Imperium Energy Inc. - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Roofer

  • Electrical Contractor

Imperium Energy Inc. - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Roofer

  • Electrical Contractor

Additional Services Offered

Additional Services Offered
  • Installation
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

Imperium Energy is a leading solar, roofing, and energy efficient upgrade company for all of Southern California. We are your one stop shop for all energy upgrades on both residential and commercial properties. Utilize the most out of the energy upgrade technology that is available. Power your empire today!

More About Us

More About Us

Imperium Energy is a leading Solar, Roofing, and Energy Efficient Upgrade company in Southern California. Our competitive prices allow us to beat other quotes and get homeowners the most possible savings. We take pride in the quality of work and customer satisfaction that we deliver to each and every client. All of our energy consultants are trained and licensed to diagnose any problem that you may have and assist you in finding a solution. Our mission is to change the way we use electricity and improve our planet for years to come. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you and request a free estimate!

Technology Offered

Technology Offered
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

Industry Affiliations

Industry Affiliations

Reviews from Our Community

Reviews from Our Community
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"Cancelled out our electricity bill"
Reviewed Sep 30, 2019

Our system is finally up and running and we just got our first electricity bill and it was only $12! We are so happy with how everything came out and wanted thank you guys for the work. We ended up going with the SunPower panels after speaking with our rep about the efficiency and other benefits. We can also track our panels on the online monitoring they gave us for free which is an added bonus. Looking forward to future savings :)

"Happy with our project outcome"
Reviewed Sep 25, 2019

We have nothing but good things to say about this company and their team. Our home needed a new roof and solar and we were able to do both with them and they finished both projects within 2 weeks. We compared with a couple companies before making our final decision and our rep was able to beat all their prices at the end. We decided to go with Owens Corning cool roof and SunPower panels after comparing with a couple other options but ultimately happy with what we chose. Excited to start our savings now!

"Upgraded our whole home"
Reviewed Sep 15, 2019

We were referred to this company by a happy neighbor on Nextdoor and decided to give them a shot. We met with Shawn and he was very informative and responsive every time we spoke to him and he was able to work with us to get exactly everything we needed for our home. We were able to actually upgrade our roof and AC system with them while also doing solar so it made it a lot easier to just go with one company. Project is almost all done now and it’s only been 2 weeks!

"Good value and professionalism"
Reviewed Aug 26, 2019

After researching and comparing with 2 other companies for about a month, we ultimately chose Imperium Energy. We really liked how responsive our rep was and how he worked with us in detail to make sure every single thing got done properly and to our liking. The other companies tried to rush us and were very pushy and this company didn’t do that which we liked. The combination of competitive pricing, knowledge, and value is what made us go with them.

"Insulation and solar project went well"
Reviewed Aug 22, 2019

So far we can only say positive things about our experience with this company. They were great to work with and everyone was so helpful while the project was taking place. We compared with 3 companies in total and they were able to not only beat all of their prices but they actually added insulation along with our solar project. The crew took care of all the legwork so we didn’t really have to even lift a finger and they even reached out to our H.O.A to get approval. Now that our system is up and running we’re starting to see the savings and wanted to thank you guys once again for everything.

"Upgraded our whole home"
Reviewed Aug 21, 2019

We finally finished up our project yesterday and can’t believe how fast the crew worked to get everything done. We got a new roof, HVAC system, and a 6 kWh solar system. They were able to finish everything in just 2 weeks with great quality work. We were a bit hesitant with doing a project this big but now we’re very happy we made the switch. Thanks again to John and everyone involved for answering all of our questions and always making time for us. Already referred to our neighbor!

"Positive experience"
Reviewed Aug 17, 2019

Overall we had a great experience with this company. They delivered on all their promises and even though we ran into a couple bumps in the road they always were able to fix it. Our electricity bills were over $200 per month and now they’re just about $10 after our solar system was activated.

We’ve had a very positive experience and will be recommending our friends to also go solar with Imperium Energy.

