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Sun's Eye Solar

Our mission is to provide our customers with their own clean, reliable solar electricity in a manner that meets their needs and budgets. We are familiar with the incentive and tax credit programs available and help our customers take full advantage of these programs.
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Sun’s Eye Solar has been installing solar panels on residential and commercial rooftops in the Tacoma and Pierce County area since 2003. We enjoy helping people enjoy their worry free energy systems. Sun’s Eye Solar Power has installed solar systems in seven states and seven countries.
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Industry Certifications

  • The American Solar Energy Society
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Washington Solar Energy Industry Association

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Great service & value! They have done 2 installs for me in 4 years.

In 2019, we had Sun's Eye Solar install 14 panels on my house in University Place, WA. We chose all black LG panels due to their performance and aesthetics. The team from Sun's Eye Solar was great with their customer service and the value they provided. In 2023, we decided to expand our system since we purchased an electric car and increased our electrical consumption. Dan from Sun's Eye Solar recommended the Rec Alpha 410 watt panel and we installed 8 of them. Our total installation is now 22 panels rated at 8,250 watts. Very happy with the installation and the support from Sun's Eye Solar! For example, earlier in 2023, one of the micro-inverters from the 2019 installation failed so two of the panels were not generating. Sun's Eye Solar promptly addressed the situation and replaced the micro-inverter under warranty.

Posted by chhannon on Jul 30, 2023
Restored my System

I had a solar array that was installed in 2010 by another company which has since gone out of business. My array had completely stopped producing power. I tried reaching out to several companies to help troubleshoot the system with minimal success. Once I contacted Sun's Eye Solar, they got back to me the next day. Sun's Eye Solar made time in their busy schedule to help me get my system fully operational again. If they will do this for a system they didn't initially install, I think they would provide outstanding support for the systems they did install. I highly recommend them.

Posted by mannontheroad on Aug 05, 2022
Great team and great product!

We had our solar panels installed a few years back and they've been humming along nicely. The installation went very smooth and the inspection was a snap. Nothing but good things to say for this team!

Posted by caltmail on Oct 05, 2020
Go Local, Go Solar

I give Brad and his team the highest recommendation and have given his contact information to many friends and relatives who were interested in solar. Brad's knowledge and experience in the field is great and he did an amazing job of walking me through the entire process and answering all of my questions about cost, various incentives, production projections, etc. etc. etc. before I ever committed to anything. I also chose Sun's Eye Solar because I wanted to support a local company which, in turn, supports other local companies by using their products. The installation of my system was quick and efficient and they took care of everything, including working with my local power company to complete all of the required agreements and connect with their grid. I am very happy with my system and hope to be able to expand it in the future.

Posted by beckymaffei on Mar 31, 2020
Powered up in Tacoma

Very pleased with the products and especially the work. Smooth installation. Added second set. Total ten panels on small house. Monitoring app on the phone very satisfying. Thank you.

Posted by wizsalmbch on Mar 23, 2020
Solar panels on house & garage as well as a car charger (3 time returning customer!)

I went to a workshop on Solar Power where I first heard of Sun's Eye Solar in 2015. I didn't think I would be able to afford solar panels, but after meeting with Brad, I happily discovered I could! He helped walk me through all the incentives and confusing paperwork which I really appreciated. The install was seamless and by July 2015 my 12 solar panels on my house were producing power. I love having the app where I can track my power generation on a regular basis. Even though the panels are on my roof, it does not look odd. I am also really thankful that Brad's team caught that my breaker box was old and that the manufacturer had gone out of business due to some serious malfunction issues with their product. I did a little research and was shocked that none of this was brought to my attention when I bought the house. Brad's team replaced my breaker box when they installed the panels. The end of 2018 I bought an electric car and reached out to Sun's Eye Solar again. In January 2019 I got 4 more panels for my garage to offset the power needed for my electric car. Again, the install was quick and professional and just what I expected. When I wanted a car charger for my garage, Brad's team helped me out again. I appreciate all of their responsiveness and help, and I love bragging about my awesome solar panels.

Posted by travellover.gac on Mar 23, 2020



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