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Gault Electric is celebrating 27 years in service as your local energy and comfort experts! With numerous solar energy certifications, you can fully trust that your solar installation process will be enjoyable. Allow our talented team to take care of all your solar energy needs. Call Gault today!
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Gault Electric is a company you can count on for prompt and reliable service.
Founded in 1995, the company takes pride in its high standards and its dedication to courteous service and client satisfaction.
"Quality products and quality work - it's the only way to do the job right. And it's the only way we do the job at Gault Electric!" This high level of professional integrity has earned Gault Electric its well-deserved reputation for excellence and its continuing client-to-client referrals.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. We have never failed an inspection.

  2. When you call, we answer the phone.

  3. We value education over high pressure sales.

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Solar energy sales, service, and installation. Residential and commercial electrical. Generator sales, service, and installation. HVAC sales, service, and installation.

Services Offered

  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Each team member holds true to our company values: Ownership, Committed to be the best, Teamwork, Empathy, Focused on solutions, and Work/Life balance.

Workmanship Warranty

Gault Electric guarantees the workmanship on all installations for 10 years. For installed roof mounting systems, Gault Electric will warrant against any workmanship related leaks for 10 years. This workmanship warranty covers only areas of the roof where the solar installation occurred.


Class A Contractor #2705081358
Alternative Energy Systems (AES)
Commercial Building (CBC)
Electrical (ELE)
Gas Fitting (GFC)
Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVA)
Plumbing (PLB)


Federated Mutual Insurance Company


Generac Clean Energy
North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners Solar Associates
REC Certified Installer
Enphase Certified Installer
Solar Edge Certified Installer

Industry Certifications

  • Better Business Bureau
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

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Dryer Circuit Problem FIXED

We had the receptacle on our drier short and trip the breaker. Called Monday (late) and Gault had a service team out Wednesday morning. Their names was Jessica and Reese. Very professional and pleasant. They ended up having to replace the receptacle and wiring and updated us to a 4 prong outlet. They had everything they needed in their van, no running out to buy parts. Good workmanship all way around. We thought the price was very fair. Many thanks. Lee and Kathy

Posted by lalexa1103 on Apr 19, 2023
Installation of solar panels, backup generator & electric vehicle charging receptacle

Gault Electric installed 43 solar panels, a natural gas backup generator and an electric vehicle charging receptacle for us almost a year ago. We had talked to a few other solar companies but were not impressed with the very limited information that was provided with the quotes. We only had two issues during the installation, neither were the fault of Gault Electric. The 24 kw (G0072109) generator needs a very strong wi-fi signal and couldn't pick up the signal in the yard, even though all of the cell phones could access it. We had to install a Wireless Access Point to provide the necessary wi-fi signal strength. And the other problem was that the gas company didn't have the correct regulator in stock due to Covid supply problems and the original regulator pressure was set too long to support the generator and our gas hot water heater. After we were able to convince them that the problem was due to something in the installation and not a problem with our hot water heater, Gault came out found the problem and had the gas company adjust the regulator and everything worked after that. Everything is working fine now and the solar panels are providing more power than our average power usage.

Posted by wjalvesteffer on Sep 10, 2022
Your first choice

Travis Bevis at Gault Electric should have been my first choice when considering Solar. Sad thing is, I fell into the Powerhome Solar trap. Hindsight is always 20/20 and I wish Gault would have handled my solar install. Why? My inverter tripped a code and I tried to contact powerhome, no answer on any platform(shocking). I contacted Travis at Gault. He was able to remote into my inverter and diagnose the issue. Ended up being a faulty Genrac part. Travis contacted Genrac and got everything to replace the faulty parts. While Travis and his team were upgrading the Genrac parts they noticed 2 panels on my system were not even hooked up! This is after Powerhome did there “inspection”. I wish I had known about Gault before making my Solar decision, they would have been my first choice. I am glad I have them on my side now. Choose Gault Electric. They actually care. Phil Watkins Virginia Beach, Virginia

Posted by phil.p.watkins.jr on Aug 24, 2022
No one came close !

I looked at many nationally known companies before I installed my system. I had at least 3 quotes from all over the US. No one came close to what Gault Electric presented. Not only the competitive quote...and I mean competitive ! - but also the quick installation, 2 days and my 38 panels were up on the roof. Travis and his team did a great job and were very professional and responsive when I had questions or needed a f/u. They are local to the 757 area which gives me an extra reassurance. The panels are high quality and Gault is an electric company, so they helped with some extra electric work and fixes. Overall very happy...I just wish that Dominion was a little faster approving the net metering ! The Enlighten App also is great, I can what every panel is doing any time of the day. My system is generating a lot more than we are consuming...can't wait to see those credits racking up !!

Posted by melimad on Aug 21, 2022
Solar Panel Install

We had our solar panels installed back in October 2021 and are pleased with the results we are receiving. We waited a little while for the review to verify our monthly utility bill would disappear and sure enough it has. We are seeing $0 amounts due with even an credit on our account. The only mistake we made was during the winter we went and purchased electric space heaters that spiked up our bill up a little, we called Travis and he explained the extra usage and sure enough we exceeded our normal power consumption that we normally don't have and our bill balanced back to zero. I would highly recommend Travis and the team at Gault Electric, they have really done their homework on solar products providing us with a 25 year warranty and was able to cover our energy consumption correctly. What really sold us is they are local and only a phone call away.

Posted by g3pat on Jul 06, 2022



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