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Green Conception, Inc. - Profile & Reviews

Green Conception is located in Burbank and has been in operation for 10 years, focusing on residential and small-scale commercial solar installations. Our reviews speak to our commitment to high-value installations, fair pricing and excellent customer service:

24 reviews

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  • "HIGHLY recommended"

    Reviewed Sep 07, 2019

    Very impressed! Excellent system. Expertly installed. No surprises. System performing as promised. You are dealing directly with the people who will make the decisions and install the system. Unlike the others, Nick K brought out the guy who was actually going to supervise the installation to figure out the layout for our house. These are great people to work with. I absolutely wouldn't use anyone else. I have recommended them to friends.

  • "Great Company"

    Reviewed Aug 22, 2019

    Nick with Green Conceptions was very easy to work with. Took his time to review and explain all of the options for my new solar system. The price he quoted much better than other companies and almost twice better than Solar City. All of the work was completed on time and installation looks very neat. Components are neatly labeled and all external conduits are painted to exact match with the color of the house. I have the system for almost 3 years now and it is delivering as expected. I worked with many companies on various home improvement projects and working with Green Conceptions was the best experience out of all of them.

  • "No Hype, Clean Install"

    Reviewed Aug 20, 2019

    Green Conception offered me a custom quote, with performance and cost figures. Answered all my technical questions with responses that were to the point and sound. Connected me with independent financing options that did not affect the cost. Installation was done cleanly, with consideration for my preferences in locations, routing and appearance. Performance to date has been above projections. This was all in contrast to many other companies who engaged in high pressure tactics that masked costs, were presented by technically incompetent sales people, and attempted to link financing options to the costs. Those companies wasted many hours of my time while evading my questions. Thank you to Green Conception, I recommend them without reservation.

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  • "New solar panel installed"

    Reviewed Aug 17, 2019

    Nick and Andre did a great job walking me through the process of getting solar panels. They were quick and submitted all my paperwork to the city. Great job.

  • "Green Conception - The Very Best!"

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2019
    "Green Conception - The Very Best!"

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2019

    Nick of Green conception was exceptional from start to finish. Very knowledgeable, professional, prompt and responsible. He was quick to respond, immediately took care of any issue that came up and stood behind his work.
    We had checked on him before we chose him and never regretted.
    It was a pleasure to work with him.

  • "Great people to work with."

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2019

    Would have given all 5 Stars but they are a little disorganized. However they more than made up for certain miscommunications and so far the system has performed flawlessly. The techs are knowledgeable and professional. I strongly recommend the company. Just stay on top of the process.

  • "I can't find anything to criticize."

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2019
    "I can't find anything to criticize."

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2019

    I've been looking for something that I can say that is critical of Green Conception, but they have been pretty much perfect. Install was fast. Prices were more than competitive. And they continue to monitor and call if they sense something is wrong with the solar panel monitoring system (only happened once or twice). I would definitely recommend them if you are looking to go solar.

  • "Very happy with my solar"

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2019

    Green Conception put my system in 3 years ago, and it has been working great ever since, they gave me the best proposal, and the best panels at the best price. They did the work on time with no issues. The system has generated 38MWh since installation.

  • "These guys are great!"

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2019

    Green Conception installed solar panels for us back in 2016. They were easy to work with, had excellent prices, and our panels have been running flawlessly ever since.

  • "Excellent! Wouldn't go anywhere else!"

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2019
    "Excellent! Wouldn't go anywhere else!"

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2019

    I have a two-story house with curved Spanish tiles. I REALLY wanted to go solar but every solar installer I spoke to just didn't want to deal with our roof. With two electric cars, I even had Tesla/Solar City come out and their quote was abysmal AND their placement of tiles was a wreck. I finally connected with Nick through a friend and he came over himself to walk on our roof and talk me through the options. We installed a system that Tesla couldn't even match because they are locked into their way of doing things. I'm super happy and within one month of our system up and running, we have been 100% solar ever since. Not only do we not pay any electricity bills, but we have a solid credit for a rainy day. Nick and his team are always responsive when I have a question or a concern and have handled everything promptly without any hassle. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • "Great company"

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2019

    Great service, very nice people

  • "Green Conception in Agoura"

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2019

    I could not be any happier with the service and communication from Nick and his team.

  • "you will love these guys,too!"

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2019
    "you will love these guys,too!"

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2019

    I really did my homework before picking GC and I was not disappointed. They really know what they are doing and the system has paid for itself. No slick, fast talking salesman just honest hardworking group of folks. Come see my syem if you want...

  • "Easy choice"

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2019

    Green Conception was easy to work with, gave us good pricing, dealt with the paperwork, and did just about everything they said they would. We recommend them to others regularly, and if the opportunity arises, will use them again.

    One thing they mentioned was about monitoring the system. I don't know if this is their job though I was excited about them doing so. I haven't heard anything about any monitoring. This is the only reason for 4 stars for service.

    I'd give them about 4.75 stars if I could. They did good work and we've had no issues.

