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About Michigan Saves

A non-profit that offers financing options for energy efficiency improvements throughout Michigan

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Do your research

I went through Michigan Saves last year and the program is great but the reason I gave 2 stars is because of my experience with the contractor. Theres no accountability once you sign the contract you're trapped. If you want to deal with an unprofessional contractor company who will insult your intelligence, disrespect you and your property, and horrible craftsmanship then by all means you should choose Avalon. Choosing Avalon to work on my property is the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life, I originally called them about my soffit and I ended up getting talked into getting my roof replaced and to make a long story short because I could say alot in which I plan to make a more detailed complaint to the Attorney General office about how they have done nothing but disrespect me and my property from day one. Last year they sent a worker to my house while I was not home and with out making an appointment to come and the worker that came did not have on any badge or clothing to represent where he worked and when I questioned why no one contacted me I was told by the operations manager no one has to answer to me and tell me anything and I was told by another manager this year that I was crazy because I made a warranty claim on my roof stating that there's a buckle in the valley and it appears according to the weather...I was told there's no such thing, but its true I have pictures the hump comes and goes and they told me the buckle is coming from the framing of the house and if thats true why does the hump come and go according to the weather, and why is it that the hump was not there before and I still have soffits that should have been replaced with the new roof and were not in fact I'm still waiting on a return call from Avalon to answer the question of why weren't the other soffits replaced. Lastly I've been through every emotion from extremely upset, to trying to be nice and it doesn't matter, some kind of way you will get disrespect from them.

Posted by tmarshall22 on Aug 05, 2023
Lack of communication

Got approved from all three lenders. I had to email them to get any type of communication going. Sent over documentation and I reached back out to them and received zero feedback. Great program but not real helpful when lenders do not contact you.

Posted by alfred.sylaj on Jul 16, 2020
Too easy to borrow

This loan wasn't offered at my credit union so I created a new account with Lake Michigan Credit Union all online. The process was quick and efficient. Only difficulty was they didn't deduct my down payment so paid my installer extra. My installer mailed me a check so all is well. Even though I didn't request or need it, the 3 months no payment is nice. 10 years is way too long to pay it off at 5.5% so I'm glad there is no penalty for early pay off.

Posted by albr0615 on Jan 04, 2020
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    Sterling Heights MI LG Panels & Enphase Electronics
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    100% Solar
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