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About Mitrex

Mitrex is the world’s largest building integrated photovoltaic manufacturer, developing a wide range of integrated solar products including cladding, railing, glass, standard solar panels, color-customised solar panels, and more. Mitrex comes from over 20 years of manufacturing experience and, as of recent years, researching, advancing, and manufacturing integrated solar technology are at the core. Located in Toronto, Canada, the Mitrex facility can produce tens of thousands of square feet per day of integrated solar products with a fully automated, state of the art manufacturing plant.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of sustainable facade systems with a capacity of 250MW, Mitrex envisions a world where solar energy is generated by any surface touched by the sun. Mitrex has made it its mission to have a transformative effect on the building and energy industries by accelerating the adoption of sustainable, human-made structures that produce energy.
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  • Manufacturing