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Top Tier Solar Solutions

Top Tier Solar Solutions is the fastest growing vertically-integrated solar company in the nation.

Our mission is to help homeowners invest in energy independence by providing a seamless, transparent transition to solar energy, and create an unmatched customer experience through personalized customer support.
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About Top Tier Solar Solutions

“I started in the solar industry in 2017 canvassing door-to-door. Despite having little to no prior experience with sales, business or the industry itself, I quickly found vast levels of success. After spending four years on the ground gaining hands-on experience and expertise, I realized that there were many things in the industry that could be done better to provide a more seamless transition to solar for homeowners. So, in 2021, I set out to build a company based on being radically transparent with both customers and employees, and providing an unmatched experience. Due to these instilled values we have quickly become the fastest growing vertically integrated solar company in the nation. I know that it will not always be easy and that there will be some growing pains along the way, but I am dedicated to making Top Tier Solar Solutions the best the industry has to offer. While I cannot promise perfection, I can promise that there will be plenty of sleepless nights until I get close.”
- Founder/CEO Samuel Van Wynen
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  • Roofing

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  • Better Business Bureau

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Top Tier Solar Solutions is Truly Top Tier

In my quest for the right solar solution, I've engaged with nearly 20 companies and have experienced firsthand the variety in quality and service within this industry. My journey has seen me sign and subsequently cancel contracts with a pushy, overpriced company and a multinational firm that, despite being the lowest bidder, fell drastically short in fulfilling their obligations. However, amidst these disappointing experiences, I discovered Top Tier Solar Solutions—a company that truly lives up to its name. From the very beginning, their team was pleasant, punctual, and transparent in all interactions. A dedicated customer service team stayed in constant contact, ensuring a smooth process from signing to post-installation. Moreover, the installation team was exceptional, demonstrating professionalism and expertise every step of the way. What sets Top Tier apart, however, is their remarkable commitment to exceeding customer expectations. Despite initially stating a 3-4 month timeframe for installation, they had my solar system up and running in just 2 months—an impressive feat that not only reflects their efficiency but also their ability to 'undersell and overdeliver.' So, if you're looking for a company that genuinely prioritizes customer satisfaction and delivers top-quality service in a timely manner, look no further than Top Tier Solar Solutions. They have set the bar high in the solar industry, and I wholeheartedly endorse them as a truly 'Top Tier' provider.

Posted by samanthabarnum530 on May 24, 2023



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