad made the process very easy. They met with me to determine my needs, drew out the plans, got the permits and scheduled all required inspections.

    They came in with a great bid and installed it 10 weeks ahead of schedule. I’m looking forward to many years of energy savings. Thanks for a great business transaction. I will be recommending to anyone considering a solar system set up.
    All the guys were great in helping me get the complete system installed. Lance, Joe, Matt, Tad made the process very easy. They met with me to determine my needs, drew out the plans, got the permits and scheduled all required inspections.

    They came in with a great bid and installed it 10 weeks ahead of schedule. I’m looking forward to many years of energy savings. Thanks for a great business transaction. I will be recommending to anyone considering a solar system set up

  • "Great Company/ great people"

    Reviewed May 14, 2020

    Great Basin Solar was exceptional from the planning to the final hookup, I have recommended this company many times and have never heard a bad reply back.

  • "Great product, price and people"

    Reviewed May 13, 2020
    "Great product, price and people"

    Reviewed May 13, 2020

    This Company is excellent. We shopped around and they were the best quality, best service and spoke in layman terms for me. The process was painless and finished just as they indicated it would be. Even know the estimates they gave us on what our electric bill would be after going online is spot on. They know what they are doing and I would highly recommend them.

  • "Excellent Experience"

    Reviewed May 13, 2020

    Great group of folks to work with. Very professional and went the extra mile to help us with our system and adding some upgraded equipment to our house. Travis and Will are outstanding. We have recommended them to others and will continue to support Great Basin Solar!

  • "Great Basin Solar"

    Reviewed May 13, 2020

    Really nice people who do excellent work. Very helpful in all aspects of Solar Power.

  • "Great Basin did an amazing job!"

    Reviewed Apr 01, 2020
    "Great Basin did an amazing job!"

    Reviewed Apr 01, 2020

    I can't say enough good things about Travis and Great Basin. The price was competitive, the work was professional and looks amazing! Much better than my neighbor's installation by a long shot. Go with Great Basin and you will be happy you did. I am!

  • "A Superior Solar Energy Company"

    Reviewed Apr 01, 2020
    "A Superior Solar Energy Company"

    Reviewed Apr 01, 2020

    My wife and my experience with Great Basin Solar was superior from start to finish. Travis, the owner, was honest, personable, professional, and responsive. His company is locally-based, which made our experience even more fulfilling.

    I appreciated that the owner met with me and offered candid insights on exactly how my house was going to be modified. His depth of knowledge (certified in three different areas) was clear in the way he discussed installation, financing, and inspection processes. His solar design software was cutting edge and easy to understand. We were as much a part of the design process as we wanted to be. We felt comfortable relying on Travis' expertise, but got to contribute fully.

    He explained the financing process clearly, without glossing over any details. We now pay a monthly loan installment instead of paying the energy company.

    The install team was friendly and efficient. They finished everything in a little more than two days (sometimes it's less).

    Getting permits done was a breeze because Travis took care of all the details. We just read and signed the paperwork. My wife and I had the excitement today of turning on our system now that we have received Permission to Operate from NV Energy!

  • "Flexible Service"

    Reviewed Mar 31, 2020

    Travis and his team are a real benefit to the community. They were willing to install a pre-existing system that I moved here from California. They took care of everything, including working with NV Energy to get an upgrade to 200 amps on my main service. No cookie cutter sales team here! Everyone knows what they are doing and are willing to work with the client to get an exceptional result.

  • "Awesome product, installation, and contractor!"

    Reviewed Jan 12, 2020
    "Awesome product, installation, and contractor!"

    Reviewed Jan 12, 2020

    We are very impressed with the quality of Great Basin Solar's work! Travis drew a plan based on Google Earth images. Within 9 hours of our initial phone call, he walked us through a professional on-line presentation and helped us with a loan application. Every part of this process, including installation of the panels has been timely. The Great Basin Solar team arrived at 7:15 a.m. Tuesday morning and worked steadily until 5:30 p.m. They were polite and worked well as a team. We are thrilled with the problem-solving that was done to hide the conduit lines between the meter and the inverter box in the garage. Within two days of the installation, Travis had a building inspector here and now we're waiting for NV Energy. We had our house built, so have had experience with construction projects. Never has anything gone this smoothly and trouble-free! We highly recommend Great Basin Solar!

