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PSE&G Solar Loan Program

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About PSE&G Solar Loan Program

PSE&G Solar Loan program is available to NJ residents.

PSE&G has set aside millions of dollars to help finance the installation of solar power systems for residents, businesses, and organizations throughout our electric service area.
And that means you may be eligible for a loan from PSE&G that can help finance 40% – 60% of your qualified solar power installation.
What’s more, unlike other loans, you can elect to have the Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) your solar electric system generates to pay back your loan.
PSE&G will guarantee a fixed minimum price for the SRECs applied towards the repayment of your loan. If SREC market prices are higher than the floor price, PSE&G will credit your loan at the higher price. You get the safety of a floor price and the upside potential of higher SREC prices.
FACT: While SREC prices may seem high now, there is no guarantee on where they will be in 2, 5, or 10 years. If you lock in your SREC prices with PSE&G you can benefit from higher prices and have the security of a floor price.
PSE&G has simplified and improved the loan approval and closing process. It’s now easier than ever to get a Solar Loan.
It’s all part of PSE&G’s continuing efforts to encourage the development and installation of clean, renewable energy technologies throughout New Jersey.
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