  • "Great service"

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2019

    We got our solar a year ago and are very satisfied. Nick is the best person to work with. He explained everything in details before installation and always had time to answer any questions i had for him. His crew was very professional and did everything on time. Overall i am very happy working with Nick and would recommend anyone to chose this company versus any other.

  • "Green Conception-Solar System Review"

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2019
    "Green Conception-Solar System Review"

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2019

    Green Conception was excellent to work with. They designed the system to my requirements and helped me secure a discounted roof repair during installation. The system has worked as intended and the roof area has never leaked. When called about a potential issue, they responded right away and helped me discover what was truly going on which had nothing to do with the solar system. 3.5 years after installation, the system works great and the only electrical fees I pay are the required $22 hookup fees. The biggest issue I have is keeping the panels clean for maximum operating efficiency. Beyond that, I can recommend Green Conception without any hesitation to design and install solar systems. I also spoke with other Green Conception customers prior to purchase and they confirmed my decision to do business with Green Conception.

  • "Great Work!"

    Reviewed Aug 15, 2019

    From the start to finish, Green Conception provided exceptional service. Their work product is fantastic and, when we experienced a hiccup with one of the units, they worked with the distributor and got one of their techs over to our house to fix the problem. Outstanding!

  • "First Rate Customer Service"

    Reviewed Aug 15, 2019

    Nick of Green Conception was referred to me by another satisfied customer. He and his colleagues put 110% effort into bidding on my job and getting it done in time to meet a tight deadline. They are extremely knowledgeable. I couldn't be happier with the result and would recommend the company to anyone in search of solar.

  • "Very Happy!!"

    Reviewed Aug 15, 2019

    The guys here really have taken care of us. They stuck to their word on everything from what to expect, installs times and dates, inspections etc. They took care of all legalities with the city. Smooth as silk. It is a lengthy process, but not too bad from start to finish, we are dealing with the city too. It takes a min too for the full benefits to be seen as far as savings, but with patience you will see solar is the way to go. What a difference to my bill!!!

    It's coming close to two years since the install, the company monitors my system and are on top of things if there's a cliche. There's was one small one with an update to the system, but they came & trouble shot & fixed it asap.

    I would from my personal experience recommend this company highly.


  • "This is why I went solar"

    Reviewed Aug 15, 2019

    Buy or lease? We decided to buy. There were federal tax credits that tipped the decision. Unfortunately, we missed state and local incentives. Next, we found it was 50/50 to go with one inverter technology versus the other. But we wanted the bigger LG solar panels. We interviewed 10 solar contractors. Green Conception met all of our criteria and the most competitive price without the incentives some of the other companies were offering (Nest thermostats and the like). They provided a 25 year warranty, the same length of time as the LG panels and the Solar Edge Inverter. The inverter went out within the first few months of install. Green Conception fixed this under the warranty without any out of pocket costs. Unfortunately, we were not generating power for the 10 days or so it took to repair. For the first two years, I monitored the system daily. Not so much now (just started year five). Noticed about six months ago that one of the panels wasn't producing and brought this to Green Conception's attention. They apologized for missing this. It was repaired within the week - a defective optimizer. The second factor that dictated going solar was saving an average of $125 per month on electric bills. Between the tax credit and monthly savings, the improvement is in our view a positive investment. Oh, and the important third factor: we're helping to save the planet. Going solar has been the equivalent of planting 1,028 trees! We've saved 18,540 kg of carbon. Go solar!

  • "Our solar panels"

    Reviewed Aug 15, 2019

    We have had our 22 solar panels almost 3 years now and are very pleased with the hardware. Only once, early on, did we have a problem and it was corrected quickly by Nick and his excellent techs. The best part is that we have no electric bill except for the approx. $11 monthly fee. We don't worry about using air conditioning and are really pleased we are contributing to a green environment! We referred a co-worker to the company and their panels are apparently working great also.

  • "Great warranty service"

    Reviewed Aug 15, 2019

    Great service every time I run into some problems & when I called them Andre & Jose takes care of my issues. Jose in particular very knowledgeable & will explain to you what causes the problem. Great job Jose.

  • "Total job."

    Reviewed Aug 15, 2019

    We've been very happy with the whole job and results we have gotten from energy saved.

  • "Green Conception Solar Install"

    Reviewed Nov 10, 2016
    "Green Conception Solar Install"

    Reviewed Nov 10, 2016

    Thanks to Brett Hershey, Andre Babujyan and the whole crew at Green Conception I'm producing more energy than I am consuming all for around the same price I was paying the electric company. Not to mention the environmental benefits. Brett was extremely patient with us and our many questions and concerns and was quick to respond with answers. Andre and the installation crew were prompt and did a professional job start to finish. Thanks again Green Conception I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking about solar

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Green Conception, Inc. Headquarters

263 W. Olive Ave, 313
Burbank, CA
91502 United States

Workmanship Warranty

25-year Limited Installation Warranty (parts, labor)
25-year Warranty on Roof Penetration


Panasonic Solar Certified
Installers LG Solar Certified
Installers Enphase Certified
GAF Roofing Certified


CSLB LIC: 964965


General Liability & E & O Insurance.

States served by Green Conception, Inc.

  • California CA