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Philadelphia Solar LLC

We are committed to providing the best value for money by delivering high-end, durable, and aesthetically-appealing solar modules backed up by 25 years of performance and manufacturing warranty.
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Philadelphia Solar is a Jordanian Tier1 Solar Modules and Steel Mounting Structures Manufacturer that was established in 2007 with total investments of 165 million USD. Our PV modules annual production capacity is 580MW planned to be 900MW in early 2024 adding to it a new 1.2 GW factory which will be operating during Q4 next year in the US. Philadelphia solar exports approached more than 52 countries worldwide, including the United States and Europe.
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Supplying solar modules and steel mounting structures Providing 24/7 technical support


UL 61215/61730
IEC 61215/61730
IEC 61701:2020 Salt Mist
IEC 61853 Temperature Coefficients
IEC 62716 Ammonia Corrosion
IEC 60068-2-68 Dust and Sand
IEC TS 62804-1 PID
IEC 62782 Dynamic load test

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Philadelphia Solar 400W PS-M108(HCBF)-400

We recently had an additional 9 panels installed to our residential system by YES solar. The Philadelphia Solar PS-M108(HCBF)-400 panels are paired with Enphase IQ8s. Over the last few months we have been seeing great production with no clipping at the peaks with this setup. Nice looking all-black panels with mono-crystalline half-cells. These are also branded as YES 400WBF by the installer and include a 25 year warranty. Very happy with these panels for the price compared to others on the market. TIme will tell, but we are happy with the system.

Posted by ccorn on Sep 16, 2023
Philadelphia Solar 400W panels enable BETTER design; Better Design = More Solar Production

Philadelphia Solar panels deliver a robust 400Wp performance rating in a compact frame size, relative to other solar panels in the market. SOLAR PANEL FRAME SIZES Most 400W solar panels have a frame size ranging between 72" to 75" in length by 41" to 43" in width and occupy an average 21.5 square feet of roof space, per panel. Philadelphia Solar 400W panels are slightly shorter and wider than other brands and measure 67.75" L x 44.6" W and occupy 20.9 square feet of roof space. SMALLER ROOF SECTIONS Post turn-of-the-century rooftops have added many architectural hips and valleys to enhance the home's exterior aesthetics, pronounce the roofline and accentuate architectural features. When multiple roof hips and valleys are introduced, they can restrict solar design from being optimal, limiting the number of panels that can be installed on a single roof section. ADDITIONAL CODE REQUIREMENTS State Fire & Building Code requirements mandate safety setback pathways for first responder ingress and egress, ensuring their safety, should they ever need to enter your roof. This means no solar contractor will be able to "blanket" your entire roof with panels because they MUST maintain these important safety pathways in the design process. When solar panels cover more than 30% of your total roof space, Code requires a continuous, 36" wide setback path measured from the peak or "ridge" of your roof, maintained across the entire length of your roof. This code requirement limits solar panel north-to-south installation space. Shorter solar panels, albeit just a few inches shorter than others, can enable an entire additional row of panels to be mounted on your most productive solar roof sections. POWER DENSITY ON YOUR MOST PRODUCTIVE ROOF SECTIONS When we design systems for our customers, one of the most important design facets we uphold is total power density per roof section. More simply put: More watts of solar per roof section = more solar production & performance Since 2008, we've designed and installed more than 10,000 solar electric systems. When we draft comparative solar designs for a given roof, we consistently observe that shorter, wider solar panels enable better design with higher power density and more power output than alternate designs using longer solar panels. We've learned the solar panel's length NOT width is key to driving optimal design because slightly shorter solar panels typically allow our design team to land more panels on roof sections best suited for solar production. This is especially true of rectangular shaped roof sections and roof sections shaped like a parallelogram and when panels are mounted in a “portrait” format. Triangular shaped roofs benefit from longer solar panels mounted in a “landscape” format.

Posted by jim from Cheap Solar on Sep 15, 2023