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Son Energy Systems - Profile & Reviews

Son Energy Systems is a local PV installer that loves to partner with homeowners in the design and building of excellent performing, aesthetically pleasing and long lasting solar electric systems. From layout detail to seamless installation to performance monitoring, we will go the extra mile to provide a customer experience and value second to none. We take time to do it right the first time. Call us at (860) 434-2757 or email survey@sonpv.com to schedule a free site evaluation.

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  • "Excellent communication and workmanship."

    Reviewed Jan 12, 2020
    "Excellent communication and workmanship."

    Reviewed Jan 12, 2020

    I was apprehensive about selecting a company to guide me though the solar experience, given my state of relative ignorance on the subject. I got quotes from two large companies and Ron Tooker. Ron came to the house, looked at everything and told me where he thought the problems might be. The other companies submitted estimates from satellite pictures. . Ron answered all my questions. The quote from Son Energy Systems was the lowest quote I got. It makes a big difference to be talking to the guy who will actually be doing the work. As it happened, there were no problems with the installation that Ron and his team could not fix. They showed up on time and cleaned up the work area. Ron was also very available for any questions or concerns I had. I understand that he has done a lot of work repairing other people's systems so that he designs his systems with that in mind. All together an excellent experience. I have been recommending Son Energy Systems to all my friends.

  • "Excellent Service"

    Reviewed Oct 17, 2019

    Ron responded to our request for service promptly. He is very informative and thorough in his explanations of equipment and solar energy knowledge, he helped us with monitoring websites and other information we were looking for. Ron is very personable and a pleasure to deal with. His craftsmanship was very precise. The worksite was left clean. His pricing was was inline with his original estimate. Ron Communicated with with us throughout the entire process either through email, text or verbal communication. We would highly recommend Son Energy Systems for all your Solar needs.

  • "positive review of Son Energy Systems"

    Reviewed Oct 16, 2019
    "positive review of Son Energy Systems"

    Reviewed Oct 16, 2019

    Ron Tooker was very professional and technically correct. He responded to my needs quickly and thoroughly. He was always friendly and willing to answer any and all of my questions. When interaction with another solar company was necessary, he was positively right on the money ! Very accurate, very convincing and insuring the right positive results. I would hire him again for any work on my solar system ! I would happily endorse him and Son Energy Systems. If you are looking for quick, thorough, complete service......Ron Tooker is the only one you will need.

  • "Efficient, effective and aesthetic design of solar panels installed with experience"

    Reviewed Oct 16, 2019
    "Efficient, effective and aesthetic design of solar panels installed with experience"

    Reviewed Oct 16, 2019

    I looked for a designer and installer that was a sole proprietor as well as a large company. I received estimates from large companies: Earthlight, CTEC Solar and a sole proprietor Son Energy Systems. The techniques used to determine the amount of solar energy I could expect from the panels varied as did the designs. The estimates ranged from $30,000 to $20,000 with the least expensive being from Son Energy Systems owned by Ron Tooker. I choose Son Energy Systems not only on the cost but on Ron's previous experience as a nuclear engineer and his previous experience in the solar energy market. He designed and installed an aesthetically pleasing, efficient system based on his experience with the companies producing the solar panels, micro inverters and rails. He works with a hand picked team that brings their own expertise in the construction as well as the electrical aspect of installation. He explained the current status of the credits granted by the Green bank and the Federal Government as well as the changes that are being considered at the state level that would affect the value of solar energy produced: net metering replaced by net billing. Any challenges that presented themselves were handled fairly and honestly. One last point: when system was inspected by the town of Essex, the inspector gave a two thumbs up, complimenting the solar and electrical installation. There are many examples of why I would recommend Ron Tooker and they would all point to his kind demeanor, his integrity and his dedication to quality.

  • "Honest"

    Reviewed Oct 15, 2019

    Reviewed Oct 15, 2019

    Ron Tooker at Son Energy Systems was great and helped us get our solar going again. The job was not what he usually works on but gave an honest effort. I had to use him after Aegis Solar Energy who sold us the system did not back their work after the waranty ended. Don’t use them as your solar provider. We also tried John O’Brien at Ecosolar, he was completely useless and has no conscience about his work. We started the process with him in May and he still had not fixed what was a fairly simple problem by September. He either didn’t show up when he said he would or didn’t return phone calls. All in all don’t use either Aegis or Ecosolar for your solar needs. Ron Tooker from Son Energy Systems is who you should use, and honest and decent person.

