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Healthy Home Solar

We don't only sell solar we also help fix other home efficiency around the homes before installing solar.
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The worst experience

This company lied and misled us for over two years. They stole $50,000 of equity in my home and damaged my driveway. They promised to make it right and then disappeared. Worst decision I have ever made doing business with Mike Mason owner of Healthy Home Solar.

Posted by kimsnowrealtor on Dec 08, 2021
Most unprofessional and unreliable company I have ever dealt with

My system has not worked properly since it has been installed. The technicians never come over to repair on time and try to get you to do their work over the phone. Seriously stay away from this company I am in the process of suing them now. Do yourself a favor and find a better company.

Posted by jvaras49 on Feb 27, 2021
Unprofessional,untrustworthy,do not back services once paid.

Installers caused damage to home. Refused to come to the house and inspect because bank already paid them. They told BBB they would pay but have never contacted us or sent a payment of any kind. When they are sitting in your living room face to face selling you their services,they are all smiles, once they leave your house and receive payment from bank they refuse to talk to you. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY,you will regret it.

Posted by coloradonitro on Jan 09, 2021
Badly Managed Company

This company had terrible customer service, poorly managed and unorganized. I believe now there are better companies to choose if your going solar. There is something wrong with this company with their high turnover of employees. There are many delays and inaccurate information given. The owner Mike is a terrible communicator and any credit and savings you think you will get will be wrong. Be careful...

Posted by VINFABRICO on Dec 05, 2020
Very Disappointed... Bewarned

Although I believe this company intends to do the right thing, they have failed in multiple areas. There timeline is way off. I was sold on the timeframe that I would be up and running within 3-4 weeks. It took four and a half months. I understand that delays can happen but being off by three and a half months in unacceptable. It reduced by grace period of nor having to pay by four months costing me $600.00. The grace period for non payment is sold as 18 months. There was a lot of mis-communication with there permit dept and the inspectors which caused a month in delays alone. I had to call multiple times and send pictures to help expedite the process. Finally after four visits by the inspector the system passed. I was told by the inspector that the cables had to be secured and the fuses had to be installed before the system would work. I understand permits can take some time, but aa company charging $30,000.00 should have this under control. Finally when I was approved by Florida Power, I still couldn't use my system for another 10 days. I had to wait for the install crew to come back secure the wires and install the fuses. I wa told there was a fuse shortage. I don't know why since my local Lowes had them in stock. Last but not least, I was sold that someone would come to my home check the system and train me on how to download an App and how to monitor the usage and check on the panels. As of today none of that has happened even after me sending pictures of the panel 3 times. I've been told multiple times will get it you today or tomorrow. Still Waiting. I've expressed concerns that if the service is this bad now, what happens if there's an issue that needs repair within the 25 year warranty. There response was, you have a good system. Not assuring at all. Do better homework than I did before commiting many thousand of dollars.

Posted by VINFABRICO on Nov 03, 2020
Solar is great. Customer service & install extremely poor!!

The installer did not seal around electrical boxes after install and bees made a hive. My wife is extremely allergic. No one from the company was even bothered enough to come inspect. The official statement was"we did not 'remove' that box so we are not responsible". First..the installer did remove the box. Was he supposed to? Don't know that's between him and his boss. Second..whether removed or not..major work was performed on that box to install solar system, causing the caulk/seal around box to wall to need repair.

Posted by dwbrudos on Sep 15, 2020



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