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About Falcon Green Energy

Falcon Green Energy specializes in Solar PV Electric Generation Projects. From 100 KiloWatts on building & garage rooftops, up to 100 MegaWatts in large scale utility power projects, based in the Southwest US desert, FGE can provide electric power from these projects in long term Power purchase Agreements with utilities, coops, schools, governments and large industrial electricity buyers. FGE can also offer 25 year fixed $/MW-H pricing, plus initial buy-ins, buy-downs, & later buy-outs. Often FGE can arrange power project financing that is 'assumable' by the utility or power customer. With 'no cash' in the deal, the utility may by only committing to the long term purchase of power once online, may then later option to take ownership of the power project and assume our pre-existing debt facility and term balance.
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