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American Solar & Roofing

Established in 2001, American Solar & Roofing is a specialty contractor focused on high-quality solar PV System Design and Installation services. Our Roofing and Electrical expertise, combined with Tier 1 solar products and roofing-industry approved mounting methods, ensure your system will be operational and trouble-free for years to come.
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About American Solar & Roofing

American Solar & Roofing is Arizona’s No. 1 designer and installer of solar electric systems. Our mission is straightforward: to put the power of solar energy in the hands of the homeowner. With a solar electric system as your home’s primary source of energy, you are breaking free from rising utility costs. You’re also choosing a clean and sustainable way to power your home. We believe it’s time the people of Arizona take control of the energy they use on their own property. We also believe in excellence. That’s why American Solar & Roofing takes time to evaluate your individual situation. Our professionals analyze your utility consumption and inspect your roof and electrical system to ensure seamless integration of solar into your home. Our team will provide you with an optimum system configuration and the most affordable financing options to ensure savings and return on your solar investment. That’s our promise. Established in 2001, American Solar & Roofing is among the few turnkey solar electric system companies licensed, bonded and insured for roofing and electrical contracting by the state of Arizona. Paired with our solar expertise, this offers a level of knowledge that no other solar contractor in the state can match. Our skill at integrating every system we install into the roof system — whether it’s a new or existing roof — ensures its reliable operation for years to come. Join the revolution, and discover the power of choice with American Solar & Roofing.

Ranking Arizona #1 Residential Solar Installer 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011
Angie's List Super Service Award, BBB Rated A+
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  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

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Systems installed by American Solar & Roofing perform up to expectations, we guarantee it.* For 2 years from the day your system first provides power to your home, American Solar & Roofing guarantees the system will produce an amount of energy, at expected levels, as detailed in the Statement of General Performance. During the guarantee period, American Solar & Roofing will repair any defective items or correct any defective workmanship in the installation of the system at no cost or expense (including labor costs) to you.


AZ ROC License #168657 [CR-11], #236520 [CR-42]


Fully insured & bonded.


Arizona Registrar of Contractors

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Installation went fine, follow up service is abysmal

I had panels installed in 2017 and the system works fine. I needed to have my roof replaced and they couldn't make it out to my home for 4 months. When they reconnected it, there was a loose connection and I wasn't getting full production. It took me some time to notice this issue, but I contacted them about it and they wanted to charge me $250 to check it out. I sent spreadsheets and info from the power company as proof. Eventually, they stopped returning my emails. I finally got them back out to the house this year and they found the loose connection. While they were here, the inverter started producing an error message and they said I need a new one, which was covered under warranty. They said I should have it in a week or two and it would be easy to install. After two weeks were up, I called and they said they'd had the inverter in their possession for some time but for some reason couldn't contact me? We scheduled installation for the next Wednesday. On that day, they called to say that their technician was sick. It seems that they have one technician and no plan for backup. We scheduled the replacement for 2 Fridays from then. On the Thursday before the scheduled installation, I got a call that the technician quit and since there was still no backup, I'd have to wait for them to hire another?! This is going on for 2 months now since the inverter went bad and over 2 years since they removed and replaced the panels for roof repair.

Posted by dcruver on Mar 10, 2022
They took my money and abandoned the job half finished

American Solar & Roofing and I signed a contract on March 28 for the installation of a new solar system on the roof of my house in Grayhawk (8215 E Mountain Spring Rd). They promised to start construction on May 13 and finish it by May 17 - "in four days." Then on May 9, they told me that they would not be able to start on May 13 but rather May 17, and finish it by May 21. ("The estimated construction start date is May 17, 2017 with a completion date of May 21, 2019.") Then they suddenly showed up on May 13 and worked for two days to remove the clay tiles from the roof. They demanded payment of $10,164 I paid by AmEx credit card on May 13. Thus they have received all but about $1,600 of the $19,416 contract value. Yet they never delivered the PV panels which were also due on May 13, and never finished the roof job. They left the roof tiles scattered on the roof and in my yard, and never returned since May 15 despite my numerous calls, emails and other messages. And now I am having a hard time getting anything specific from their company president Joy Seitz. Meanwhile, my wife and I had had purchased tickets for a trip to Europe, of which the American Solar execs were aware from the start. So they knew how important these promised deadlines were to us over and above a normal stay-at-home customer. Before we left on May 26, however, I had made arrangements for some of my friends to let them in. Joy Seitz promised me in a phone call on May 24 to have the job finished by the end of the following week (May 31). But as I said, they have never showed up since, and are now stalling me by ignoring my emails and calls. On June 7, I sent Joy Seitz, American Solar President, a Breach of Contract letter and threatened legal action and other remedial steps. They have not responded to this letter, either.

Posted by bobdj on Jun 10, 2019

Follow up service is terrible. Never return my calls. Avoid this company at all costs.

Posted by chuck84132 on Mar 23, 2019
Great communication, a little pricey

Doug Maher was great to deal with. He provided all the information that I needed and was very responsive when questions were asked. Unfortunately pricing was a little high and their time to start the project was rather long. There were also some poor reviews that didn’t not paint a good after sales service picture. They’re aware of this and are apparently working hard to improve this

Posted by narkose17 on Feb 02, 2019
Quality work at a fair price.

Do your homework, know your annual consumption in KWH. Go to PVWatts web application and do your best to size a system yourself, for example if your total annual is 12, 000 kWh, then you could start with a 7KW system. Then if you like high pressure sales contact the zero down 20 year+ solar sales companies, and by the way it takes sometimes 30 to 90 days after to be commissioned. Or, contact American Solar and Roofing and have a well designed system installed and commissioned on average in 90 days start to finish. Did I mention the city inspectors and utility companies know their work.

Posted by fwd2snk on Aug 08, 2017
American Solar - Post Installation Support Lacking

After a fairly exhaustive research of Solar Installers I selected American Solar for my residential solar system. This was based on company reviews and some very professional sales support from Nate. Overall, I am very pleased with the 33 panel system from a production performance point of view. The issue, which speaks volumes of the true measure of a company, is the follow-up service after the sale and installation...In my case, I had reported that during the installation, one of the crew members apparently stepped on my interior ceiling sheet rock as he was running conduit and wire from the panels to the inverter in the attic, resulting in a two foot long crack that clearly went all the way thru the sheet rock and was a visible eyesore in my family room area. After several weeks of attempts to get the crack repaired, I finally was informed that a sheet rock repair person would be sent out. The morning that individual was to show up, Buddy the project supervisor showed up instead and informed me that the sheet rock guy had cancelled due to a hiring dispute with American Solar. Buddy then proceeded to attempt the repair himself, but we both agreed that the damaged area needed to be cut out and replaced which he was not able to do. At that point Buddy indicated he would get someone scheduled the following week to complete the repair work. That commitment was made in December 2014, and now mid February 2015, the repair still has not been completed despite numerous follow-up attempts on my part to get American Solar to make good on their commitments.

Posted by kpwinaz on Feb 15, 2015



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