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Paramount Energy Solutions

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About Paramount Energy Solutions

At Paramount Energy Solutions we believe clean solar energy should be affordable for everyone. That's why we partnered with SolarCity® to bring you the groundbreaking lease option SolarLease. SolarLease allows homeowners to install solar panels without any upfront costs and start saving money from day one. [Go solar for $0 down and save on electricity costs from Day 1]

Go Solar for $0 Down
You can afford to go solar NOW without the high initial cost of installing a system. Instead of buying the solar panels, racking system, inverter, labor and monitoring services, you simply lease it. Leasing solar panels is the fastest growing solar financing solution in the country!

Save on Electricity Costs from Day One
With SolarLease, instead of paying for your system all at once, you only pay as you go. Your low monthly lease payment combined with your smaller electricity bill, will typically be less than what you pay the utility company today. So, you start saving money from the very first day you utilize solar.

Savings Grow Every Year
Historically, utility rates have increased over 5 % per year according to Energy Information Administration. As utility rates continue to rise, so does your savings! With SolarLease®, you lock in your current electricity rates for the entire term of your lease.

Includes Free Monitoring and Repair Service
SolarLease® includes continuous monitoring of your system for the full life of the lease. Continuous monitoring of your system ensures its performance. In the unlikely event that your system underperforms, you will be alerted and we will remedy the situation under full warranty. Solar panels typically last up to 30 years or longer and during their lifespan require very little maintenance.

Guaranteed System Performance or We Will Pay You Back
Using SolarCity’s monitoring service called SolarGuard™, your systems performance will be tracked to show how much energy your system is producing everyday, week, month and year. In the unlikely event that your system under performs, SolarCity will alert you to help remedy the situation. If your system under performs its initial expecations, we will pay you back.

Flexibility to Upgrade the System Later
When your SolarLease® ends, the power is still in your hands. You can upgrade to a new system with the latest solar technology. Or, if you wish, you can extend your lease in additional 5-year increments or simply have the solar panels removed for free. Should you sell your home before the end of the lease, you can transfer the lease to the new owners, if they qualify, or you can prepay the lease and add it to the home asking price.
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