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EGT Solar

Welcome to EGT Solar EnergySage profile, we are glad you have found us! We are new to EnergySage but rest assure,with 14 years of installing solar systems in southern ID, we are the oldest and most experienced solar electrical contractor in the state. As a fully licensed electrical contractor, we do not subcontract out any of our work, and are always perfecting our craft. With an in-house service team, we are there for our clients long after the installation and pride ourselves on customer service. If you are looking for solar in ID, there isn't a more educated, experienced, and honest company. Please come visit us at our showroom and meet our staff.
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Although we are new to EnergySage, EGT was founded in 2010 with the mission to be Idaho’s largest and most trusted local solar energy services company. At that time, Idaho’s solar industry was a mere 58 total installations! This was in part due to Idaho’s low utility rates and the overall high cost of solar components at that time. We knew with certainty both of these factors would change and create a booming solar industry here in Idaho. 14 years later, Idaho is one of the top 3 fastest-growing solar markets in the US, one of the fastest-projected rising utility cost states, and solar components are at an all-time low cost. We are now Idaho's oldest and most experienced solar installer; the future for solar in Idaho is very bright! Please come visit our showroom in Meridian.

At EGT, we do not subcontract out any of our installations and handle everything from solar system design, permitting, installation, and service in-house. As you will see, most solar quotes are pretty similar. Most of the equipment is high quality and price should be competitive. However, what is most important is the company that you choose to work with to install your system. We have seen over 30 solar companies come and go throughout our 14 years in business, and we now service and repair most of those systems. When installation happens with EGT, it is not the end of the sale, it is the beginning of a relationship with our clients for the life of the system.

Austin and Casey are our service directors. They are solely responsible for making sure our customers are taken care of and that the systems are running properly. You will never have to call the manufacturers or be put on hold because we will take care of it for you.

Setting a meeting with EGT is an educational experience where we will go over your entire system and why the specific solar equipment is best for your situation. Answer any questions you may have and leave you feeling good about inquiring about solar for your home or business.

Once sales documents have been signed, we start our back-end work to get your system permitted and product ordered. We typically have systems passed final inspection in 6-8 weeks.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. While we are new to EnergySage, our 14 years of business in the southern Idaho market make us the oldest and most experienced solar installer in the state of Idaho

  2. Having an in-house service department sets us apart from our competition. We are there to work with you long after the installation.

  3. As a fully licensed electrical contractor, we do not subcontract out any of our installations.

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EGT is a fully licensed electrical contractor specializing in solar and battery installations. With 14 years of experience, we have built a stellar reputation for quality and reliability. Unlike many companies in the valley that subcontract their solar installations, leaving clients without support post-sale, we pride ourselves on our dedicated in-house service team. This ensures that we handle all service requests promptly and support you for the life of your system. Our extensive experience in solar and battery installations has equipped our staff with the expertise to manage every type of installation. We are true experts in the solar field. Additionally, if your home requires electrical upgrades to pass inspection or any other electrical work while we are installing your system, let us know. We can seamlessly incorporate these services into your quote, providing a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs.

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Commercial Solar

Workmanship Warranty

10-year Workmanship Warranty.

EGT Solar stands behind all work performed for our clients. If for any reason any component of your system should fail or require periodic maintenance EGT Solar will cover all time/material/labor for any work related to the original solar installation. If components need to be replaced through manufacturer warranties, EGT Solar will work with the said manufacturer on your behalf to source a replacement and install at no charge within our 10-year workmanship warranty period. This is very unlikely to occur but rest assured that EGT Solar has you covered and will take all necessary steps to ensure your project is installed at the highest level to avoid any future issues or concerns.

EGT Warrants to the purchaser (property owner at time work completed) or subsequent property owners that any products installed in accordance with the initial installation agreement will be free from defects and/or production complications/failures for a period of ten (10) years. Coverages are pro-rata and will follow this schedule:

For a period of two (2) years following installation all modules, inverters, optimizers, electrical runs and any other component deemed part of the system installation will be serviced free of charge, including but not limited to parts, labor and shipping costs.

For a period of three (3) years following the first warranty period all modules, inverters, optimizers, electrical runs and any other component deemed part of the system installation will be serviced with a fee of seventy-nine dollars ($79). Fifty percent (50%) of all labor costs for repair or replacement is the responsibility of the system owner (unless covered under the manufacturer’s warranty) and will be billed according to EGT’s current service fee schedule. All parts and shipping costs will be free of charge.