"Really good customer service"
Reviewed Aug 13, 2019

The entire experience has been great so far with Imperium Energy. Our solar rep explained everything to us for 2 hours at our original meeting and made it so easy for us to understand everything and go forward with our decision. They kept us in the loop throughout the whole project and the team was very nice when we talked to them. Thank you guys for all the work and with our project. We are very happy with the results!

"solar installation process was very easy"
Reviewed Aug 11, 2019

We had solar panels installed on our home last month and our system just got activated yesterday. We originally met with our rep Christian and he did a great job explaining everything to us and making sure we were comfortable with the whole process before moving forward. The actual installation only took one day and the crew made sure everything was cleaned up after which we appreciated. I highly recommend this company after working with them and we’re looking forward to saving on our future bills.

"Roof and solar project"
Reviewed Aug 07, 2019

Our family friend referred us to this company and we ended up going with them and just finished up our project. We wanted to thank the crew and everyone involved in our project this month. We did a full roof replacement at our home along with solar and insulation and we’re happy with how everything turned out. Our rep gave us a very competitive quote and had the best customer service the whole time and that’s why we ultimately chose them. Will be using again for future improvements !

"Easy process and good customer service"
Reviewed Jul 30, 2019

Just wanted to thank our energy consultant Adrian for our great experience so far working with this company. They made the whole process easy and convenient for my schedule. We pretty much didn’t have to do anything the whole time since they took care of permits, designs, PTO, and all of those things for us. We love our new system and ready for our savings :)

"Good prices and customer service"
Reviewed Jul 15, 2019

Great customer service and pricing. Our solar project just finished last month and we couldn’t be happier. The company stuck by all their timelines and they answered all my questions throughout the job so it made us feel comfortable. We ended up also replacing our HVAC system under the same financing so it made it a lot easier. Thank you again to everyone involved that made switching to solar a lot simpler than we expected.

"Saving $50 a month on our bill!"
Reviewed Jul 11, 2019

Our 6.5 kWh solar system is officially installed! From day one, the crew and my rep were so nice and helpful throughout our project. We spent a lot of time talking about designs and numbers and eventually we just decided to make the switch and we could not be happier. They were surprisingly fast with the process and the crew cleaned up after themselves and made sure everything was tidy before leaving. We recommend them for anyone looking to go solar.

"Best customer service"
Reviewed Jul 01, 2019

First off we want to thank the crew and our project manager at Imperium Energy for the great service throughout our entire project. We recently finished adding a new HVAC system and solar system to our property and got everything up and running within 2 weeks after our first appointment. We compared with 2-3 other companies as well but ultimately chose to go with them because of their prices and because we bundled two upgrades in one. Thanks again to the team. We will be recommending in the future.

"Best customer service and competitive pricing"
Reviewed Jun 14, 2019

Finished up our roof and solar project last week and we wanted to thank the team and our rep for getting everything done so quickly. They stuck by all the timelines they originally gave us and made sure they cleaned up the site once finished. A main reason that made us go with Imperium Energy was their responsiveness and customer service throughout our whole process of reviewing quotes. We decided to re-do our entire roof before going solar and put it all under one financing and it helped a lot. Will definitely recommend to friends and family. Thanks again to the team!

"Best customer service and helpful staff"
Reviewed May 12, 2019

Had a great experience with this company. From day one, the crew and my rep were amazing from start to finish. They walked me through the entire process and answered all my questions. We spent a lot of time talking about designs and numbers before making the switch but they made us feel very comfortable with each step.

They were surprisingly fast with the installation and cleaned up after themselves. I'm extremely happy with the service and glad I trusted them with my solar project. Highly recommend!!

"Brand new roof and solar project. Very happy with it"
Reviewed May 10, 2019

Recently finished a solar and roof project with Imperium Energy. They were very helpful throughout the whole process and made sure everything went smooth. We originally just wanted to do Solar for our house but when Jason came to give us a bid, he explained all the services that they provided and gave me a lot more information. We had planned on eventually fixing our roof in the future but we decided to do it all at once under the same financing to make it easier. They also helped me get a bigger tax credit for my project and it helped with my payments. I appreciate all of their hard work and will definitely be recommending to my neighbors . Thanks again guys!