  • "Great Solar Company"

    Reviewed Jan 07, 2020

    I interviewed several companies and Great Basin Solar was by far the most professional and client oriented - and the best deal financially. Joe did a great job of explaining exactly how the program works. Travis stayed on the phone with me until all of the forms were completed. Since then he has walked me through each step of the complicated process. Communication has been outstanding. And then there is the on-site installation crew. They were amazing. Then entire project was completed in one day. They were in and out of the house, garage, and, of course on the roof. When they left there wasn't a trace of trash or any other sign that they were here. I would recommend Great Basin Solar to anyone interested in creating their own electricity.

  • "Good experience"

    Reviewed Dec 14, 2019

    They were very professional and did the installation in a timely manner, easy to communicate also one of workman broke a expensive bird feeder and promptly ordered a new one that was delivered at no cost

  • "Great solar installation"

    Reviewed Oct 01, 2019

    Travis at Great Basin Solar gave us an excellent presentation which convinced us that it would be worthwhile to proceed with installation of a 5.3 kW system. The installation occurred along the expected timeline, and was completed in 1 day. The system is up and running well. Travis was honest, knowledgeable, and very responsive throughout the process. I highly recommend Great Basin Solar for a home system.

  • "Great company to work with. No need to look anyplace else."

    Reviewed Sep 20, 2019
    "Great company to work with. No need to look anyplace else."

    Reviewed Sep 20, 2019

    Travis is honest, hardworking, dependable. He is very knowledgeable and talked me down several times from spending more money. There were plenty of opportunities to upsell services and products but he didn't. Just told me what he recommended and took the time to explain why I shouldn't spend more money (unlike other quotes I received from larger companies). His installation crew was very professional as well. They did a great job with the layout of the system. Conduit is very neat and the boxes are placed very intentionally and the work looks very professional. They installed the entire system in a little over one day. No reason to look anyplace else. Don't hesitate - take advantage of the Nevada sunshine. I'm not paying for electricity anymore!

  • "Professional installation and service"

    Reviewed Jul 23, 2019
    "Professional installation and service"

    Reviewed Jul 23, 2019

    Great Basin Solar, and its owner Travis, were consistently professional in all aspects of the process. Definitely recommend Great Basin Solar for your solar panel needs.

  • "Professional, Competent, and Punctual"

    Reviewed Jul 19, 2019
    "Professional, Competent, and Punctual"

    Reviewed Jul 19, 2019

    Great Basin Solar delivered as promised. They provided a schedule and scope of work which was completed on time. The NV Energy inspector who activated the system said he trusts Travis and his crew to do a professional installation. The 30 panel system is now up and running and producing electricity. The production is easy to track on the App that was provided. It all looks great too.

  • "Going Solar"

    Reviewed Jul 09, 2019

    It was a long-time dream of ours and Great Basin Solar made it come true! What a fine team of professionals--highly certified and experienced. We could not believe how inexpensive it was. We expected our system to cost 3 times what it did.

    Travis is very easy to work with. He explains his proposals and models at whatever level of detail you desire and then follows through once you sign the contract. Everything happened within the time frames he outlined and he took care of all permitting and inspections, as well as the incentive paperwork. His team of installers are both fun and efficient. It took two days for them to finish our 22-panel installation.

    My honey has most of a degree in electrical engineering and is VERY PARTICULAR about what happens with his system. He loved these guys! Their work is clean, efficient, well thought out and thorough. Plus they play great 80's music and they are very happy!

    The system produces exactly the amount of power Travis modeled. The net metering/banking through NV Energy works exactly as Travis explained. We are so lucky to live in a net metering state.

    We also added an Electric Vehicle and the system easily accommodates our little Nissan LEAF. This was included in the design by Travis, in addition to our normal power use.

    We are so thankful that we went solar and stopped waiting! Our system is guaranteed by Travis for 25 years. He is a local guy who plans to stay in Reno and he takes care of his customers. (I also know people who are not his customers that he has helped with their systems, one of the reasons we chose him.)

    You can't go wrong with Great Basin Solar. In fact, we have 3 friends who now have systems designed and installed by this team and they are all happy.

    If you want more information about what one of Travis' systems looks like live, check out my blog at: https://rhondaashurst.com/category/going-solar/.

