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Shield Energy

We are different, and we will prove it. But our different is a good different, here's why:

At Shield Energy we specialize in two things - Customer Service and Quality Installs.

We can back up our claim with some fun thoughts.
- Shield Energy has been hired by other solar companies to install for them. We know that sounds weird because it's like buying a loaf of bread at a bakery that bought their bread from another baker...
- Shield Energy is so good that solar executives from other solar companies have hired us to install on their homes.
- And, other solar companies hire us to do maintenance calls on their customers homes.

We really are that good at our job!!!

With an award winning customer service department and fully certified/high quality install crews you will be happy. All the owners of Shield have solar on their homes, and yes, our install crews installed them.

Give us a shot and we promise you'll be happy.
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Shield was built to support the customer in their efforts to become energy independent. That may sound simple, but our focus ensures you, the customer, are able to be proud of your solar purchase.

Over 70% of our new solar customers are referrals from our past customers. We love solar and we love our customers, and it shows.
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The two worst companies I have ever worked with

I have never written a review for any product in my life but I will now. I made an agreement on 7/4/22 to have a solar power system installed on my home. Some back story here. My home needs some some major electrical work I pointed it out to the sales agent that come to my house on a cold call. I was told that the system would include all needed work. ( a full panel and service change with sub panel) the sales guy even took a picture of it. When the sales closer came to my house to sign me up I also pointed out the needed electrical work and was indeed told all of the work was included. On 9/6/22 from a crew from Shield came out and installed the panels and inverter. I told the installer I did not want the panels put on my roof until the panel change was done. The primary reason I was doing the solar system was to get the panel change done in a way I could finance it. I let the guys do the panel’s anyway. At that time the installer texted me a copy of the work order and when I looked at the electrical plan it was completely wrong. It did not even come close to the actual scope of the work. I did the best I could to communicate that the drawings were wrong by emails I even sent a massage to Top Electric the engineers that supplied the one line. I never got any respond from Shield. On December 21 6 months from the time of our agreement Shield had Excel scheduled to do their work and when the electrician showed up to do the work he had all the wrong stuff. The electrician left and no one from Shield has ever contacted me. I am also being billed by EverBright for the system. I was told by Shield that I would be reimbursed from them but the first time I sent them a copy of the bill it was never reimbursed. I have emailed EverBright at least 4 times and told them to stop billing me and that the do not have the right to take money from my account. Now Everbright will not except my emails I have since cancelled the payment with my bank and now I owe 2 months and late charge. You can’t talk to anyone at Everbright no return when you leave a message.

Posted by timmullennow on Jan 29, 2023
Solar install half done, job abandoned

Got an email from EverBright today (Shield Energy finance company) saying that my financing contract had been canceled because the install has taken too long. I signed a contract with Aptive Solar (Shield Energy lead generator) in June of 2022, and as of January 2023 half of the solar panels are still uninstalled and leaning against the house. I’ve not been able to contact anyone from Shield Energy. The only person who responds to me is an installation tech who happened to give me his phone number. He’s been trying to find out (for the last two weeks) when our mid-point inspection will be scheduled, with no luck. The inspection is required before work can continue. EverBright indicated in their email that they can help me find a different installer to finish the job. I really hope so. I’ll call them tomorrow and find out. I’m sorry that I contracted with Shield Energy. My neighbors all have working solar panels by now, and I don’t. Don’t make the same mistake!

Posted by kpirello on Jan 19, 2023
Paying on something never hooked up

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! I wish I'd read the reviews first. I've been paying months on something installed but never hooked up properly. Now I'm paying the normal electricity bill plus solar I can't use. THEY DON'T ANSWER CALLS AND IGNORE MESSAGES. They said they'd pay a month for me but the check bounced and I stuck paying the month PLUS a late fee and returned ACH fee.

