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Helio Solar Power LLC

Helio Solar Power's mission is to create value for our customers by developing lasting relationships through transparency, ethical business practices, and affordable green energy solutions.

Some solar companies are cheaper than us. That's a fact. They may even offer the same panels and inverters. So what's the difference?

The difference is our approach and delivery. Most solar companies consider homeowners a number or statistic. "How many can they sell and install in a month?" We have an entirely different business model. Solar is a long-term investment and needs more than a quick install. We believe that creating a lasting partnership with our customers is imperative for the success of our company.

With over 10 years of experience, Helio Solar is more than a certified installer. We are a service provider that will continue to play an active role with our clients system management and maintenance even after installation.

We are solar experts. We educate, we provide solutions for our customers, and we provide the highest warranty in the industry. We are experienced roofers, electricians, general contractors, and engineers, all trained to provide lasting solutions for energy independence.

Don't settle for a lower number. Invest with a company who puts their clients needs first and is willing to work hard to earn their trust.
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About Helio Solar Power LLC

Since 2011, the founders of Helio Solar have performed thousands of successful solar PV installations. We employ certified solar technicians, licensed electricians and engineers, and a myriad of back office administrators to provide a seamless approach to installation and solar commissioning.

We believe that in order to succeed we must build and maintain trust with our customers. We require our employees to strictly follow all UDAAP codes of conduct. We also require our staff to participate in ethical training classes to promote healthy business practices.
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English; German; Portuguese; Spanish

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

Workmanship Warranty

10 Year Roof Penetration Warranty
25 Year Production
25 Year Product


Master Electrician # 2020035910


2M General Liability
1M Workman's Comp


NABCEP PV Sales Technician
Generac Certified
SolarEdge Certified

Industry Certifications

  • Better Business Bureau

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5 months of panels that don’t work

I signed the paperwork in October 2022, the panels were installed in January 2023. It is now almost May. My solar panel payments started two months ago, and I am still paying for electricity. I have numerous times requested communication, and at one point Helio told me that the paperwork was with my utility company and they were dragging their feet, later I ascertained that it was not true, and that Helio still had not turned in the paperwork. There has been almost no communication from Helio about this. No one has reached out to me, and unlike the other reviewer, who said that their sales rep was paying their electricity until the snafu was fixed, I haven’t even received that offer. Please, please look further. I don’t want anyone else experiencing this- I’ve lost hundreds of dollars making double payments, and as a disabled veteran, it’s not like I have a lot laying around.

Posted by the_dilks on Apr 28, 2023
Very poor experience - Updated 3/30/23

I'm now post install and I'm updating my review. After talking to both of the owners, we learned where the communication issues stemmed from. The Helio team has reached out and have done everything they could to make this situation right. Most companies don't do what this team has tried to do to make an unhappy company happier. Updating to a three star. ** Original Post ** I contacted Helio Solar for quotes in April 2022. They came in slightly under the cost of the other 3 companies that bid out, slightly better output guarantees and they were willing to work with me for ballasted ground mounts to keep a low profile. This is where the good news ends. They originally subcontracted me through headline Solar. After 3 months of no movement and no communication, the Helio sales rep asked if I would be willing to re-sign with Helio to get installed quicker and they would give me $1000 Visa card at install for the delay. I signed a new contract on August 9th with Helio. The first couple of weeks, I had a few email exchanges and 2 calls from Helio. It wasn’t until October 25, 2022 that a call was set up with the engineering team where we agreed on a mount structure. Since that call in October, I have not been contacted by them at all. I’ve had to call the sales rep every other week to get updates. In November, I was told twice that my system was ordered and should be installed before December 31st. In January, 2023, when I contacted them because no one had reached out to me, I was told the system would be delivered by February 25th and installed the next week. I called again on February 26th when nothing arrived and was told everything would be delivered today, March 3rd and the system would be installed the following week. Needless to say, no system components have been delivered other than three boxes of mount clips, no calls, nothing. The only reason I’m hanging in is because my sales rep is currently paying my electric bills and so my interest rate doesn’t go up. I understand delays in manufacturing and shipping, however, a company that declares communication is critical hasn’t tried communicating with me, or really dealing with me at all.

Posted by jeeperman2001 on Mar 04, 2023
Highly recommended

My wife and I are confident that we’ve made the right choice. William has been a big help during the installation. Every time we needed help with something, it was easy for us to reach him through email or call. Besides, Helio's install crews were perfect! They quickly finished installing our panels just in time for our scheduled trip. Great service and their communication through the process was flawless. We already recommended them to our son.

Posted by carlreddington51 on Feb 08, 2022
Professional Service

This is my second home with solar panels. From the beginning I was impressed with Helio Solar compared to the other solar companies in St. Louis. The installation crew was very professional and respectful with regards to my property. From start to finish, the entire Helio team kept me informed. Thank you for a great job.

Posted by aaronmills48 on Feb 08, 2022
Outstanding Communication

Before Helio, I signed with another solar company. To say the least, it was a nightmare experience. My calls were never answered, I kept getting excuses, and I was tired of all the lies. A friend of mine went with Helio Solar two months after I signed with the previous company. Her system was already commissioned and I was still waiting on engineering. It left such a bad taste in my mouth that I was about to give up on solar entirely. My friend said she had a great experience, but I also think she just wanted the referral fee. Nevertheless, she talked me into speaking with one of the owners at Helio Solar. I am glad I did. It's crazy how open and honest communication made all the difference. I was assigned an account rep, Debra, and she was fantastic. She kept me abreast on every stage of the process. My system was installed within 3 weeks. The install crews were very professional and the final install looked great. We had severe rain and snow after they installed it. I forced my poor husband to climb into the attic and check to see if there was any leaks, dry as a bone. It's been 6 months since my system was commissioned. They still call every other month and check in on me. Great service.

Posted by barbaraschumpe on Feb 08, 2022



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