  • "Great service and experience"

    Reviewed Jul 03, 2019

    Great Basin Solar provided exceptional service installing our rooftop solar system. Travis answered every question, provided all of the information we requested, and made our decision simple. No gimmicks, no hassles, Everything was straightforward and easy. Travis and the installers worked with us to make sure that no wires or cables were put on the outside of the house using existing access points, which was very important to us. Our system went live last week and is providing us with lots of clean energy! I would highly recommend Great Basin based on the exceptional service received, competitive pricing and financing, and the fact that it is a local business.

  • "Completely Satisfied"

    Reviewed May 20, 2019

    All the Great Basin Solar personnel were friendly and professional. My wife and I love our system and look forward to years of electrical savings.

  • "Excellent Company with Stellar Service"

    Reviewed May 14, 2019
    "Excellent Company with Stellar Service"

    Reviewed May 14, 2019

    Travis was easy to work with along the entire process; he was up front with pros and cons of having solar as well as the brands his company supplies. Travis was sincere in making sure our needs were met, without pressure or alterior motives. He always took the time to answer our questions, and was also quick to respond. The 2-person installation crew was efficient, friendly, and professional. I have recommended Great Basin Solar to several others; I highly recommend this company to everyone without hesitation.

  • "GREAT"

    Reviewed May 11, 2019

    Great Basin Solar designed, explained and installed the system quickly and as promised. Great Basin Solar took care of all power company and municipal permitting. I highly recommend their expert service.

  • "Very Prompt and Professional"

    Reviewed Mar 25, 2019

    Trevor and his team made an excellent installation. The work was very well done with straight conduit runs, tidy wiring and complete cleanup of all the construction debris. They kept us apprised of all the details and then schedule for the work. Well done!! The pricing was within industry guidelines and, on a kW hour installed basis, about 1/2 that of the door-to-door salesman that showed up about the same time.

  • "Overall great, other than a few missing details..."

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2019
    "Overall great, other than a few missing details..."

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2019

    Overall, responsive, excellent quality, and Travis really seems to go the extra mile, which is why I like using local companies. I was a bit less than happy when I learned AFTER the entire system was activated that I would only get a portion of my power production back on my bill toward a credit, not the entire amount produced. This was literally a 12% loss on my system that I was not aware of prior to the job and is my only real complaint, especially the way we metered the system and attached to the smaller of my 2 dwellings on my property (which I would have reversed if I had this info sooner).

  • "Professional and helpful throughout the process"

    Reviewed Mar 07, 2019
    "Professional and helpful throughout the process"

    Reviewed Mar 07, 2019

    The team at Great Basin Solar impressed us with their desire to make the solar process easy for us. Travis communicated with us each step of the way, quickly answering any questions we had. Matt and Will were very thorough and professional in their installation and set-up. It was obvious that they enjoyed their work. We could not be happier with the results!

  • "Painless Process"

    Reviewed Feb 27, 2019

    I had wanted to look into solar panels for our home for a while (in Nevada, how could you not with all the sun here). I was aware there were some incentives out there to do so, but that said, I still procrastinated on initiating the process after reading reviews for a few installation companies online that were pretty negative. I, like everyone else, want to avoid a negative experience.

    After I was contacted by a company out of state soliciting for solar installations, I think I made an open request using a solar website. Travis with Great Basin Solar responded fairly immediately after I requested contact. He initiated the entire process and it was great to deal with him.

    My fears with having solar panels installed were: the quality of the installation, the ease of it, and the cost of having repairs (among others). I identified these concerns to Travis. He was able to put me at ease - he works locally, showed me other installations and their solar panel activity online, stated he would handle all the permitting, etc., and explained to me how repairs would be made (the panels themselves are warrantied for a good while, 20 years I believe).

    Travis explained financing options, and ultimately I decided to have them installed.

    Matt and Will did the installation, and both were great to have (they listened to music at too low a volume in my opinion...). They were knowledgeable and seemed to have the installation done in half a day (super quick).

    Travis followed through and coordinated the permit process and the other checks needed, as he said he would. At NO point did I have to call the city or NV Energy, etc., because I was left hanging, and at no point did I have to call Travis and ask him what was supposed to happen next (he was thorough in what the process was).

    My system has been active for a few weeks. The system uses 22 panels.

    Something I thought was amazing... In the beginning, he showed me another install's solar panel activity, like I mentioned. Travis said he monitored all his accounts and mentioned he would likely notice a problem before I did, and send someone out to correct the issue.

