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Home and Ranch Solar

We are a small family owned business. Therefore our overhead is low and we can offer extremely competitive prices. We are born and raised Idahoans and take pride in being a small local business. We are the only company in Idaho to offer 3 phase off-grid solar power for irrigation.
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: we use licensed electricians

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Don't ever use Matt Spencer

Matt mis-wired our solar battery and caused it to completely discharge which destroyed the battery. Turns out Matt was not certified to install LG batteries and because of this LG said the warranty was not valid and we had to pay almost $10,000 for a new battery and travel for two electricians who were certified to drive up from Idaho Falls to install it. The certified electricians said that not only was it not wired right, it looked like Matt had randomly attached wires, causing the battery to discharge to 0%, which ruins the battery and it had to be replaced. Matt has never returned any of our phone calls. - Dave Potter

Posted by potter1009 on Apr 21, 2023
Disorganized, dishonest or both?

At the end of September I signed a contract for a 4.32 KW system. I paid 60% at signing. The installation was delayed but completed by the end of December, but not hooked up. Months passed. I eventually learned that Matt had not gotten required engineering specs nor permits, though he told me he had them and I paid the next 15% (due when when permits were completed) months earlier. Though I had paid most of contract cost when the system was installed, I still had some leverage as I still owed 10%. After much nagging, Matt finally got the engineering paperwork, then the permits and finally the utility paperwork. The system was connected on May 6. I still held out for warranty paperwork. Matt sent me the name of a panel manufacturer. I paid the final 10%. My energy production seemed a little low. I climbed on the roof and located the panel specs. It was a different manufacturer and 320 watt panels instead of 360. After threatening to take him to court, he promised to add two more panels. It is now November. Nothing has been done and no reply to my emails. This was my second installation with Home and Ranch Solar. The first was very slow with terrible communication, but was finally completed as specified.

Posted by nosnhojbob1 on Nov 11, 2020
No show

Made the mistake of paying 98% of the price long before the job was completed. Never saw Matt again and he would not return my phone calls nor the calls of an electrician he had hired to work with him. Had to have an electrician with no previous solar experience complete the job. Not the only horror story I have heard since. Please beware.

Posted by bill on Aug 30, 2019



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