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BVI Solar - Profile & Reviews

BVI Solar is more than just a residential solar company. We’ve help create some of the solar panel industry’s best practices, including writing consumer protection legislation. You can rest assured knowing our team of knowledgeable solar panel experts are here to answer your questions along the way, giving you the peace of mind you deserve, while saving you money on your SDGE bill.

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  • "Solar"

    Reviewed Aug 17, 2020

    We researched for several months before making a decision. Main reasons were price and warranty. You can’t go wrong with BVI Solar.

  • "bvi solar"

    Reviewed Aug 14, 2020

    Very professional and offer competitive pricing. My roof needed repair before we could install solar and they provided great service and did a great job.

    Solar works great. Bill was $400 before solar and is now less than 30 and thats mostly Gas.

  • "Our BVI experience"

    Reviewed Aug 14, 2020

    BVI reps were professional in their installation, even offering us future advise. They showed up on time. The initial contact with the sales department was satisfactory and we even spoke to the owner, if the staff was unavailable at the moment. We would recommend their product and services.

  • "Solar and Roof"

    Reviewed Aug 14, 2020

    BVI Solar did an excellent job with our roof and solar installation. Alpha Roofer (Jose the owner) were very punctual and explained thoroughly what they were doing and showed me what repairs they were making. Solar installers Daniel and Sain were also very thorough and explained everything they were doing and were very efficient and knowledgeable. Answered all of our questions, very professional and courteous. Our sales rep Otto was awesome. He was very attentive and always answering our questions and we get back to us quickly when we ask questions and explained everything.

  • "A Pleasure to Work With BVI Solar"

    Reviewed Aug 14, 2020
    "A Pleasure to Work With BVI Solar"

    Reviewed Aug 14, 2020

    As a person who tends to focus too much on the disadvantages/limitations/downsides of products and services, I can say that I encountered very few in working with BVI Solar. Tyler readily addressed all my questions up front about the installation, the options and the timeline, in detail. We decided to first install a new roof on our house and this was the only minor glitch in the project, as we dealt with leaks for several months afterwards, prior to installing solar panels, and this was obviously related to our roofer, and not at all involving BVI. Once the roof was ready, installation went smoothly and everything is up and running as expected. My only disappointment was not being able to fit a few more panels on our small house, but again, not something BVI could remedy, as their design was well thought out. I wholeheartedly recommend BVI Solar for your job. RM

  • "Solar and Battery"

    Reviewed Aug 14, 2020
    "Solar and Battery"

    Reviewed Aug 14, 2020

    I purchased a home with Lennar with preinstalled solar panels, and spent several anxious phone calls over the course of a month trying to locate someone to install battery backup who would not void the 25 year warranty from CertainTeed. To my surprise, BVI launched a campaign targeted that addressed my concerns. Working with Stuart Black in Sales and Tyler Fields in Operations, we were able to size an appropriate system and get contracts signed within a few days. The BVI team answered all my questions. I look forward to he project starting as soon as permits are finished, and will update this review with our project.

  • "Thourough & patient"

    Reviewed Aug 14, 2020

    They walked me through all the options, including cost, that is available with all the pros & cons. Most importantly, they were the ones that worked with the HOA to get the system approved for install with minimal leg work from me. There was some hiccup with the electrical panel post install but they came out and fixed it. Enjoying the AC this summer!

  • "Great Solar Company"

    Reviewed Aug 14, 2020

    Very pleased with the production of this system after we received our annual SDGE Statement we owed zero in fact we were due $150 account credit. This translates to the fact that the engineering work done to assess the system requirements for our home was very accurate. We have had no issues.

  • "3676 Mississippi"

    Reviewed Aug 13, 2020

    We had a great experience. We weren’t aware of the lien on our house as a result of this project.

  • "Great Service"

    Reviewed Aug 12, 2020

    We had a wonderful experience with BVI. Everything was smooth and easy from the initial meeting to the installation. I have recommended them to many family and friends.

  • "Courteous and Helpful Company"

    Reviewed Aug 12, 2020

    Our experience was a little different in most cases due to the project starting in the midst of the COVD-19 pandemic. There was quite a delay halfway through the project due to the city office being closed and pushing all work through emails, which was quite a hassle for all parties. The solar portion was completed quickly and efficiently in one day. The issue was with the reroofing, which took quite a bit to complete. BVI was courteous and are still very active in checking in to ensure that things are (and will be) in good hands. We're pleased with the work now that it's complete and feel assured that things will be taken care of for a long time from now.

  • "BVI is awesome!"

    Reviewed Aug 12, 2020

    I didn't know anything about solar but a friend of mine recommended them to me. They were very responsive and were very good about explaining how everything works to me. They have some great financing options and they are a certified Certainteed Master installer. The entire experience was smooth and easy. Thank you, BVI!

  • "Exceptional"

    Reviewed Aug 12, 2020

    Very rarely do you find a company that can provide the quality, service and attention to detail of the solar industry heavyweights while offering incredibly competitive pricing.

    BVI Solar was one of the contenders for a major 200kW solar project and they absolutely dominated in terms of the knowledge they brought to the table and the pricing they offered.

    Out of 7 major solar companies, BVI was able to hit all our performance benchmarks at a $200,000 discount, yes, $200,000.

    After working with them on this project for over a year then it felt like the natural choice to let them work on my home, I had the same positive experience on all fronts with their residential division.

    Do not hesitate to work with this company, at the very least let them provide a proposal and have them look at your site, it will rapidly become clear that they are the elite choice.

    Thank you,

    A highly satisfied BVI commercial and residential customer

  • "Solar and Storage"

    Reviewed Aug 12, 2020

    I shopped for solar for almost 6 months. BVI with the CertainTeed warranty, stood out over the others. The main reason I chose BVI is because of the warranty. CertainTeed is there even if BVI goes out of business. Diagnostics is the big reason. Not having to pay for a trip charge or trust that an installer is going to stay in business. Do your homework!!!! We made a great decision.


    Reviewed Aug 12, 2020

    Reviewed Aug 12, 2020

    Rudith stole the show! I was actually already prepared to go with another company. But then I met Rudith and not only was she one of the best that what she does. I got a lot more our of her presentation. So I made the decision to go with BVISOLAR instead of the other company. I have even given her at least a couple of referrals and they purchased also. The best this is she has reached out to me on a few occasions to see how things were working. "Job Well Done"

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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We understand that making the switch to solar is a long term investment. That is why we are proud to offer the most superior solar warranty in the industry. We are 1 of only 4 certified master solar providers in San Diego, CA. BVI Solar offers a full 25-year solar power system warranty backed by CertainTeed to ensure you are fully protected as you generate affordable clean energy.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



BVI Solar Headquarters

4747 Executive Dr, Suite 800
San Diego, California
92121 United States

Workmanship Warranty

Our 25 year warranty backed by CertainTeed, covers all system components.

In addition, the professional installation and workmanship of your system that BVI offers, are also covered for up to 25 years.


Best Company
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California Solar Energy Industries Association
Enphase Premium Installer


C46-Solar License #1033754


Liability and Workers Compensation

States served by BVI Solar

  • Arizona AZ ,
  • California CA ,
  • Nevada NV