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TGE Solar

With extensive experience amongst the team with several national and regional solar installers, there grew a point where we knew there was better way. We dreamt of an honest, customer-first approach from end-to-end. Today, as a family-owned and operated business, that dream is a reality.

We combine decades of solar and business operations experience to make the process of going solar as easy and transparent as possible for you. We are truly focused on your goals and strive for excellence in our communication during your journey. We pride ourselves on being responsive, organized and detailed. We look forward to helping you find out if solar is right for your financial and environmental goals.
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TGE Solar, "The Greatest Energy," is family-owned and operated! We treat every person we interact with the respect and honesty that you would expect from a family business. We value transparency, honesty and integrity over profits. We strive to provide an educational experience as opposed to a sales pitch.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. We are perfectionists in every step of the process.

  2. We genuinely listen.

  3. We are one of only a few companies in our markets to provide Solar Insure.

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English; Portuguese; Spanish

On average, the process takes 4-6 weeks, but it's not uncommon for it to be completed in less than 4 weeks. The timeline is heavily dependent on the prompt return of paperwork from the city or county.
We generously pay our in-house installation crew for two key reasons: to retain top talent, positively impacting the process, and because they perform hazardous work, making it the right thing to do
SolarInsure serves as our ultimate solution! Explore more details in our profile. As a local company, deeply reliant on customer referrals, we're just a quick phone call or text away!
simple: start with a phone call to know exactly what you are looking for, we then provide a more accurate quote with gosolo, we discuss that quote, and then we are hear for you when you are ready to go solar!

Residential and commercial solar panel and battery storage installation.

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Workmanship Warranty

TGE Solar ("TGE") warrants and represents, for a period of ten (10) years from the date of TGE’s completion of services (the “Warranty Period”), the installation of the equipment to be free from defects and installed in a good workmanlike manner, using principles, criteria and standards generally accepted for use by a contractor in the same industry as TGE. This warranty includes coverage for any potential damage and/or water infiltration at each roofing penetration made in connection with the installation of the system. TGE will repair damage to your roof and repair or compensate you for actual physical damage to your property resulting from any water infiltration.


Electrical Contractor (TGESOSL774QW), General Contractor (TGESOSL777BL)


MED EXP (Any one person) $5,000


Enphase PV Installer, Enphase Battery Storage Installer, SolarEdge PV Installer, SolarEdge Battery Installer, FranklinWH Battery Installer

Industry Certifications

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Solar Insure

What Customers Are Saying

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Great Experience and System is doing well!

We decided to use TGE Solar for our home solar system due to pricing and their excellent customer service. They were upfront from the very beginning about the system expectations and didn’t try to oversell us on products we didn’t need. I am very happy with our system and just last month (February 2024) we produced very close to the amount of energy we used in a four person household. If you are tired of your electric bill being outrageous give them a call and see what they can do for you.

Posted by jdevone125 on Mar 06, 2024
Quick and easy

I had been looking at going solar for years and had many companies come out to give me quotes and tell me about their systems. Some companies could not answer all my questions, others never showed back up, and others seemed like they were trying to scam me. TGE came out and had great customer service and were by far cheaper than the other companies but had the same or better warranty. After signing with TGE, the turn around to have it delivered and installed was quick! So I wad up and running in no time.

Posted by Hetzerben on Mar 06, 2024

Slow to start working with a third party salesman. Communication or lack of was not good. It was hard to get any answers, replies or even a call back. Once TGE and their team took over everything went great. If I had to do again I would work directly with them from the start. They did a fantastic job and any questions I have they answer quickly. They gave me plenty of resources to look into for any of the questions I’ve had about the system.

Posted by mickpizzurro on Dec 15, 2023
Quality Product and Employees

We hired TGE Solar to upgrade an existing system and to add battery backup. We were very impressed with the equipment and the knowledge the employees had to blend the old with the new. TGE was very thorough in listening to our needs and providing the system upgrade to satisfy those needs. The system has been working beautifully. The computer monitoring has provided us with valuable real time information and we had no problems connecting to the grid. We appreciate the ability to have contact with the employees to address any questions and they respond quickly to on site needs. The Enphase system has given us more flexibility, information, and produces more solar power than the previous system. We highly recommend this company.

Posted by noveltybelle on Jul 28, 2023
Great Experience

Everything about our solar experience has been amazing. From sales to installation, and even support. It was extremely quick, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Honest and ethical company that I have repeatedly recommended to anyone looking for Solar.

Posted by jedanderson07 on Apr 25, 2023
Impressed from end-to-end

We compared TGE to national companies like Blue Raven Solar and ADT Solar. The pricing with TGE for the same exact equipment was significantly lower. We also looked through Google and BBB and found TGE to have by far the best reputation as well. We are so happy we selected them, and really enjoyed working with a family business. Our only hesitation about TGE was their small size, but that was alleviated as they provided Solar Insure to us at no cost. We enjoyed both the sales and installation process. Installers were courteous and clean. One year in and the system is producing about 110% of our annual usage, when it was projected to produce 95%. We still keep in touch with TGE to share our negative utility bills! No system issues to date.

Posted by katie.m.rahn on Apr 25, 2023



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