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Climax Solar

Climax Solar brings high quality installations coupled with world class customer service to give you the the best possible solar experience.
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing

Workmanship Warranty

25 year warranty, 10 year roof leak guarantee


Master Electrician
General Contractor


Workmans Compensation,Disability, General Liability, Automotive Umbrella

Industry Certifications

  • Better Business Bureau
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Solar Professional

What Customers Are Saying

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Buyer beware

If I could give this a -100 I would. I have been dealing with this company since the beginning of the year. It has been one problem after another. From the price I was told I would pay and getting a surprise extra two grand put on to my final price. To the fact that I was promised $5100 reimbursement check “the day that the installation would be started”( I have text and video of the sales person stating that). My Internet cable was cut, along with a propane gas line while they were trenching my yard. My yard has 2-3 inch ruts all throughout it (1+ acre of damage) , and totally compressed/compacted my yard to where I will not be able to grow grass. When they came back out to fix the trench, they stated they had no idea about the other damage in my yard. I call BS. I have EVERY receipt, recordings, photos, VIDEOS and all. Just don’t waste your time with this company. NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE knows what the heck is going on. Every time I call about my reimbursement check they’ve stayed there waiting to get them sent out this month. It has been four months. I just spoke to someone(5/01/23) and now they’re saying they haven’t cut checks in a LONG time. They’re “waiting on the owners approval”. Another line they use is the “checks will be cut 30 days after system is running”. I guess we’re gonna have to wait and see on that one as well. I Spoke with a few lawyers, who stated the numbers are starting to stack up with the calls they’re getting. I have also been paying a bill for the last two months on equipment that has not been running. Just got the OK to start up last week after failing inspection smh. Anyone else who’s had poor service and would like to contact me feel free to. I would love to talk.

Posted by anthony.d.warden on May 12, 2023
100% Scam

Simply put run, don't walk. After signing over 7 months ago we're at 21% energy independents not the 96% we were told. Doesn't matter, long story short there contract has wording that overides what is agreed on in writing in the contract. State AG after 3 months decided to not pursue an actions against them. When we called to file our claim they had over 20 current complaints about them for the same reason. Thinking they got a kick back and the all clear.

Posted by tcory74 on Mar 01, 2023
Between solar payment and electric bill :(

I've had my system for a little more than 2 years. When I was sold the system, I was told it would be finically beneficial. I have had mutable conversations with Soler edge and climax solar about current inefficiencies with my system. Climax solar seams to not want to me to have access to the alert platform that would inform me if there were an issue reporting the system being down. My electric bill prior to the system installs as we were on the budget plan with consumers was 186.00 monthly. I'm currently collecting information and need about 6 more months to make an accurate calculation as to what my combined Eletric bill and solar payment is. At his point it's looking to be right around 304 per month. Based on that information I'm saving 50 per month on electric but have an additional bill of 164.00 per month besides electric of 136.00. Current issue is that the solar system seems to be producing about 50% less efficiency then the last two years. I've reach out to Climax solar and they have stopped getting back to me on this issue. My primary contact is Ceth based out of the main office on Portage. Like the ideal of solar but why would anyone get something that would cost them more per month. I'm only writing this review because they seem to not want to answer these questions.

Posted by thehubbards1 on Feb 16, 2023
They talk the talk and walk the walk

I had a ground array installed last year that didn't produce quite as much as was promised in my contract. I called them up about it, they determined I was correct and expanded my ground array at no additional cost. These guys are professional and trustworthy. Going solar costs me about the same every month that I was paying the electric company. In twenty years the panels will be paid for, the panels are guaranteed for twenty five years and may start failing afterward. Even so, the panels can be replaced, the mount and the electrical work are already done and paid for, and the cost of energy from the electric company will be far more expensive than replacing some panels. I am positioned well for the future.

Posted by frontierteg on Sep 08, 2022
Solar Excellence

I found working with Zeeshan a positive, professional, polite experience. He carefully explained the operation of Climax Solar - Thanks

Posted by leevanderbaan on May 12, 2022
climax solar

Salesperson Steve Ketchum went beyond what he had to, were I became very informed on the solar system. And all the benefits it detailed, he answer all my questions explaining it in detail. I'm very satisfied and waiting for the solar panels to be put in.

Posted by bluewolf56 on May 10, 2022



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