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Shield Energy

We are different, and we will prove it. But our different is a good different, here's why:

At Shield Energy we specialize in two things - Customer Service and Quality Installs.

We can back up our claim with some fun thoughts.
- Shield Energy has been hired by other solar companies to install for them. We know that sounds weird because it's like buying a loaf of bread at a bakery that bought their bread from another baker...
- Shield Energy is so good that solar executives from other solar companies have hired us to install on their homes.
- And, other solar companies hire us to do maintenance calls on their customers homes.

We really are that good at our job!!!

With an award winning customer service department and fully certified/high quality install crews you will be happy. All the owners of Shield have solar on their homes, and yes, our install crews installed them.

Give us a shot and we promise you'll be happy.
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Shield was built to support the customer in their efforts to become energy independent. That may sound simple, but our focus ensures you, the customer, are able to be proud of your solar purchase.

Over 70% of our new solar customers are referrals from our past customers. We love solar and we love our customers, and it shows.
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Services Offered

  • Financing
  • Roofing
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

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10 years workmanship
25 years parts


Electrician, General Contractor


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Industry Certifications

  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

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All the Reviews are Accurate

Just read all of the reviews. Shield Energy is a horrible company. I am on month 8 and still do not have my system turned on. The finance company, Everbright, stepped in and stopped my payments until my system is turned on. They have dropped Shield Energy as a provider and has another company, Infinity Energy, finish the job. The only problem is that Shield Energy has done this to so many customers, Infinity Energy has a list of homes to work on. That said, Infinity has done more the past 4 weeks then Shield has ever done. We are waiting on SCE to do inspection so hope this passes so I can have this turned on by the summer months. There should be a class action lawsuit on Shield Energy. Jay - Orange County, CA

Posted by jayloyola76 on May 03, 2023
Such a bad experience

I wish I could give this company zero stars. Looks like this company to a downhill turn in June 2022, just when my panels were installed. My initial contact and installation went fine, but then nothing else happened. Their customer service has been the worst I've ever seen. My panels were installed in June 2022 and like most everyone else on this page they still aren't working. Fortunately, Everbright contacted me to explain that Ambia Solar will be handling my account. They have already contacted me and I am hoping it all gets resolved soon.

Posted by khaggard2003 on Mar 31, 2023
If you have been Scammed by Shield Energy We need to do something NOW!

There are so many reviews on here all with the same story that we are facing as well, we were taken by Shield Energy, Aptive Solar. Solar panels were installed, but most of us cannot pass a county inspection or have roofs damaged by inexperienced installers. We are trying to get our solar hooked up with our power company with no luck. I too received the email and mail from EverBright saying that Aptive Solar and Ambia Solar would be taking over the unfinished projects. We are continuing to get empty promises, lies, and no actual work being performed! We were told for months the only hold-up was our energy company dragging their feet when luckily my husband pulled our county permit and found 11 electrical infractions that did not pass inspection, that is the hold-up! I would like to get together as a group to pursue our solar being installed and completed now not empty promises. I have been told to file a complaint with the Attorney General and I have done that for Colorado. Please do that in your state and Colorado again. Contact your local HOA to see if you are in violation, then contact the PUC and file a complaint. Possibly with enough complaints, they will do something for us!

Posted by rosanapowell on Mar 30, 2023
Scam of a company

I don’t know how many hours I’ve wasted trying to get my solar panels working. Thank God the financial company we used terminated their contract with shield for underperformance and are now hopefully sending a new company to get them working. They also blew $600 worth of electrical outlets and things plugged into them when they were installing the panels. My husband had to help them figure out what they did. Terrible and extremely frustrating company. I hope they never sell to another person

Posted by salon_lindsie on Mar 28, 2023
Stay away from this solar company!!

I singed docs to have shield energy install my solar back in Oct 2022. They have done half the work and my solar is still not up and running. They didn’t file the proper paperwork with Edison. They don’t answer call and have bad communication. They subcontract the work to guys that don’t have a clue what they are doing. Do Not Use This Company and Stay Away !! My finance company had to step in and give me a new company to finish my install.

Posted by vmunoz1012 on Mar 27, 2023
Horrible experience!

We had our solar panels installed in July 2022 and they are STILL not connected and working. What's more, the worker who installed them damaged our roof, damaged the insulation in our attic, and DROPPED A PANEL off of our roof and broke our retractable awning in our backyard. Thankfully, they did eventually pay to replace the awning, but it still took several months. Our roof and insulation have yet to be repaired though. We have repeatedly contacted our project manager about repairs and setting up a final inspection to get our panels connected, but they consistently don't answer texts or phone calls. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

Posted by cjvelenovsky on Mar 15, 2023



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