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I have been dealing with of San Ramon, CA since July 2021. The install took four days -- much longer than anticipated. The inspection was delayed because they forgot to send the plate that goes on the solar box. When the inspection took place they had to fix things because they didn't listen to us after we called the city to find out what was required and relayed that information to them. We installed in September and could not get approval from Edison to turn on the unit until early December. They promised they would pay two payments of my loan payment. I received one and am still waiting for the last one. The sales department is like a revolving door and so is the coordination group. Both of the people I began working with no longer work there. There was one guy that was really great. He was a coordinator that took over after the other was gone, but he can't help me anymore. I keep getting text from the San Ramon office saying the reimbursement check for the loan will be sent as soon as the account funds. That's a bit scary considering what I paid for the 36 panels on my roof. Thank heaven's the warranty is not through these guys. The customer service is terrible. The communications are terrible. You get tossed around from one person to another. All I can say is that there are plenty of people out there who can do this. Do not use these people. If I had to do it over again I would get more quotes and then decide. I found these people on a site that is supposed to recommend solar companies. The only thing working is actually the solar and the app to track it. There is so much time I will never get back dealing with these people. Don't use these guys. Call someone else.

Posted by brendavm67 on Jan 19, 2022
The poorest company in the world

Unfortunately we got involved in a solar project with these people and have experience nothing but delays poor Workmanship. lies unreturned phone calls and just the lack of being able or willing to get things done for 6 months. I can not point out enough how worthless this compan is.

Posted by rj449945 on Dec 17, 2020
Very Good support when it mattered

I will say that I'm not a huge fan of their communication, but they do quality work and they honor their warranties. If they communicated with their customers just a bit better, they'd be 5 star.

Posted by proctor005 on Oct 29, 2020
Cancelled - they couldn't follow through

Really cool tech, really back at follow through

Posted by claydoe144 on Sep 13, 2019



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