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New Resource Bank

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About New Resource Bank

Solar energy has been powering our lives for 4.5 million years. Now you can harness solar power for your own home, reducing your utility bills, and control your future energy costs.

Let New Resource Bank finance your solar power system with a solar home equity loan, solar home equity line of credit or solar hybrid loan. It’s free and easy to apply, and you may qualify for federal or local tax breaks or rebates.
Attractive home equity loan rates
Pay a monthly bill to get solar power while utility bill goes down
Become more independent of energy price volatility
Interest may be tax deductible
Maximum loan to value of 80 percent for homes up to $1 million in value, 50 percent loan to value for value over $1 million
Good or Excellent credit rating with FICO® score above 700
Premium rates for FICO® score above 750
Phone Number
(415) 995-8100