"Impressed with the quality of work and customer service provided"
Reviewed May 06, 2019

We really had the best customer service experience with this company. Throughout our install process , our rep answered every single call or text from us and made sure we understood everything. I was actually referred by a friend that worked with them in the past and they were also very happy with their project so I decided to give them a call. Even after installation they still call to check up on me and make sure everything is properly running . Very satisfied with Imperium Energy.

"Great experience and felt comfortable throughout the installation process"
Reviewed May 03, 2019

We contacted Imperium Energy online to come give us a quote and compare with others and our representative Shawn did a much better job at explaining everything to us about how solar works and what are exact savings would be. We liked that he was not a pushy salesmen and more of a consultant that wanted to show us the benefits and savings. It’s been 4 weeks now since our initial meeting and our solar system and brand new roof is up and running and we are so grateful!! We want to thank the crew and Shawn one more time for being so helpful and making sure our project was done perfectly.

"Just finished our install and very happy with our decision"
Reviewed Apr 29, 2019

I had Imperium Energy install solar on my property about 3 weeks ago and wanted to just write a review about the whole process.

We went with the SolarWorld 350 panels and solar edge inverter and we love that we can monitor our panels with the app. We compared quotes with 3 different companies before making our decision and it ultimately came down to our rep experience and pricing.

The few reasons reasons we went with them were:
1.) answered all of our questions and was able to call our rep at any hour
2.) beat the competitions prices
3.) had great warranties and panels

This was a big investment for us so we are happy we took our time and went with the right company. Will definitely contact again for future energy upgrades

"Amazing crew and good project price"
Reviewed Apr 23, 2019

We have had an amazing experience with Imperium Energy and our rep Shawn! The whole staff was very professional, knowledgeable, organized, and kind throughout our solar process. We ended up actually getting a new HVAC system with our solar system and they were able to put it all under one financing for us that came out to be lower than what we were paying already for electricity. Our solar was able to offset our bills by 105% and it’s been 3 months now with no electricity portion on my utility bills. We were hesitant on going forward with the project at first but are so glad that we did. I want to personally thank the crew for everything they did, we appreciate it!

"Competitive prices and helpful crew"
Reviewed Apr 21, 2019

Had a great experience with this company. From day one, they were very helpful and thoughtful throughout the whole installation process. they made sure I was happy with the process and my solar system.

Shawn was very informative for our presentation and we spent a lot of time researching solar before and got quotes from many companies before deciding. I encourage everyone who is interested in solar to go with Imperium.

"Nice crew and great installation process!"
Reviewed Apr 20, 2019

Our solar and roof project just finished earlier this week and we are very impressed with how quick the crew was able to finish everything! We met with our sales rep Adam about a month ago to discuss our options and savings if we went solar and he was able to answer all questions and go over everything with us. The company let us know each step to the process and gave us all the dates for site inspections, installations, etc... Last part we are waiting for is PTO ! Thank you to the team for making our process so easy. Will be recommending to our friends.

"Great company with professional work"
Reviewed Mar 25, 2019

I had a great experience with this company. They were very professional from the start and helped my family and I throughout the whole process. We were originally hesitant about going forward with the project but they were able to get us $0 down financing that really helped us.

We compared several quotes over the months but they were also able to beat all of them which was one reason we went with them. Throughout the installation the team kept us in the loop and gave us a timeline for each step which made us feel comfortable. Definitely recommend this company for future installs. Thanks again to the whole team!

"Great Workmanship & Customer Service"
Reviewed Mar 18, 2019

I recently helped my dad remodel his home and during the process, we decided it was finally time to go solar. We had consultations with 4-5 other companies, but ultimately chose to go with Imperium for their competitive pricing, financing options, and exceptional customer service. Shawn was always available to answer our questions and didn't rush us to make a decision. Highly recommend this company!