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EPIC Energies

The cornerstone of the EPIC Energies philosophy is that we put the health of the planet and the value that we provide to our customers above all else. We creatively design systems that are only comprised of the highest quality, most durable, and best-warrantied components in the world. In fact, our patent pending GreeRiteĀ® System brings together the world's highest quality system components in conjunction with LIFETIME warrantied roofing. Equally as important as our competency in the many facets of green energy, is our comprehensive understanding of creating value in all types of real estate; particularly in commercial properties.

The EPIC team spent over one year comparing solar system components and building materials to understand the vast spectrum of commercial solar scenarios in the current and upcoming market. During our research and design, the EPIC Energies team formulated a patent pending process for commercial and industrial solar applications utilizing the best existing components, and materials.

We commend thank each of our manufacturing partners for thier commitment to providing the highest quality system components in the renewable energy and commercial building industries, long before the incorporation of EPIC Energies. Our commitment is to most efficiently proliferate a worldwide conversion to renewable energy.

Our systems produce up to 45% MORE ENERGY PER SQUARE FOOT! The benefit here, aside from greater production, is that less physical space is needed to offset the energy usage of our clients, allowing us to pass through cost and time savings. In addition, we provide you with a LIFTETIME manufacturer warrantied roof coating that is also tax deducible.

With each interconnected system, we are truly setting The Gold Standard in Green EnergyTM, and providing the longest lasting, highest output systems for Our customers, and our planet!
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Many companies in the renewable energy space have a "profit first, customer second, planet third" ideology, this is NOT the EPIC way. Our "product and planet" first focus, along with our expertise in real estate valuation and finance has allowed us to provide the greatest environmental and financial returns for our clients and ourselves. Investing in a solar solution is a unique process for each and every consumer of energy, so don't put your property into the hands of a solar company, choose a company that is versed in construction, valuation, finance, engineering, and design... not to mention one that provides the highest ROIs in the industry. Make your choice EPIC!
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Blue Planet, Sonnen, LG Silver Dealer, SMA Pro Partner

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Excellent service

I researched many companies, but EPIC Energies is the only one that had a team of real experts that were not only knowledgeable, but accessible. They worked with me, and educated me throughout the process. I am very happy I chose EPIC Energies. Thanks!

Posted by tw on Sep 22, 2021
Top Notch Experience with Epic Energies

I hired Epic Energies for several solar projects in a remote California town. In spite of the locale, Epic principals visited the site several times and brought together a team of experts to clear unexpected hurdles with a rather difficult local public utility. Throughout the process, Epic was clear with their communications, clear with the problems and clear with their advice on how to resolve each and every issue. Epic is quite knowledgeable regarding various solutions to solar issues and is well connected with experts in the industry. I am using them for another project in the same city next year.

Posted by jack on Sep 13, 2021
Solar experience starting in 2017

My husband and I had just bought our house in VIctorville, CA and I wanted to investigate going solar. I knew very little about it but I feel it is every citizen's duty to help with energy wherever we can. A gentleman came to our house to describe how it worked then asked Jakub to come by for more specifics. It was already rather late in the evening but Jakub came by anyway to answer our questions. He told us all about the program and said that he would handle everything for us. And that is exactly what he did for the entire time we lived in the home. Anytime there were malfunctions (which there were many in the first couple of months) we called Jakub and he always handled them. The last time was in 2020 when it wouldn't reset so I called Jakub. I had no idea that he had moved to Florida, starting a business there. He actually called SunRun and handled it. I couldn't believe that, what commitment. He is always professional and never makes you feel like you're a bother, and ALWAYS comes through for you. That is why we feel good about going with him with solar in Tennessee. Scott and Christina Sprague

Posted by chrisnscott11 on Aug 27, 2021



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