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Cosmo Solaris

We are working nationwide and based in Tyler, Texas. We have our local offices in all over USA. We are locals in the states we are operating right now. We choose Made-in-USA local components along with turnkey solution providing all equipment hardware, warranties, financing, installation, design, supplies, permitting, administration, interconnection with utility, final inspection from City, County, HOA, PTO and Utility included. We will make an account for the trading of SREC that homeowner is going to get with the specific period of time which is also called production incentive.
Also, we will apply for all of the utility incentives if any. As per the request of homeowner, we can also do re-roofing or any roof work, tree trimming and tree removal.
This way we help you save more for decades, rather than the simple, temporary options that only maximize profits. We keep updating ourselves with advancement and the future of solar photovoltaic and the possibilities that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are enabling in solar photovoltaic technology.

With wide variety of financing plans available, we can help you take back control of your Electric costs and diminish out the harmful impact on the environment we all live in! At Cosmo Solaris we offer cash OR loan as a financing option.

We already have served many consumers around Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina and, Pennsylvania and about to be operational in many other states too. Cosmo Solaris's products, services and warranties all add up to a reputation you can rely on, today and in the future.

Cosmo Solaris is registered to provide Austin & Oncor Rebates along with other applicable incentives.
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Our organization is an end-to-end, customer oriented alternative energy company that focuses on the marketing, trading, transportation, installation and distribution of solar panels specifically in the Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania region and around US.

Homes and businesses, both big and small, in the state of Texas are choosing to go solar with Cosmo Solaris despite of us being fairly new in installation business. We at Cosmo Solaris have employed most experienced solar installers with over 20 years of certified experience expertise in electrical and solar photovoltaic. Endowed ‘Made in USA’ solar systems in-house, from design and engineering to permitting to installation, monitoring and maintenance, we’ve done things diversely ensuring true modern esthetics and performance.

Eliminating the ineffectiveness of general contractors. Refusing poor performance and contradicting expensive systems. We’ve produced premium quality systems, avant-garde technology and cost effectiveness in every installation. This has earned us the recognition as one of the fastest and reputedly growing Solar Photovoltaic installers in the state of TX and beyond.
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(430) 562-9222
Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. We will not oversell you. Our primary goal is to educate you so that you can make an informed decision.

  2. We are a turnkey solution providing all equipment hardware, financing, installation, design, supplies, permitting, administration, interconnection with utility, final inspection from City, County, HOA and Utility included.

  3. We offer a 30-year Power Production Guarantee. If the system doesn't perform up to it's projections, we will pay you the difference.

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We speak

English; Hindi; Spanish; Thai

Cosmo Solaris can install rooftop solar photovoltaic panels on shingle, metal, tile, and flat roofs Cosmo Solaris also offer ground mount solar photovoltaic panels system and solar carports Cosmo Solaris installation services include all applicable and most 30-year warranty Cosmo Solaris offers 30 years’ service and monitoring of the residential solar photovoltaic panel systems we install Cosmo Solaris battery backup systems includes LG Chem, Enphase Ensemble Home generators including Generac Off-grid solar photovoltaic power systems Maintenance & Repair

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Workmanship Warranty

Cosmo Solaris warrants that the system will be free from material faults for a period of Twenty-five (25) years and defects in workmanship for Thirty (30) years after the date of completion of the Project.

Cosmo Solaris at its sole discretion will either repair or replace any defective installation of equipment and/or parts covered by this Warranty and ensure that system works as per material specs. This Warranty is granted by Cosmo Solaris to the owner only, and is assignable or transferable to any other person, entity, or owner.

Cosmo Solaris provides lifetime roof leakage warranty and any leaks or roof penetration issues that arise as the direct result of the solar installation would be covered by Cosmo Solaris.


Electrical License 36311


Liability Insurance for up to $1,000,000


NABCEP Certified. Enphase Ensemble Certified. LG Chem Certified. REC Pro Trust Partner, Generac Authorized Installer

Industry Certifications

  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Solar Professional

What Customers Are Saying

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Excellent communication

Muhammad Taha makes the process easiest for us. There are a lot of regulations and steps to go through, and having great communication made the process worry free. Travis was very quick to respond to all my questions and was always just a phone call away. Thanks team! My solar project is done, and I’m happy with the zero electric bill!

Posted by demerskelli on Feb 03, 2023
Top-notch services

They were professional and courteous. The product is top-of-the line. We are very pleased and have recommended them to our neighbors. They are working on their installations too.

Posted by jordanmarad on Feb 02, 2023
Highly satisfied

Our solar system was installed in January 2023, and we are highly satisfied with the production and performance so far. Our project manager, Travis, provided excellent and timely communication throughout the project. The installation team was responsive, friendly, and efficient. I definitely recommend Cosmo Solaris as a solar installer.

Posted by alonzooscar11122 on Feb 01, 2023
Very professional

very knowledgeable reps. They have the patience of Job. There wasn't a question that we asked that they couldn't answer.

Posted by hamiltonlong371 on Jan 31, 2023
Excellent service and Highly recommend

This was one of 13 bids I reviewed in preparing to instal our system. Although we ended up awarding our project to this company, I had a very positive experience in my dealings with Taha at Cosmo Solaris. I got a detailed solar proposal, and he answered my questions very quickly and really helped me gather all of the information I needed to identify the right course of action for our installation. We got our SREC, FTC, and incentive in time, which makes it a wonderful experience. Highly recommended!!!

Posted by ttjadgp on Jan 31, 2023
Excellent Customer Service. Highly Price Competitive.

Great company to use for your solar power needs, period. The most price competitive vendor in the texas area with an even more wonderful social advisor / sales staff. Special shout out to Elisa Miller - she is absolutely wonderful and answered all my queries. She helped me design the best configuration for my current and foreseeable energy needs. Not only did she help obtain a better price than the market but also got all answers i sought about the installation, contract terms and project financing. In fact, I did receive calls from their senior sales managers on Elisa’s insistence to help further clarify the contract terms and provide a detailed view of how they honor warranties. Hands down one of the best sales person i have worked with in the recent times. All companies should have their sales team members like Elisa Miller - she is an extremely polite and diligent person. I whole heartedly recommend all of you to trust this company for your solar power needs. You will not need to look elsewhere. 1) Their pricing is definitely the cheapest - comes from someone who had 7+ quotes 2) They design every system with Tier 1 solar panels and micro-inverters and can even entertain your specific needs about specific brands/wattage. 3) Their Post Installation guarantee is industry leading - they provide 100% production guarantee, 25 year labor warranty, 25 year roof penetration warranty - and they write it all up in their solar agreement. Hope you find this review helpful. Best of luck for your solar power needs. Just avoid yourself the troubles and anxieties of researching. Just go with them, you will not regret it. Go Green, Go Solar !!

Posted by vishalgandhi83 on Jan 10, 2023



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