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SunRay Power LLC

We being one of the most well-known renewable energy consultants in Austin, Texas, provide the optimum services to all our customers without any compromising with our quality.

We believe in using zero-emission energy, therefore, spread the same knowledge.

We use the right product, tools, and technologies without compromising on quality at any cost. Thus, providing all our customers with a chance to save money and increase their financial efficiency.
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SunRay Power is a registered company as SunRay Power LLC in the United States and SunRay Legacy Power Nig. LTD in Nigeria. They are both one and the same entity that has its base of operations in Fort Worth Texas. The Company has been in business for over 8 years and is run and owned as a private venture, and our goal is to help accelerate the transition into renewable energy.
We believe our experience, expertise, and commitment to the Nigerian people places us in a better position to provide value to the Nigerian consumers. What we are bringing on the table is experience and quality service delivery with an excellent track record. We have been able to maintain the highest standard of quality and we seek to translate such commitment to the Nigerian market.
We specialize in energy assessment and deployment of various photovoltaic resources as an alternative energy source. Our products have been tested and our approach has been tried. We deliver a custom range of solutions ranging from small scale kilowatt systems to medium and large-scale system sizes. We can customize our services to meet the needs of everyone. We are also experts in the delivery of entirely solar streetlights. This product is highly valuable to cities, Local Government municipalities and private businesses and estates.
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