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Abundant Solar

High Quality Solar Power!EV Chargers,Batteries,energy management
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Established in 2012 and Locally owned
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  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Workmanship Warranty

Lifetime warranty to original purchaser.


Texas Electrical Contractors License TECL 28105


Fully Insured


NABCEP 051112-25

Industry Certifications

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  • Certified Installer
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

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It would be very difficult to explain all of our complaints with such a small character limit, so I will sum it by saying that in the over 70 years I have been on this earth, I can’t readily recall a worse home improvement experience than what I had with Abundant Solar and Fred Brimhall. Installation was 3 months beyond the initial scheduled date. He requested money before the conditions that were spelled out in the contract were satisfied, and we didn’t know until weeks later. The main installation (Not including the array and panels that were installed weeks prior) was 3 weeks of hearing “any problem you have with the system is your fault or the fault of your existing equipment, pay me my money.” They had to come back to the house 3 different times to fix mistakes that their installers made, all while claiming that the system was installed properly, with only calls to Generac corporate prompting them to come back and fix it. Even with all the history of problems and multiple trips, his installers refused to do a backup power test before leaving the final time, and with some support from Generac our self-test failed with only ⅓ of the house responding and none of the 220 circuits like the A/C and Oven. Rather than an apologetic response, it was of course not his fault, the system is running fine, and you need to pay me or I am going to take legal action. In addition, he would be willing to fix whatever the problem was if we paid him fully for the install, and an additional travel charge. Luckily, we were able to work with Generac remotely, and after some conversation, they were able to isolate the problem which was the system not being fully activated by the installer. If you ever work with this man, you need to have someone who understands solar right beside you to make sure he does his job right, and as many other people have mentioned in other reviews, you need to make sure to hold back the final payment until after everything is inspected, approved, and tested

Posted by debralwdr on Aug 18, 2022
Polite, but processes need much improvement - not ready for primetime

I had the displeasure of working with Abundant Solar on a solar project for my home. Their quote came in extremely competitive, so I decided to give them a shot. The first issue that I saw was that the quote on the Energy Sage website showed that their quote would meet my electric needs but the actual contract showed a vast difference. (For details, my EnergySage quote cited 17,160kwH in first-year production. On my contract, this was changed to 15k. The 2nd issue was that my contract was all-inclusive, parts, labor, etc. Abundant Sola then reached out to me to say that they needed an additional $1300 because my utility provider, NBU, needed a specific process to be followed that increased their parts/labor. I was surprised that this issue came up because, after all, Abundant Solar was supposed to be the solar expert. I reached out to the electrical engineering group within my utility provider and they shared with me several emails where they highlighted the entire process from start to finish with examples. This seemed unprofessional as they are the solar install experts, but again mistakes happen. The final straw was when Abundant Solar sent me an email with the following: "...we received an email from the city of New Braunfels regarding even more hoops to jump through with many stipulations and restrictions for us to even do business with the city. We are saddened to inform you that due to the City of New Braunfels restrictive guidelines we will not be doing any solar installations within their jurisdiction." Needless to say, I am unable to do business with Abundant Solar because of their inability to adhere to instructions. I read through them and although they are comprehensive I do not believe them to be prohibitive in any way. There is a multitude of houses in New Braunfels that have solar panels so if other companies can figure it out, why can't Abundant Solar? I wish Abundant Solar the best of luck and hope they can get their process ducks in a row as their quote was extremely competitive. I guess this just points to the old addage of, "You get what you pay for."

Posted by jonathanwbarger on May 04, 2021
Very Satisfied

I am so very pleased w my solar panel purchase. The salespeople are very friendly, knowledgeable, not the least bit pushy, encouraged questions and offered advice contrary to their bottom dollar. That aspect is what sold me on engaging business w them! They advised not to install more panels than what my average electrical usage was. They informed me the additional electric generated to sell back was not worth the cost of installing and having extra panels. They also positioned them to be the most efficient AND trimmed any trees that would interfere w maximum results at no charge. The tree was cut by professionals and not disfigured. Awesome company! Definitely include them in your "shopping around"!

Posted by imviv434 on May 02, 2021
Abundant Solar

Thee system has been good, works as promised, had some issues lately, and Trisha was on the spot, and worked through all concerns and communicated perfectly through the process! Kudos to Trisha and Fred! The only negative experience I have had is with the finance company “Sunlight Financial” they are ABSOLUTE TRASH!! Raised our monthly payments by 100 dollars after 1 year, due to “review of terms” and treat people like dogs on the phone, if payment is due on a Saturday, and they haven’t received it from the bank it was submitted from, they are calling in Monday in attempt to “collect a debt” for a payment that is 2 days late!!

Posted by rcupp17 on May 01, 2021
Great solar installation !!!!!

Our 13.4kW solar installation from Abundant Solar was an easy process for both of our homes. After speaking to 8 different solar companies in or around the San Antonio, Texas area....including 1 from the Dallas, we discovered that Abundant Solar could provide all of our needs, including a battery backup (Blue Ion) to cover our entire home. For those people / customers that are considering purchasing solar for their own your research. If you purchase solar panels, as we did, consider battery backup from a reliable company / manufacturer as Blue Ion. Blue-Ion is the only battery backup capable of supplying all electrical power in your home at all times...not just during power outages.

Posted by ahperezjr on Apr 24, 2020
New Solar Installation

I enjoyed a great experience with Abundant Solar from start to finish. Dave, the sales consultant, was very informative, and could answer or verify any question that I asked him during the entire process. Trisha is customer-friendly, and treats each client like a friend. She stayed on top of things throughout the process. The two young men who installed the wiring were very patient and friendly. They were also able to give precise descriptions of each step of their part of the process. The CPS Inspectors and Installers were also great. The CPS Installer, who also uses a solar system at his house, was able to tell me of some of the advantages that he had experienced. This left me feeling confident about the entire process. I am very happy that I have switched. Today I read the CPS Billing Monitor and it read "29" , the solor monitor next to it read "48". I was thrilled to see the difference that solar power is already making to my life. I would encourage you to join me in keeping our planet cleaner.

Posted by vkennedy on Apr 23, 2020



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