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UmassFive College Federal Credit Union - Profile & Reviews

Massachusetts HEAT Loan Participating Lender.
The Mass SaveĀ® HEAT Loan Program offers customers the opportunity to apply for a 0% loan for the installation of qualified energy efficient improvements in their homes. To qualify for a loan, the customer must own a one-to-four family residence and obtain a Home Energy Assessment though the Mass Save Home Energy Service program. When the application and proposals are received, Mass Save loan administrator will perform an Eligibility Review, and issue a HEAT Loan Authorization Form. Customers will NOT be able to apply for a loan with a Participating Lender before obtaining a HEAT Loan Authorization Form. (This prohibition does not include obtaining pre-qualification from a participating lender.)

Service area: BRANCH OFFICES Amherst, Hadley, Northhampton, Worcester

2 reviews

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  • "Horrible..."

    Reviewed Jul 20, 2022

    Horrible experience doing business with this credit union. Worst customer service ever had to deal with. It takes 72 hours to reply to a simple message and when you call with urgent matters they direct you to an "encrypted" messaging system which is really dated.
    The horror doesn't stop when they finally message you back and tell you to call the same number that directed you to the messaging system.

    They have the same old lady on the phone every single time you call who takes forever to type and but my guess has no clue how to use a computer..
    Oh, also when you ask to speak with a manager they never call you back.

    I'd rather pay a little higher interest rate than ever do business again with this credit union.


    Reviewed Nov 22, 2016

    Do not use this credit union for a mortgage! They have signed on with Midwest Loan Services who are the absolute worst mortgaging service in the business. If you try to get a loan through this place, it will be worse than using Bank of America. It will take weeks and weeks, they will tell you fifteen different things. My dealings with them were a nightmare, they screwed up everything. And I am not at all impressed with the amount of help I received from Umass concerning the behavior of their mortgage servicing company: because that amount was NONE!! Sure Umass has some "small town friendly people" but it takes more than that when they are dealing with your life, and your home and your mortgages. I have had two mortgages, personal loans, car loans, my family has had mortgages, car loans and personal loans, but since they have signed on with Midwest we will never do business with them again. After trying to close on my house for weeks, Midwest set a closing date, and said don't make any more payments. Then they immediately reported me late ! I have had two mortgages with that bank, all paid, and this is what they do to me? Now I have sold my house, and other banks are telling me that because I had one late payment on a mortgage they won't give me a loan for a year! are you kidding me? And Umass won't help me at all? After all the business me and my family has done with them, they treat us like this? Stay away from this place, they pretend they are "small town" but when the rubber hits the road you are on your own, and they treat you like garbage. Its not worth it.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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UmassFive College Federal Credit Union Headquarters

55 Lake Ave North
Worcester, MA