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Sunshine Solar and Wind

The sun does not need to shine every day, we only need a daily average of 5-6 hours of energy collection to occur within 30 days (power company billing cycle). Today’s solar prices, panel efficiency and energy banking (Net Metering / Spinning Meter Backwards), has made this the best renewable energy investment for maximum energy production. Solar power systems can be off-grid with batteries or grid connected with no batteries. When grid connected, the power collected during the day spins your meter backwards and at night the power company provides energy credits.
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About Sunshine Solar and Wind

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Solar Photovoltaics is finally affordable to the mainstream population. This has resulted in billions of dollars being invested into new facilities, building today’s established standards for solar panels all over the world. Today we provide utility grade panels for home use at competitive prices. Solar Photovoltaics have a 35-40 year design life, 25 year manufacturer performance warranty, are hail resistant and are both U.L. Certified and CE Certified.



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