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I am a surveyor working through the net metering program. Do you as homeowners keep up with your new letters from your power company? Most disregard or throw them out. The newsletters talk about the rate increases over the last few years that have been approved and net metering is one of the ways to avoid all of those rate increases. The reason that we bring this information to light is because gulf power just got approved for 342 million dollars to pay for hurricane Michael expenses, and another 30-50 billion to bury the power lines over the next 30 years. That means everyone’s rates are going up again and again!
The best way to explain net metering works is how all of the military bases in the area got on board a couple of years ago. They make all of their own energy which any home can, but where net metering comes in to play is that gulf power actually pays its customers dollar for dollar for the energy that they create and it’s a lot more cost effective for you to make it than to have someone else make it for you. I am here to see which homes are eligible for that net metering program. If your home can qualify what we do is put those panels on your roof with ZERO out of pocket cost! Then the money that you used to give to your power company every month you get to invest back into your home instead. So if we can lock your bill in when the cost of gas, coal and oil goes up your rates stay the same because you own your energy instead of rent your energy. Makes sense right?
The way that we see if you qualify is by collecting your annual power consumption. We just need a picture of the bar graph on your bill, address, email or phone and I will submit that to the engineers and they will give us the information to drop back off to see if your home qualifies. I will not sell or give your info to anyone but our engineers in order to create the proposal for your home. You can call or text 850 454 7779 or PM me. I am a resident of Pensacola, so helping the community qualify for this program and save money would be a service I am happy to conduct. Enjoy your day!
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