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West Coast Solar

West Coast Solar is serving the entire Bay Area installing residential & commercial photovoltaic systems, thermal systems along with roofing expertise for over 30 years.

West Coast Solar offers our customers a choice and not locked into 1 program. We do full purchases, offer multiple financing options, solar leases & PPA's (power purchase agreements)

Our expert solar consultants will educate you on the multiple choice you have and help choose a program that best fits you and your needs!

100% Customer service and satisfaction is our primary goal!
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We install photovoltaic systems that have virtually no negative impact on the environment. You get to enjoy all the comforts of life that electricity provides while helping to preserve the earth’s resources and the best part is you can do that and save money – even eventually enjoying free electricity! The solar energy your system produces can greatly reduce, if not eliminate, your dependence on the utility company.
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Solar, Roofing, California State License Board # 908549


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  • Certified Solar Professional
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This company deserves this 5-star review.

This company deserves this 5-star review. We recently moved to Brentwood and purchased a home that had an existing solar system. Earlier in May, I discovered a fault light on our system and contacted the product's company. They directed me to contact my installer for my diagnostics. Unfortunately, the previous homeowner did not leave any information regarding installers, etc. After much research, I was able to find out installer information, monitoring, and original contractor. However, to my disappointment, the installer was no longer in business with the original contractor and could not help me. When reaching out to other solar service companies, most would not assist me given they did not complete the original install. This placed me between the infamous, "rock and a hard place". When contacting West Coast Solar, via Yelp, Brenda was superb with her customer service and communication. In my particular situation, she was able to receive authorization for their company to service my system despite not being the original installers. Hooray! I was placed in contact with Billie from customer relations who was very empathetic to my situation and understanding with my frustration with the several communications I had already made with the product company. I already had a 99% suspicion that my inverter needed to be warrantied given a few company's opinions, yet the product company persisted requiring a technician on site to verify. Billie quickly coordinated with their service staff and was able to set up service the next day due to her diligent response to a canceled appointment. The service technician, Travis, was personable, friendly, and professional. He was quick to diagnosis my system's problem. The inverter was obviously with thermal damage from some type of failed component. He contacted the product's company with the requested information and promptly set up a warranty replacement. Travis went above and beyond and received authorization from his company to replace my unit the same day given the particular model of my inverter. His team brought the unit to my residence while he uninstalled my failed unit. In no time, my system was back on the grid producing power! Travis informed me that I should be able to see the production on my monitoring app in a matter of a couple of days. Yet, it wasn't even an hour when I first saw that green spike in production on my app! The next day I received an invoice from Melissa in accounts receivable who was prompt on her replies and call-backs. Billie reached out for follow-up on my experience and if I had any questions or concerns. Wow! What a refreshing experience with a fantastic company! I work in a customer-centered field and to receive great customer service is wonderful. I truly appreciate having this company local and all their assistance getting my situation promptly resolved. I look forward to using them for all my future solar needs. Thank you!

Posted by cannot on Jun 06, 2020
West Coast Solar Team is awesome!

I am a mail carrier for the Post Office. Ryan Olgan was a customer of mine then (friend now...) I spent a yr. fishing around other solar reps and companies. I signed with the 1st. company I talked to. That experience didn't go well... Looked into a few other solar companies. The dots still didn't connect in my head what I was signing up for, and getting... I finally broke down and contacted Ryan Olgan. Asked him a few questions. He didn't jump into salesman mode... just help if I wanted it... 2 yrs. later... I not only have a better system than I would've had then... It's cheaper! And I understand what I'm getting. Now! Installation! My 3 neighbors panels took 2-3 days, and used more crew. Billie Turnbull and his buddy did our panels in 1 day. PGE blessed and approved it. It was also said,,, I know your work...It's good! I give value a 4 star, cuz It's winter.. How much energy is the sun putting out?

Posted by impostal on Jan 24, 2019



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