For a period of five (5) years following the second warranty period all modules, inverters, optimizers, electrical runs and any other component deemed part of the system installation will be serviced with a fee of seventy-nine dollars ($79). All labor costs for repair or replacement will be the responsibility of the system owner (unless covered under the manufacturer’s warranty) and will be billed according to EGT’s current service fee schedule. All parts and shipping costs will be free of charge.


Electriacian: EL:014096


Certified Enphase, SolarEdge, Tesla installer. Panasoinc elite Retailer/Installer. REC Premier Retailer/Installer. Certified SolarEdge and Enphase Service support technichians. SPAN Premium Partner.

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EGT Solar delivered high quality, competitive value and flawless execution

As a member of a homeowner's association, I was the first to install a rooftop solar generation system on my townhome. This decision was not taken lightly, as I was committed to choosing a system that would deliver on the promise of a regenerative solar-powered future. Since the solar system was installed last Fall, it has performed at 125% of my expectations. Starting from the initial quote, EGT Solar delivered the system precisely as planned. They handled communication and permitting with Idaho Power and local building inspectors. Now, with the Regeneration Credits reflected on my power bill and the return on my investment becoming evident, I am reaping the financial benefits of my decision to install a solar system.

Posted by bradbrickman on Jun 27, 2024
EGT 7.7 Kw solar install

I recently had a solar installation performed by EGT solar. I had done thorough research with about eight other installation companies. EGT was my eventual choice for several reasons. No outside contractors and a competitive price. Quinn was an effective salesman and eventually brought down the cost. It comprised of 19 405 watt REC panels and enphase micro inverters. Overall they did a great job. Installation timing was seamless and the install was completed in one day. There were some inspection issues. A component documentation was missing for the initial electrical inspection. That was resolved with the documentation and a subsequent inspection. County inspection determined that the rail spacing was inadequate for the snow load. That required an additional install visit to rectify but was also easily resolved. The crew admitted they normally don't install in high snow load areas and had forgotten the requirement. The energy consumption current transformers (CTs) (an enphase component)initially weren't hooked up in the initial install. They provide consumption data in the enphase App. They were wired in with a subsequent visit. However after monitoring consumption for several weeks, the values appeared too high. After consulting with Enphase and EGT tech support it was determined that the wiring was incorrect. Another subsequent visit resolved that issue. I now have consumption/ production data that match my utility provider. Overall although there are some minor installation issues all were eventually resolved without extra cost. The install team also helped install an emporia energy management system in my electrical panel for a small fee. Overall the EGT team met my expectations. They were timely, efficient and answered questions effectively. The telephone support was excellent. I would recommend their service

Posted by skeebyk on Jun 25, 2024
EGT is Great Local Solar Company

After several false starts I managed to avoid potential disasters with out-of-state solar companies. Then I contacted the local company EGT Solar. Quinn, my sales representative, along with Pasho and the entire install crew, made the whole process from start to finish efficient, transparent, and enjoyable from my perspective. Highly recommend EGT if you want the solar job done right. Update: The system EGT installed last year is working great. The Enlighten App makes it easy to monitor the system. In a few weeks EGT will be installing installing a 5 KWH battery backup to enhance my system capability.

Posted by smith.ronaldd on Jun 16, 2024
EGT Solar is my preferred solar vendor

After meeting with 3-4 different solar companies (1:1, in our home) and hours of research, I was most impressed by EGT solar. The president took the time to answer my 'technical' questions and educated me (in "english") about the industry, local/state laws, risks and didn't bad-mouth competitors. He didn't push any specific product. We purchased. A year later, everything he said was accurate. Our system produces at or above 100% of our usage. The energy company is paying "net", but as he warned they are pushing hard to reduce that amount. He is a strong advocate for residential solar customers and continues to communicate key updates from the Public Utilities Commission. 3 years later, I have now expended on the original installation to include a Smart panel and battery backup. No regrets.

Posted by RealEstateOfMind on Jun 15, 2024
Fantastic Local Solar Company

I received quotes from multiple installers during my initial solar journey. Went with EGT Solar and I couldn't be happier! They are a great local company that made the experience wonderful from start to finish. They've also been super responsive for warranty work! Fantastic company and would definitely recommend!

Posted by rynomite on Jun 13, 2024
EGT Solar

I recently had EGT Solar install solar panels at my home, and I couldn't be more pleased with the entire experience. The team was incredibly quick and thorough, ensuring that every detail of the installation was handled with care. They took the time and effort to help me move shelving in my garage to make room for the equipment. They also took the time to clean up after the installation, leaving my property just as tidy as it was before they arrived. I highly recommend EGT Solar for anyone considering solar energy solutions—they truly deliver top-notch service!

Posted by clydegregg on Jun 12, 2024



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