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Arcadia Energy

Arcadia Solar is dedicated to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. We realize every home is unique, and so is every solar system. We strive to bring quality, experience, and savings to each and every customer.
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No help

So my inverter has failed once again! This is the second inverter that has failed on my system in less than 2 years and the only thing I got told was the inverter they use is the best product out there, well the best product or any product except for cheap products fail on a consistent basis. I asked the service department what the lifespan of these inverters was and he couldn't tell me. For the last inverter that failed I had to wait multiple weeks for the new one to be delivered and Arcadia installed it when it came in, luckily it was in the winter so we only paid one month to NV Energy. Now my current inverter has also failed and I am paying over $300 plus the solar loan when I talked to customer service this time they said they do not do the installation on warranty items so now I have to wait another week after I receive the inverter for someone to contact me from I am not sure where to set up the install so I might end up paying another $330 energy bill. The reason to get solar is to reduce the cost of your energy bill if I had known this would be a consistent problem I would of just not gotten solar panels.

Posted by jason.barten on Sep 07, 2023
Satisfied with Service

No power cut & no EB bill. Very much satisfied with their support and response.

Posted by emma.anthony609 on Jul 15, 2021
Value for Money Solars!

Value for Money-the solars helped me save money and be economical on my energy savings. The Team helps us with anything and everything we would require regarding the solars. Thanks Team!

Posted by masonmia62 on Jul 15, 2021
Material Quality

We were really impressed with their work and material quality. A very pleasant and satisfying experience with them.

Posted by megan.cdy92 on Jul 15, 2021

Best quality with life long support and maintainence. Very much satisfied with their support and response.

Posted by natalie.naty095 on Jul 15, 2021
Feedback of Arcadia Service

This team are extremely responsive when it comes to giving assistance. Their responsiveness to our phone call is very impressive. Thank you for your help, Team.

Posted by chrisadrian34 on Jul 15, 2021



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