    Mark Schelkly

  • "Awesome!"

    Reviewed Sep 17, 2019

    This small team knows what they are doing. They take pride in their work and it shows. They came to our house and surveyed the electrical setup, the roof and the amount of sunlight we had hitting our rooftop from each direction, then drew up a visual plan. They aimed for us to have enough solar panels to cover 110% of our usage (based on our usage in the past year). Shortly after they had a crew come to take about 6 trees down, I think the panels went up over the course of a weekend. Our roof was a little challenging. The layout of the panels is pretty! Everyone at Son Energy is amazing and customer service oriented! I highly recommend!!!!!

  • "Son Energy is the Best"

    Reviewed Jul 03, 2018

    Son Energy did a great job on my home solar energy system. The installation took only a day, they cleaned up all their work areas, and it works great. I haven't had an electric bill (except the required monthly service charge) to pay in almost 2 years. And their price was the lowest of the 4 estimates I got. There was 1 small component that failed after a year but they promptly replaced it for no charge. They are a local company and contacting them to replace the component was simple.

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  • "Finally"

    Reviewed Jul 02, 2018

    I had 24 collectors installed by my electrician. I was fortunate enough to be charged labor and material, as it was the first solar installation they had done We had some issues, and they were very prompt and attentive, unfortunately we did not get them resolved. My electrician initiated a meeting with Ron at Son Energy. I had extensive damage from squirrels, who found the soy-based coating on the solar collectors to be like candy. Ron and his crew were very professional and thorough. The follow-up and communication was more than I anticipated. They removed the collectors repaired the damage to both the collectors and my roof. They took steps based on their experience, that will insure my success with my solar system. I would be glad to respond to any questions any prospective clients may have. I would definitely recommend Son Energy Systems to anyone considering installing solar. On a side note Ron is a great guy, and his crew were quite nice and polite.

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  • "Excellent every step of the way"

    Reviewed Jul 01, 2018
    "Excellent every step of the way"

    Reviewed Jul 01, 2018

    From the initial planning stages to final installation Ron, and Son Energy Systems, was very helpful and easy to work with. I wasn’t sure if the all the grants and rebates available and how they would work with other elements of a home renovation and addition project we had undertaken, so assistance with that was very much appreciated. Our project had, as do so many, various delays and timing issues and the installation process for the solar elements was very easy to work into our planning while offering the flexibility we needed. The installation was done very quickly, cleanly, and professionally with absolutely no problems or complaints. I would recommend this business, their product, and their work to anyone.

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  • "Excellent!"

    Reviewed Jun 19, 2018

    Ron Tooker did 110% - conscientious, perfectionist, courteous, reliable, easy to get ahold of....a seamless job. I highly recommend Ron and his company!

  • "Son Energy Exceeds your expectations"

    Reviewed Apr 21, 2018
    "Son Energy Exceeds your expectations"

    Reviewed Apr 21, 2018

    Here is my summary of working with Son Energy installing a 6.7Kw residential system: Outstanding!

    Great equipment selected by Son for reliability, not profit. Professional installation, easy to work with, and very trustworthy. Oh, did I mention great price? You won't be sorry if you choose them for your installation.

  • "Attention to EVERY Detail and Exceptional Service"

    Reviewed Apr 12, 2018
    "Attention to EVERY Detail and Exceptional Service"

    Reviewed Apr 12, 2018

    Son Energy Systems was the perfect choice for my home solar install project. Due to the complicated layout of our property, Ron was met with numerous challenges as he tried to layout a system that would provide the greatest benefit to us. Ron was extremely meticulous in the planning phase, which resulted in a high quality and smooth install. Working with Ron was a pleasure and his customer service is outstanding. I would highly recommend Son Energy for your project.

  • "solar system /installed 2015"

    Reviewed Sep 22, 2017

    Installed as scheduled ,clean&neat install , solar system is performing well above what was expected, very pleased with the system,highly recommend Son Energy Systems.

  • "Local Solar Professional"

    Reviewed Jun 28, 2016

    A great decision for my family. I would recommend SON to my friends!

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Son Energy Systems Headquarters

194 Norwich Salem Rd
Lyme, CT
06371 United States

Workmanship Warranty

10 Year Workmanship Warranty (parts and labor, roof, production)


NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional # PV-041115-011156


CT Home Improvement Contractor # HIC.0647200

States served by Son Energy Systems

  • Connecticut CT