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About Capital For Change

C4C has a variety of programs and services to help people purchase homes and keep housing safe, efficient, and affordable. We offer energy efficiency loan programs, mortgage assistance and repair loan programs for home buyers/owners, and homeownership counseling and services for homeowners in danger of losing their homes.
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Not energy or cost efficient

My family and I thought we were making a smart decision to offset the rising cost of oil, but instead we're left with a monthly Eversource bill double what we have ever paid and still have to use oil. The carrier heat pump unit that was installed does not heat the house efficiently and has to run constantly to even see a rise in temperature. And with that constant use comes a giant electric bill. The company Ductworks out of Southington had to come back out multiple times to move the thermastat and eventually had to replace it. This was an awful back and forth with their customer service representatives and left us with holes in our walls to patch. This is another Connecticut and Eversource sponsored scam. I wish we would have just put a wood burning insert in. DO NOT lock yourself into a $300+ electric bill.

Posted by sgrojames on Dec 10, 2022
Only one star because I couldn’t give Zerp

I wanted almost 2 months trying to apply for a loan through “C4C”. After 1.5 months after I suggested I would go to a different bank, they asked a few questions over email. That they should have asked on day 1. Like “have you had upgrades on your house?” After 45 days. And don’t to call them or expect a response if you leave a voicemail. Never ONCE did they call me back, or call at all at. Never. If you call, you wait on hold for 15+ minutes and then talk to someone in call center who can’t help. I asked over and over again For then to have someone call me, and never actually was able to talk to someone from the lending department. And I was trying to GIVE them money! The worst customer service I have ever experienced. Hands down, it’s not worth getting lower interest on a heat loan here because likely they won’t close in time, and you’ll be out even more.

Posted by mackenzielsullivan on Nov 18, 2022
Check your statement every month - misapplied payments

I have a C4C loan that I used for down payment assistance on my first home. I am paying it off early by making extra principal payments, but I have to check my statement every month because they misapply the extra payments. About every other month, I have to call or email them to ask them to put the entire excess amount to principal only (even though I clearly specify when I mail the payment) because they put my extra payment to more interest instead of more principal. Typically when I email them, I don't even receive a reply when it has been fixed, I just have to keep checking my account or try to call them. It was very difficult to reach anyone during covid the past two years. I have been dealing with the misapplied payments now for over 3 years. If you have a loan with them and make additional principal payments, check your statement religiously or you could just be paying more in interest. The pros of this company is that I did receive a down payment loan which enabled me to purchase a home. The interest rate I received was low and I am grateful to have my home. Would recommend as a loan service BUT just be very careful they don't take your extra payments and keep them when you are intending to pay down principal.

Posted by emilymstorm on Jan 12, 2022
Horrible customer service.

Refuse to give payoff amount over the phone. I was Directed to send a request via email for the amount. Sent the email with information and request, no reply weeks later. So I guessed at the payoff amount And mailed a check. Waiting to see what comes of that. Tired to access and pay on-line. My loan doesn’t show up in my account, so I have no option to pay there either. STAY AWAY! horrible company. Customer service was useless.

Posted by gwalsh1170 on Aug 09, 2020