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About Electriq Power

Electriq Power is a US-based company that develops premier smart home battery storage solutions. Electriq helps homeowners harness the power of smart batteries to achieve a more renewable energy solution. You can currently find systems deployed across the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico. Visit for more information or contact them directly at
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I have had some problems with the PowerPod ESS and as others have noted, Electriq does not have technical support staff that respond in the field. They push it off on the installer, who has no service/warranty contract with Electriq. Additionally, Electriq clearly states in their warranty that they do not pay for labor to replace their parts. Seriously! This is a terrible policy and warranty. Electriq requires "constant connection to the internet for you warranty..." Tesla Powerwall has 10 yr parts and labor warranty and does not require "consant internet connection" My system overheated and was down for over 1 month. During this time, I learned that Electriq only provides support over the phone. The installer initially refused to return (a second time) to assist in resetting. Hey understandably did not want to return to my home for work that they won't be paid for. I gently pushed each party to help me out. Seems to be working now.

Posted by djam15 on Jul 14, 2022
Very Dissapointed

5.05.22 - Very disappointed with this company and its customer service. We had their system installed and during the installation, it became obvious we were one of their first customers to have their hardware installed. One of the owners had to come out to the house at least 2 times during the installation to get the inverters running correctly. Even with that, they had to send a tech out 2 or 3 more times over a 6-week period to get the inverters to work correctly and report the energy to the website so we could see if they were working. During the installation, they asked me questions to which they should have known the answers. All of this had me a little leery of what we had bought, but eventually, they got the system up and running. NOT SO Now, less than two years later, one of the inverters has stopped working out of the blue and has caused the entire system not to function. We have not added anything new to the house to change our energy consumption. Memorial day afternoon the inverter started beeping and showing an "overload" notice on the screen. Two days after that, the inverter started faulting out, we lost power to our house and I had to figure out how to put our system in bypass and go back to the grid to power our house. WE have been back on the GRID now for the past week and all we get from ElictriqPower is crickets. The last response was them basically pointing their finger at us saying tuff luck, figure it out for yourself. Be very leery of this company and its business practices. They do not stand behind their product line and their customer service doesn't seem to take customer issues seriously. 5.06.22 Great Reply to this review today from ElictriqPower, "PLEASE CONTACT CUSTOMER SUPPORT" Seriously? That is what I have been doing and getting no response except, "TRY AND FIX IT YOURSELF" Who is ever steering the ship at ElitriqPower needs to take a serious look at their company before they don't have one anymore? Can I give negative STARS to this Vendor? 6.20.22 Updated Another week has come and gone and our expensive solar system is still non-functional. On 6/09 I had a video call with the head engineer and customer service rep to troubleshoot the issue with the Electriq Power (EP) inverters. I was doing this as I had been told for over a week that EP does not have field techs to service their equipment. Ok, not sure why it took from 5.30.22 to 6.09.22 to make this happen, but so be it. With the help of the engineer/owner, low and behold they discovered that one of the inverters was indeed not functioning, and told the customer service rep to get a new inverter sent out right away. I was relieved, the engineer/owner gave me the impression that getting this inverter replaced would be a priority and we would be back under solar power soon. That was 11 days ago and we have no ETA for replacement. Seems the engineer is on vacation and the entire company has come to a grinding halt because of that. The last communication from EP was they will take up the issue on June 27, which is almost a full month after the issue was reported to them. All through this issue, EP has said that they rely on the installer to find and fix any issues with their equipment. Now I find out that the installer that installed our system is owed money from EP for repairing EP equipment in the past and is not willing to do any more work for EP until he is paid in advance. The email from the installer that I was copied on, has gone unanswered as well. I have been very patient with this company, but when it starts hitting my pocketbook as it is now, I am at the end of my rope. This is our prime time of the year to be generating credit with our power company to use during the winter months when we are producing as much solar power. EP has a local office and I truly want to support a local company, but it sure seems to be a one-way street, when it comes to support.

Posted by RJ Morbidelli on Jun 05, 2022
Great System That Is Exceeding Our Expectations

Our solar installation company recommended Electriq PowerPod 2 Battery system when we indicated we wanted battery back up capacity. The company talked with us about our needs and we went with the PowerPod2 20kwh Batteries and Inventor system. We we are still not connected to PG&E, as we are waiting on final inspection approval, but we are already reaping the benefits of our decision. We have already had example on how well the system will provide for us, when we had an unexpected April rain system pass through our area. I like their online dashboard website that allows us to see how our solar system is doing, throughout the day and night. Great tool to monitor our system!

Posted by qats on Apr 23, 2022
Battery performs well

So far, so good. Had several power outages in Northern California last year and PowerPod kept up with what I needed from it. It automatically changes to backup when the power goes out, I didn't have to do anything. When the power grid is back on I use PowerPod to send power back to the electric company when rates are highest. Overall I am very satisfied.

Posted by Dean MacDonald on Mar 12, 2021
Easy and logical

As an installer i can state that EPs PP1 & PP2 are both relatively easy to install (especially PP2), perform just like any other manufacturer, but i think the main advantage (if you are in California at least) is the technical support, they can remotely adjust/fix any issues promptly and there is min or no wait time to speak to someone. Aftersales support is just as strong as pre-sale. Generator control is nice too, lots of customers ask for that.

Posted by Dejan Obradovic from Laibach Solar LLC on Mar 10, 2021
Sell stuff, No Support when things go wrong, No anwsers

Got a Battery system with a inverter, inverter would not do what they said. Suppose to pick up the inverter 4 weeks ago and it is still here, no refund. Battery not lasting anything close to time it should with 1.3kw load. don't think they know what they are selling Stay away from! Had a conference call with them, laid out exactly what we needed. They said no problem and would get us a quote. We like the number they said but did not give us a detailed item list of what we would be getting. We received something 1/2 the size as discussed on the conference call. When talk to John, he even said that what they put together and sent me was NOT what we talked about on the conference call and thought something had changed but did not verify with me. THEIR MISTAKE!!

Posted by hsheardy on Oct 07, 2020



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