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We are new to Energy Sage, but have been providing solar solutions for over a decade. Solar Savings Direct is your reliable source for affordable solar, batteries, generators, and off-grid systems systems. We have dozens of panel and financing options for you to choose from, and never use gimmicks or high pressure tactics to sell you solar. We validate your solar project, then design the system along with the customer, show the savings moving to solar, then review all additional back up power options and find the best financing available for the customer. Unlike most solar companies who are in it for themselves, we are customer centric, and know we'll provide a better experience in discussing and having solar installed with our crews.
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About Solar Savings Direct

We have been installing solar for over 10 years, have over 700 projects installed, and continue to grow based on our reputation and customer referrals. We are based in Shingle Springs CA, but cover almost all of Northern CA. We can handle your 6 panel residential job, and tackle your 400+ panel commercial projects. We have many factory certifications for batteries and generators, and would be honored to help you start saving with a solar system.
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

Workmanship Warranty

25 Year workmanship and roof penetrations warranty. Offering 25 year workmanship and production guaranteed solar panels and microinverters.


B, C-46


Ategrity Specialty Insurance Company

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Solar Professional
  • Platinum Installer
  • PWRpartner
  • SolarEdge Preferred
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

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Just, let me know whats going on!

I initially had a positive experience with Kyle and the solar installation team who ensured a job well done. However, I faced some challenges with subsequent team members, particularly regarding the installation of the EV Charging station. There was a notable lack of communication during this phase, and I found myself waiting for months for the electrical work to be completed, despite the initial promise that it would coincide with the PG&E inspection. Regrettably, the first appointment was rescheduled for 8 a.m., with me only finding out the night before the appointment, after calling them to inquire about the status. It turned out that the electrical installer wouldn't be coming due to his truck breaking down. Moreover, I was informed that they were swamped with work and uncertain about when they could complete the task, leaving me in a state of waiting for their call. A week later, after taking the initiative to contact them myself, they simply postponed it again, stating that someone would eventually get in touch. This process had become quite frustrating. However, I'm pleased to report that my experience took a positive turn. Kyle and the company worked diligently to resolve the issues. They sent a competent team to complete the installation of the EV Charging station. I believe that a company's true measure is in how they address problems when they arise, and in this regard, Kyle and the team did an excellent job in rectifying the situation. I can now confidently say that I'm satisfied with their service and commitment to resolving issues, and I appreciate their efforts to make things right.

Posted by on Oct 12, 2023
No Post Install Customer service and complete lack of ownership makes this company a choice

I'd love to give this outfit a good rating but they've dropped the ball with the install and post-install service and their follow-up and lack of ownership is a disappointment. We live in snow country and noted that to our salesperson. "Not a problem, we've done lots of installs in your area". So we signed up and got a date for the installation. All went pretty smoothly and we were up and running pretty quickly. The sales team worked with my utility company to assist with the rebate process and we were pretty pleased. A year went by with no issues and good performance. I did have to call in once because according to my phone app we weren't getting power and the system was reset and we were back up and running. The first snow of this year was intense and an installation defect brought our entire system down. A section of conduit that poked through the roof was installed without any snow shielding and when the snow come off the roof the conduit came with it, pulling all of the wiring and conduit off the panels and cutting off the power. I called the company to see if they could come out and take a look at it and we had a window of about a week before the next storm and they never got back to me. Finally I called again and they remembered that I had called but noted that bad weather was coming and they had no 4wd trucks in their fleet to make a service call. They also noted that I would be responsible for all of the service fees due to the damage from the snow. I asked them to reconsider because their lack of installing of a snow shield for the conduit was the reason for the failure (we have all kind of vents and pipes sticking out of the roof and none were damaged in the storm because the builder followed the building code and placed snow shields or snow blocks above the protrusion to block the snow from exerting pressure on the pipe or vent). So I basically was screwed. A tech finally came out in late April to assess and repair the system. Very nice gentleman, he reinstalled the conduit and hooked up the wiring and noted that we also had 2 broken panels. We would be responsible for the conduit bill since this was weather related (?) and he would get in touch with us later to install new panels (I assume they will not be covered by warranty but that's understandable) and install a snow shield so the conduit does not get taken out again. So I wait another month and hear nothing from them so I call and they remember that a tech came out but have no clus as to an update regarding the panels and conduit shield install. I was transferred to a VM and left a messsage. So I think I'm done with this company. What looked like a great partnership has really left a sour taste in my mouth. With so many companies to choose from I would definitely look to a company that takes care of their customer after the install. Solar Savings Direct has a Fail from my standpoint.

Posted by robertfshimizu on May 30, 2023
Good system, excellent service

Cody designed a good system for us, and was a pleasure to work with. When problems arose (they were minor), he reacted promptly and worked diligently to resolve them to our satisfaction. The final result was a clean installation and a system that seems to be working well.

Posted by asperger003 on Nov 12, 2021
Smooth and Excellent Install

They had great pricing and helped me with every step of the process. On the Day of the Install, the crew was professional and quick. It only took about 4.5 hours to install 36 Panels. It was awesome.

Posted by wolfee182 on Nov 11, 2021
Amazing from beginning to install

Had inquired to the usual places and had the sales pitches and the promises and really bad service. Then had a call with Home Pro Solutions and Tim who made the process seem a lot easier than what I originally thought. Then from beginning to end very single person I talked to from Solar Savings from emails and messages and contacts were every step so great. I was updated regularly and had all my questions answered. When I reached out someone got back to me real quick. Then the installation happened with some really great, professional people and again the inspections and the next steps were great. Even now when I was expecting that everything was done and that I would be left with the system I am still contacted and supported when needed and assisted when I have questions. I honestly have to say I was expecting silence and then frustration till the end but got support and professionalism all the way. Really appreciate every single person and the experience I have with them.

Posted by louisrobinson on Nov 10, 2021
So happy with my new system

I'm very happy I went with Solar Savings Direct. My sales person, Cody, was great. No pressure while I waited for other proposals. I had an existing string solar system and was looking for a battery. It was not cost effective to upgrade my existing system so I was sold a battery with some panels to power that up. My old system is still tied to the grid. This is an additional system. The installers were fantastic. I was very impressed by how many showed up and how hard they worked while at my home. It was quite a team. Two electricians worked well after dark to finish up the project in one day. They were determined! The software is very fun for monitoring use and production. I have an Enphase system. I finally experienced a power outage and the system did exactly what I wanted. My refrigerator, internet and television all worked. I did not back up my oven or stove. I can use the barbecue if I need to cook. The transition from the grid to the battery was seamless. I think I'm the only person who wants a power outage to last a few days. I'd like to know how long I'd have power. The less than half day power outages I've experienced so far were covered without any problems. My only complaint is that I wish I would have purchased a few more panels. The system was expensive but financing is very affordable.

Posted by kvasen on Nov 10, 2021



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