Posted by dherna17 on Jan 09, 2023
Avoid Like the Plaque

We contracted with Shield Energy through Aptive Brokers in June of 2022, after doing exhaustive research and meeting with several installers. It is now the end of November 2022, and we have a system that's putting power on the grid which we are not getting credit for, because Shield can't/won't provide our power company with the appropriate engineering documents necessary to complete the interconnection agreement. Here's what you need to know about working with Shield. When things don't get done, and deadlines missed, it's always some else's fault. Oh... the city didn't process the permit, the power company isn't following through, the project representative isn't with the company anymore, so it's been handed off to someone else. We also have safety concerns, because Shield never pulled a permit from the city (which I believe we paid for), so the work's never been inspected. We've had panels and what we think is a functional system on our roof for six months now, and still no credit on our electric bill, because Shield can get their "poop in a group." Fortunately, they have zero money from us, and won't until they follow through.

Posted by davidyonkie on Nov 22, 2022
Expect to be lied to and ignored

We contacted Shield Energy for a solar estimate for our home. We checked the reviews on their website at the first of june there were no negative reviews. We were treated very well by the sales person, James , and decided to go with the company after being told that he would be our contact person through the whole process and that Shield Energy would give us $500 after we were up and running and that Rocky Mountain Power would send us an $800 rebate. We were told that we would be up and running in 6-8 weeks. The install went well, but then nothing happened for several weeks. We tried contacting James to see what the hold up was and he wouldn’t answer texts, emails or phone calls. We tried contacting the owner Matt, and he wouldn’t answer either. We finally got ahold of the project manager and found out that we were waiting on an inspection that he hadn’t ordered. At this point we were almost 4 months into it. The inspector failed the inspection which was a mistake on his part and he fixed it the same day and sent it to the county. The project manager contacted the county and was told they didn’t have the inspection approval from the inspector yet. He left it at that. 2 weeks later we contacted him and he blamed everything on the county instead of following up with the inspector to see where the inspection approval was. We contacted the inspector and he told us he had fixed his mistake and sent it to the county the same day. We contacted the county and told them it was there. She looked it up and said she had missed it and she apologized. If we hadn’t have done the follow up work we’d still be waiting on the inspection. Payments on the solar panels wasn’t supposed to start until 2 months after we were up and running but they started pulling payments out October 1st on a system that wasn’t even functional. We finally got Rocky Mountain Power’s approval and they came out and installed the meter. We tried getting ahold of the project manager October 19th to see if we could turn it on and he still hasn’t answered us. If the system installer hadn’t shown us how to turn it on, we’d still be sitting here with no solar. We are trying to get James, Matt, or the project manager to talk to us about the $500 and the $800 rebate from Rocky Mountain Power and none of them will answer text, email or phones. We contacted Rocky Mountain Power today and they apologized and said they don’t offer $800 rebates. We were lied to. I really doubt we’ll see $500 from Shield Energy. This kind of sales tactic should be illegal. This has been a horrible experience. It has taken them 5 months to do what they promised to do in 6-8 weeks. We are very concerned about any warranty work we may need in the future. We were promised a 30 year warranty but with these dishonest people we doubt that was the truth.

Posted by mikej7276 on Nov 04, 2022
Beware. Do not purchase Solar with this company

I purchased Shield Solar in June, financed with Everbright, and Shield partner LA Solar was also listed on the contract. They cost a bit more than their competition but promised a high level of customer service and sold themselves as a company with superior equipment, a better installation crew and excellent customer service. Once I signed, these promises seemed to vanish in thin air. After months of mismanagement, sporadic work, no planning and sparse communication - oh and did I mention, zero customer service, I think Shield may have abandoned the project ( it is now end of October). I have not heard from them in 2 weeks and they have left trenches half dug in our driveway with all the equipment unconnected and scattered around our carport and garage. I have tried and tried to speak to someone from Shield but they will not take my call and have given me information about next steps. I even asked to speak with a senior representative of the company. They have not complied. Meanwhile Everbright has said the first bill will come through next week. i have explained that the equipment is not installed. They said they would look into it but I have not heard back from them either. I feel scammed. We are unable to use our driveway and carport due to the trenching and equipment left there. There is damage to our property caused by Shield Energy. We are devastated.

Posted by design on Oct 24, 2022



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