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CleanFactor Energy Inc

CleanFactor Energy is a high quality and efficient solar installer that has a successful track record with clients for expedient home installations. Our customized solutions incorporate a comprehensive home usage analysis, plus doing extensive analysis to pinpoint the most productive areas for solar panels. We partner with leading manufacturers such as LG, Panasonic, Enphase and SolarEdge to create the best value for our clients and provide lifetime system monitoring capability.
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About CleanFactor Energy Inc

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Business Incorporation: 272631079
CA Contractor Lic: 965327

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  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

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Dishonest and unprofessional. Worst experience ever!

*** If you are considering CleanFactor Energy, one piece of advice for you: DON'T DO IT. JUST DON'T... unless you like throwing your money away and wasting your time. This company cannot be trusted and Philip Mickelson (the owner and only employee) is the reason *** Things started off well with CleanFactor Energy. We contacted them since they were on the authorized list for GoSolarSF. Phil responded right away and we were able to schedule an appointment for a site visit the next day. He showed up and did a thorough job going over the various aspects of the project. He really took the time to answer all our questions. It's a big investment (15k+) so we wanted to be sure we chose the right team to do it. We later found out that Phil is pretty much the only person in this company so keep that in mind when you evaluate a project that comes with a 10+ year warranty. What are the chances they are going to be around to support you? Everything changed once we sent in our initial deposit of $1000. Suddenly, Phil would be nearly impossible to contact via email or phone. We were lucky to get a response once every couple of weeks. When we did get a response, it turns out that almost none of what he was telling us was true. The design and permitting part of the project was supposed to take approx. 4 weeks. 8 weeks into the project we discovered that Phil never even drafted plans or applied for a permit. Wow! I had to call the Department of Building Inspection to see what the holdup was, and they had no record of any activity from them. This was after he repeatedly assured us that the application was already submitted and approval was imminent. Despite our better judgement, we decided to give him ANOTHER 4 weeks to try and make things right. To no one's surprise, Phil made zero effort to even file for a permit. To this date, he has not filed for a permit. This project was projected to take 6 weeks from start to finish. We are still dealing with the fallout 6 months later. We've repeatedly asked for our deposit back and Phil doesn't even have the decency to do that despite all of this being his fault. From his older reviews, it looks like something happened in 2020 and they'll be out of business shortly (if they aren't already). The most recent reviews echo a lot of what we've experienced. CleanFactor Energy is by far the worst contractor we have ever dealt. Zero stars

Posted by billchin188 on Feb 02, 2021
Stay away from these guys - they're dishonest and won't finish the job

Found Phil great to work with but, sadly, he never finished our job despite many calls - our service is still not connected months after installation.

Posted by pitoz on Nov 08, 2020



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