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Diy Solar Depot

Fascinated by the thought of producing my own energy and raising a family of 4 (3 girls), I was drawn to the world of photo voltaics. ONE BIG PROBLEM, WOW who could afford it? Not me, that’s for sure. But I’m a pretty handy guy with a background in construction, so all I had to do was to find the equipment right? Well none of the local installers wanted to sell me the equipment or have anything to do with me, so I set out to start finding it myself. Through the internet, I found practically everything I wanted to know about how to set up my own solar system and formed the company DIY Solar Depot. Initially bowing to threats from some of the local solar Companies, I changed the name to MANE Solar; an acronym for my kid’s names. Later realizing that I was off track of the main goal, to provide information and equipment to the Diy’er, I combined the names and started publicizing the business as DIY Solar Depot/ MANE Solar. Bottom line, we are here for you and will try to give you the best product at the lowest possible price to suit your individual power needs. From our family to yours, happy power production!
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