    A few weeks ago I got home and looked at my solar panels' activity at a glance. I noticed one seemed to not be generating power at the level its brothers and sisters were.... I did not have time to notify Travis and ask about it. Ends up, I didn't have to - Matt and Will appeared the following day and asked if they could get on my roof to change a part out because they noticed the same thing.

    So, Travis was on it. He followed through with what he said, and I didn't have any surprises. One of my philosophies is to "say what you mean and do what you say," and I expect this of other people... Travis, Will, and Matt exemplified this.

    I’m confident if I have any concerns going forward that I can contact Travis and have them resolved. I trust him, and I put more emphasis on “trust” than your average person, we’ll say.


    - The "Fuzz"

  • "Shopped around, found the best!"

    Reviewed Feb 13, 2019
    "Shopped around, found the best!"

    Reviewed Feb 13, 2019

    I decided to go solar because I wanted to cut my energy costs and generate my own clean energy. I had a few local installers out to give me a bid and a couple of the big national companies like Tesla. Travis at Great Basin (and his crew) has more experience and knowledge than anyone else hands down!

    The whole process was a breeze. Travis handles all the paperwork for the power company and the city building department for me so I didn't have to do anything. His price was also very competitive for what I think is a superior product.

  • "Solar"

    Reviewed Jan 31, 2019

    Travis and his crew were extremely professional and thorough with their installation. Very happy with all aspects of the service. I highly recommend Great Basin Solar.

  • "Good choice for Northern Nevada"

    Reviewed Jan 27, 2019
    "Good choice for Northern Nevada"

    Reviewed Jan 27, 2019

    We began looking into solar six or eight months ago. But we were very wary shopping solar since it is expensive and there is the potential of a botched outcome. In general we understood the equipment and the investment payoff concepts but weren't quite ready to attach panels to our roof.

    So we asked Travis Miller at Great Basin Solar numerous questions. He had the answers which, of course, spawned more questions a day or two later. Over several weeks he patiently answered several more rounds of questioning always with a verifiable and accurate analysis until we were comfortable.

    The solar process is necessarily lengthy: system design, engineering, county permits. Finally installation, county inspection and NV Energy inspection. Then there's IRS credit and the NV Energy rebate. Please be aware that there are plenty of pitfalls where an inexperienced contractor could stumble.

    Travis has clearly navigated this maze many times and adeptly shepherded us through all the technical and bureaucratic entanglements. Importantly, he did it without that annoying, condescending attitude which is, unfortunately, a possibility in these areas of lesser known expertise. The end result is that we now make our own power.

    We recommend Great Basin Solar.

  • "Excellent Job! Super Professional Team"

    Reviewed Jan 27, 2019
    "Excellent Job! Super Professional Team"

    Reviewed Jan 27, 2019

    Excellent! Smooth transaction. No B.S. Super professionals. Travis is very knowledgeable and knows how to squeeze the best benefits from your energy provider. The Great Basin Team of installers is courteous and know their trade to the bone. I have a 19 KWH system and works flawless. I've got free, instant, computer and phone access, every second, to my solar power system production. I can see the system's layout and every solar panel's output continuously. And not to forget: The Best Price in Town!!! Although we've got activated in December and the sun isn't great, I have already days when I'm generating more than I'm using.

  • "Great solar installer!"

    Reviewed Nov 23, 2018

    Great experience Working with Travis Miller for my home solar project! All details were explained so I could get the system that met my needs and my budget. The installation process was quick and the system works perfectly...saving me money every month and keeping us green. I highly recommend Travis Miller and Great Basin Solar.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Great Basin Solar is a newer company, but our team has been developing and constructing solar together for well over a decade. We do residential and commercial projects. We provide customized designs to ensure our clients the best product with the best return on investment possible..

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  • Construction
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Great Basin Solar Headquarters

50 Butte Place
Reno, NV
89503 United States

Workmanship Warranty

All projects include a 10 year workmanship warranty that covers installation and labor. This includes a warranty that all roof penetrations will be properly installed and leak free. This warranty is in addition to the 25 year module production warranty, 25 year racking warranty and inverter 12-25 year product warranties.


NABCEP- Installation Professional
NABCEP - Technical Sales
NABCEP - Certified PV Inspector
ICC - Journeyman Electricians


Business Incorporation: NV20181274654
NABCEP: #PVSI-050418-004260, #051112-128 , #PVTS081112-50
ICC10: ICC #464
Nevada Contractor License: 0083677


Fully insured and licensed

States served by Great Basin Solar

  • Nevada NV